What makes Maryland great?

What makes Maryland GREAT?  WE DO!  That’s right person who lives in this state makes it great.  Sure I could mention the Blue Crabs, Edgar

Allen Poe, or that we are the home of the original capital of the United States

from ( 1783-1784).



We had what some believe the first religious tolerance act,( granted it was not for us pagan people but we are learning) still we had it,( The Maryland Toleration Act, 1649).  And when it comes to dealing with tyranny we are on top of it, just look during the historical war of 1812, (though honestly it happened through September 13-14, 1814) that Marylanders were out gunned at Fort McHenry and after a 25 hr. bombardment from the British Fleet, did we not fly a “hastily sewn over size flag” there showing the British that the victory they had wanted was still eluding them?  This is the state where Francis Scott Key wrote “The Star Spangled Banner” (after those 25hrs.)

Maryland proved that one person could make a difference just look at Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad.


Most recently our governor stated that he was going to push a gay marriage proposal through legislature, so what? One he is catholic, two he received a letter from the archbishop who “explained” to him the Church’s stance on the bill.  His response?   It was not god who elected him but the people of Maryland and it is the right thing to do.


We have the Allegheny Mountains, and Ocean city.  Hun and Wokenfuss candy.  The Inner Harbor, Baltimore Orioles, and the Baltimore Ravens, and Frank Zappa.   And these are but a few Great things about my State.   And if you want to speak like a Baltimorean than just follow this link, http://www.mygrisworld.com/2010/07/to-be-baltimorean.html


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