Wackadoo’s out in force

Wackadoo’s on the loose



Well here’s another one, yep look it’s not even October and the Wackadoo’s are already escaping their cages.  This one is a minster from a church, I have decided not to name him or his church so they can’t do a little search and see how popular they have become.  I can however post the link to the article,  


Now if you haven’t read this I’ll wait… * tapping foot* *pacing* *stirring the cauldron and humming to myself* Ah I can tell by the look on your face you just had a WTF moment.      Yup that was my reaction as well.    It seems we once again are being accused of causing children to be dumped, abandoned, murdered by their parents, yes us evil and terrible pagans and our “death culture”. 

 As you see he believes the sudden epidemic of women abandoning their babies is because of an old Pagan custom called “exposure”.  Googled it couldn’t find it!  Yes I did so stop saying I didn’t try.    I looked for the meaning of exposure, found that, looked up pagan customs didn’t find exposure, interesting that when I search “old Pagan custom exposure” the thing that comes up the most is his article.    On the other hand (thanks to my misses) during the Roman Empire days they used to practice this little idea.  And guess what it was usually up to the Fathers, that’s right the MALES no females of the family when it came down to it.           http://www.pbs.org/empires/romans/empire/family.html

This is from that article:

“The influence of women only went so far. The paterfamilias had the right to decide whether to keep newborn babies. After birth, the midwife placed babies on the ground: only if the paterfamilias picked it up was the baby formally accepted into the family.

If the decision went the other way, the baby was exposed – deliberately abandoned outside. This usually happened to deformed babies, or when the father did not think that the family could support another child. Babies were exposed in specific places and it was assumed that an abandoned baby would be picked up and taken a slave.”

Sorry Rev. that just aint  gonna stir well.   First how in this day and age did you come to the conclusion this was a pagan specific custom?  I take it you looked in your own backyard for an answer first right?  I mean you all are teaching your children about safe sex right?   Oh wait NO you’re not.  You’re telling them abstinence works.  No it don’t just look at Mary.  Not that it was divine blah, blah blah… again.   I take it every person arrested for dumping their child all stated they were Pagan right?  That’s what I thought.    You want to know what the problem is?  It’s the church telling their people don’t have an abortion, don’t use birth control, don’t practice safe sex.   You also say that the church will take care of all these unwanted babies.     I have seen some of the faces of these children the church ought to start stepping up because it’s MY Pagan tax dollars that support them.

Why do most women abandon their child/children?  Some because they cannot economically support them,  others because they are too young, too scared and DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO,  it was an accident and not supposed to happen (come visit the Pagans we’ll talk with you about safe sex, or visit your minister who will just condemn you) then there are those who are just too mentally unstable.   It’s not my religion that has these women doing this, it’s society telling them “it’s wrong to be unwed and pregnant in the first place.”   You sir are more responsible than we, your kind fought to take away the right to choose, your kind refuse to pay for any form of contraception for your employee’s,  your kind balk at SEX EDUCATION being taught anywhere.   So instead of blaming us, maybe you should be educating your followers in the ways to keep it from happening IN THE FIRST PLACE.  Or here’s a radical idea EDUCATE instead of SHAMING young parents in how to PROVIDE and PROTECT their children!  It really comes down to education again and again.  If we teach our children, and make sure they understand and are secure in themselves we can help them make better lives for themselves and the children they bring into this world.  You can’t have it both ways, you can’t have people procreate and procreate with no chance or choice of help or support.  Teach them, help them, support them.  The days of shame, and humiliation “Father” are OVER.


Now moving on to another group!  It seems the Wackadoo’s came out in double force, these three are priceless  


Look they go from blaming the Pagans to blaming Rowling’s and Harry Potter.  That’s right all that wicked writing OH but wait what about the bible?  I’m not going to start beating the bible here just pointing out that little book is full of so much hate that they really need to fix that first.    Instead they are going to travel to Britain, “a hot bed of occult activity,” to do what?    Cast out all those nasty demons.    You want to cast the evil out go to Rome, and start with exorcising the demons that run the church.    As you read the article you find that this is more a money making scheme than anything else.   They don’t charge for a group to watch the show but if you need a consultation then they charge you big bucks.   Girls if you have ever actually studied, or even read anything about demon possession the more bodies you have or bigger the show the more chance you have of your so called demon body jumping.  But you knew that right? 

Look I’m sorry that we are proving that The Big Bad Wolf was framed, vampires don’t sparkle and not all of them look at you like food, witches don’t just ride besoms some of them drive really nice cars, wear three piece suits and have good jobs.    Movies like Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters, just by the title alone makes us in the Pagan community cringe, I actually ended up watching it all the way through (it wasn’t easy almost turned it off in the beginning), go figure there’s a good witch in the movie more than one actually.   Therein lies the problem, the world is seeing witches as good, real people, a lot of people have discovered that we are human, we have children that attend your schools, we swim in your pools and so on.    Hollywood has gone from constantly slamming us to backhandedly helping us, and some people can’t stand that.  Theirs is no longer a predominant religion, because of their own doing they have fleeced their flocks right out of the church.   Don’t be jealous, your people come to us because ours is the religion that you stole, our holy days, some of our rituals, the church even built their buildings on top of our places of worship and why?  Because you couldn’t STOMP US OUT that’s why. 

I like the “in reality all magic is bad because it comes from Satan,” quote from one of the Witches must die by fire pages recently removed from Facebook.  Umm…so turning water into wine, walking on water, helping the blind to see, parting the Red Sea…. the list goes on those miracles what are they except magic? 

These accusations of Pagans are the cause of the abandoned babies, demon possessions, gays getting equal rights accusations, are a bunch of BS.  Okay, well maybe we had a little to do with the whole gay equal rights thing, but the rest honestly, why not try going to Britain and showing them that all us colonists on the other side of the pond really aren’t a bad bunch.  

To be honest I hope these girls don’t run across a true heavy duty possession,  I’m sure there are witches getting tired of cleaning up all the collateral damage from people playing where they shouldn’t be playing.  Stop pointing fingers, stop playing with things you do not understand and are more powerful than you.  It’s very simple people Pagans whatever flavor, whatever we call ourselves, whatever we believe WE ARE NOT EVIL.  WE ARE NOT THE ENEMY.  We want what everyone wants, to live and believe, and worship our own way in PEACE.    

Until next time…see you around the cauldron



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