I wrote a blog the other night, continuing on my theme about the christian issues with Halloween.  Then I thought again, that just gives them credence, and what a downer.  The last thing we want on our most sacred feast day is to be reminded of how a certain few cannot handle our day.  Instead I decided to ignore them for this night.  Grab a cup of spiced apple cider, pull up that old chair, kick back by the fire, I’ve got candy and doughnuts.  Settle in, think back to your fondest Halloween memories!

My recent ones are the first time our son was big enough to help pass out the candy (he was still too little to go any places other than a few neighbors homes).  It’s really fun to watch little one’s give out candy to other little ones.  Last year was one of the best, since my nephew was born our family tradition is to take the boys together to trick or treat.  Last year, it seems our monsters finally have gotten it down to an art, they take turns ringing the bell or knocking, and yelling “Trick or Treat” at the top of their little lungs.  When the people come to the door or out the door with the candy, our boys critique the decorations.  Letting them know “that spider is great” or “don’t you think the ghost would be better if you put it higher in the tree?”, or my personal favorite from our son “you know, my favorite witches don’t have green skin”.  It’s wonderful to see them think and share their thoughts.

My older memories are of my mother when I was a child.  We weren’t the only ones getting dressed, up she would too!  Even though she was Roman Catholic she really got into the Halloween Spirit as it were.  Each year she would take us out early, or send us up and down the street just to the neighbors that we knew, then she would sit outside dressed up and hand out candy.  This one year she took all the rolls of toilet paper that we had, even called my aunt who lived across the street for a couple of extra’s, wrapped herself up in them and then with our help put ketchup on her and became the MUMMY!  Now she didn’t just give out candy like some, no my mother had to be different.  She would sit in our alleyway, just far enough back that she was out of the light with the candy bowl in front of her.  A sign hung on the open gate stating that people were to come to the side door.  Now anyone who knew us knew the side door was for family only, and that gate was NEVER left open.  Sure enough the kids would start down this dark alley stopping just out of reach of the bowl, then someone always shoved the smallest toward the bowl.  My mom was good at this though, she would let the little ones get candy, then as the older ones reached for the bowl she would suddenly jump up and begin moaning.  Laughing as the kids would run screaming from the alley.  We of course were safely sitting across the street with our aunt watching the fun.  My mom didn’t stop at scarring kids, no not my mom.  She would wander into the street moaning and laying across the hood of any car foolish enough to stop for her.  It is a miracle she never got ran over.  We would laugh all night long!

When we got older my parents decided that taking us all camping was a better idea (there were 5 of us kids after all).  They would spend the whole trip scaring the crap out of us and any of our friends intrepid enough to come with us.

As I take my parents urns down and place them on the altar tonight, these will be the memories I will have, and share with my partner and son.  This is how I will honor my most precious dead.  How about you?

Before we end tonight there are a few things more I would like to share with you.  The first is a rant from my good friend Kallan Kennedy on “Recovering Witches” it is a good read, take a peak! http://networkedblogs.com/p2DzP

Also, our friend Nyx Darksky the publisher of The Witching Hour is looking for submissions for the Yule addition.  If you would like to share your Yule practices, spells, arts, crafts or ideas please email Nyx at : witcheshour@gmail.com


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