Witch Wars…again?! The other Witch’s voice a guest blog by my wife.


Can we talk?  Good pull up a log over here by my fire.  I want to talk to you about the term Witch Wars.  I watch and I listen to our community, and it disturbs me so much that this is becoming a more and more frequent thing in our community.  We follow the steps of the Wise so why would we engage in such behavior?  Because we are people.  This isn’t something that only affects our path of course, I’ve seen the same in churches when I followed that path, and no religion is immune from people acting poorly.  A few years ago I watched in dismay as Christian Day was attacked because he identifies himself as a Warlock.  Really?  There isn’t anything better for us to do than attack each other over how we identify ourselves.  I don’t care if you call yourself High Mucky Molasses, it’s how you see yourself, and I have no reason to argue with what you see when you look in the mirror.  One of my dear friends has reminded me a Witch that cannot hex cannot heal.  I can hex, but mostly choose not to, I just do not hold on to the mad that it requires to be properly fueled, but if you harm my family, my friends, or someone I love….guess what I can hold that mad to do what must be done.  I am what some people would call a fluffy bunny that has developed into an insult in our community, when it to me originally meant someone who would prefer to heal rather than hex.  Others see that as a smack to the face, to me, it still is just who I am.  I don’t take offense to it, if I was easily offended I wouldn’t be able to walk this path.  People are people, good, bad or ugly, they are people which means they are weak, they are strong, they are stressed, they feel alone or lost.  Stop calling names, look at the person who you “dislike” and dig a bit into yourself to find a why, don’t take what other people say to heart, find out for yourself.  Don’t like how a relationship went with someone you called friend?  What part of that relationship was your responsibility?  What can you do to see that another friendship doesn’t end the same way.  We can only work on ourselves, why alienate others?  As a community we are mistrusted, and people avoid us when they don’t’ realize we can be a blessing to them.  Why would you want to spend your time negatively, tearing down someone else?  The more negative you spread the more stays in your personal environment.

We have so many paths in our religion that if you laid them out together a beautiful tapestry would be before you.  There are so many things our energies should be turned to, helping our brothers and sisters through this difficult economy, reaching out to them if they are hurting or suffering a loss.  Does it matter if someone says they are something different than you would personally choose when it comes down to it…not really.

I was honored to be asked to join the Samhain Sirens who are offering these wonderful blogs, giveaways, crafts, and treats.  I’m not a regular blogger; actually I do it only when I am so moved.  At this time I am because I would like to see us come together as a people.  We need to be a united force even if loosely.  I can agree that your path my not appeal to me, but it’s not so different than my own; I can reach out my arms to embrace any and all.  We need to remember we represent so many others than just ourselves.  Grade school behavior “I don’t like you because he/she doesn’t”, “you are different from what I think you should be so I don’t like you”, really people?  We are adults, and most of us have progressed beyond such thoughts and actions.  If you haven’t, before the end of this harvest season, I implore you to look at your thoughts and release those that draw negativity into your life by such actions.

The people who have come together to share this season with you are all driven, busy, dedicated people.  Each one has a strong “alpha” personality, and yet as we blend our personalities and talents we are seeing a huge blessing among ourselves.  No one is trying to be “top dog”, no one is sniping behind anyone’s back, no one is undermining this beautiful effort.  So if some of the strongest personalities can gather together to offer this wonderful space at this blessed time of year, why can’t the rest of us do this on a regular basis?

As people we should be able to come together and celebrate this holy time, we should enjoy all the offerings from all the men and women who blog and do giveaways, post blogs.  If you have an issue with someone else take the time this month and try to heal that.

WE as a PEOPLE deserve to celebrate and enjoy the many different spices that are the offerings this month.  Please, spend your time and energy to make the face of your path one that engages, and honors those of our ancestors and others who died so that we could live free in our practices.

We are strong people, each one of you reading has a strength that will be magnified and grow brighter when joined to our brothers and sisters.   Remember those who weren’t Witches but were burned, pressed, and tortured because it was THOUGHT they might be.  Witch Wars, Holy Wars, call it what you will but there is no place in our lives that need or deserve the kind of negativity that comes from acting in such a way.


Lady K



The Restoration of Sanity to America…our newest political party!


So I’ve been reading a lot of political feelings posted on people’s pages, and in their blogs some have gone over the deep end others are just putting out what they feel.    Now as diverse as this country is we are all allowed our opinion especially on OUR OWN Facebook pages, if you don’t like them there is this little place you can click on the post and HIDE it.   Or if they go out of their way to be purposely rude you can just delete them.   Now all of this got me to thinking, I know it’s a bad thing but I must do it once in a while.   So first I noticed that the closer to the Republican Convention the higher the gas prices have seemed to rise. Coincidence or planning on the part of the Republican Party? You decide.

Then I began remembering about 13 or 14 years ago when I was working in the malls and listening to all these people complaining about how everything was going up in price except their pay checks.  I mentioned that maybe we should all have a Tea Party, you know like in Boston.  Instead of throwing tea in the harbor to let the king know what we thought, we should just stop using some of these things that they were taxiing ridiculously.    Never did I dream that a WACKADOO from Alaska would want to use the term Tea Party for something totally different.   While chatting recently I recently came up with another idea for a political party to thwart the ones out there trying to destroy our country, upon thinking a little farther I came up with those who should run and the members of their cabinet.  Read along and let me know how you would vote.  And yes I stopped the meds before I did this.

Our newest political party is The Restoration of Sanity to America.

Here are my nomination and their cabinet members:

President:  Kallan Kennedy (hey her last name alone should bring in the votes) it also helps that she’s smart and savvy, raised five children by herself while while holding down a full-time job .   It’s obvious she can balance a budget she’s had to for a while, she knows all about women’s reproductive systems and who has a right to tell them what to do with them and who does not.  Kallan believes in lending a helping hand when one is needed and giving you a boot in the arse when you are taking advantage. She is pro LGBT and she pro straight, the country would be fine.  Let’s face it, the fact that she is an Aquarian should really be good enough for most of us.

Vice President:   Vickie Lesperence, she is a good balance to Kallan.  Vickie shares some of the same views, she also takes time to think things through before she reacting.   She cares about her children and grandchildren and knows what it takes to raise them right.    This alone makes her a strong second in command she will listen to working parents.

Once our president and vice president have won the following should be placed as cabinet members’ in my humble opinion:

Secretary of the State: Renee Olson , I have watched as this woman has gone through a very rough year, she has handled many personal problems very diplomatically and arisen from them stronger.  I feel if she can do this on a personal level then just imagine what she can do on a professional level working with people of different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs.

Head of Homeland Security:  Snowy Morrighan( Bardin) I have known this woman for a while and if anyone can do what needs to be done to defend our homeland it’s her.    She is quick to circle the wagons when things start to look suspicious, and her wand is always at the ready.

Secretary of Defense: Lorelie  Gumbiner though I have only known her for a short time I have noticed that this lady is quick to come to your defense when she knows you are in the right, she will not tolerate sending any one into battle unless she totally understands the reason.  She would question the president while following her orders.

(Honestly I wouldn’t advise pissing any of these women off or you might just wake up a toad.)

Secretary of the Treasury:  Alan J Sheridan, this year has been about change for all of us, and Alan has done his share.  While dealing with being downsized, he has kept his balance and focus, both are enough to get our banks and Wall Street back in line.

Attorney General:  Sam Curtin, she not only wrote a wonderful book called Dark Cell about corruption in a society not too different from our own. Corruption will be a thing of the past with this woman on watch.

Secretary of the Agriculture:  Elijah Olsen, if anyone can help our farmers find better, natural ways to produce food, and healthy food at that it’s gonna be Elijah.  Also, I am positive he would help strengthen an industry that is not getting taken care of at the moment.

Secretary of Interior and Energy:  Good Green Witch, I combined both of these jobs not only to save money but the woman we will put in charge is good for our natural resources and native heritage,  as well as energy.   If anyone can think GREEN while protecting the natural blessings we still have it’s our Good Green Witch.

Secretary of Commerce: Miz Z Britches, for those of you who don’t know this woman she started a small resale business from home in this economy and not too long ago opened her own shop  Ash Finders Keepers resale in Prunedale , CA.   The best part all the stuff she resells is from American Citizens.

Secretary Of Labor:   Laura Stamps, also known as our own Sex Witch.   She is the writer and publisher of many erotica novels , and would work diligently to help keep all industries moving forward including those that Mitt Romney has stated he would ban. (Porn, which would lead to the erotica market quickly) and as we all know frequent unprotected sex leads to labor.

Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs and Health and Human Services: Kate Dennis, not only is she a retired paramedic, she goes to nursing and hospitals and visits the sick, add to that  the fact that she is an avid Rick Springfield fan, who as we all know used to play, Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital.    So she not only knows medicine, but has a “doctor” in her pocket!

Housing and Urban development:   SisterLisa Bertolini, with her open and questioning mind, along with her sense of fair play, she would do well for us in this area.  Having an unshakable personality, and personal base, she would us find a way to house our homeless and grow our urban areas, while cracking down on crime, and intolerance.

Secretary of Transportation:  Jim Lesperance, seriously who better than a working truck driver, he knows our highways and byways like the back of his hand.    If anyone can help with getting them back in shape it’s him.

Secretary of Education: Nichole  Barnhart,  if any of you have spent time with this woman you will realize that she is a lot like her mother, and a prudent Grammar Nazi.   She has two beautiful children and is studying to be a teacher.   With her dedication, and drive, our educational system would no longer be a joke, but would be the pride of our country.

Our press secretary:  Kelly Anton this woman can put a good spin on your words and do it slooooow motion when required.  She won’t have to convince you she’s telling you the truth, because she just does.  Although, if you don’t want to know…DON’T ASK!!

Head of White House Staff:   Stephanie Sills Smith, I have seen how this woman keeps her household in shape, I think if she can keep two children and one husband fed and taken care of while studying to become a teacher then she can keep the White House staff moving in all directions at the same time.  Besides she always has coffee at the ready.

As for myself…of course head of the CIA:  yes, if you have a secret or think you do you can BELIEVE I will find it out.

Granted this is all in fun, but if you think about it each of these people has what it takes to shake up this country and bring back some pride for ALL of us.  So let’s get shaking people!

See you around the cauldron  Judas


Another school shooting.


I have a question, when did it become COOL to kill your classmates or anybody for that matter?   As we look in the news from last school year we notice  headlines filled with children killing children especially in our schools.   And let’s not forget it is no longer safe for us to go take our families to a movie theater.    At the rate its going we will soon find ourselves hiding in our houses trying to stay away from the outside world.   So what is going on?  Global warming?  Pesticides in the water? Poor religious morals?  Video games? Allowing children to read anything they want?    Hey I know let’s blame it on the 44 presidents this country has had.   I wish it was that simple, there are hundreds of children a day that get up go to school come home play video games, read the history of serial killers and still they go on to live normal productive lives.  We have kids who find themselves bullied, some sadly take their own lives,  other’s find  hidden strength  and fight through it and strive to never allow what happened to them to affect who they are, but others chose to step into a class room or lunch room and just open fire.   Not all kids killing other kids are victims of bullies,  the police are not sure that Robert Gladden was actually a victim of bullying.   If you would have looked at his Facebook page before it vanished you would have found a page that had Charles Manson picture for his own, but is that a sign of something sinister?   Personally I have been known to use pictures of Ghost Face from Scream, The Wolf Man, and my HERO Michel  Myers as my profile picture before does that mean I have hidden serial killer qualities?   Or does it mean I have faced my fears and conquered them?

What you won’t find is me stating that my occupation is murder/suicide.   Where were his parents?  Whose responsibility is it to point out to other ‘s that there might be a problem?   What have we taught our children?    Look I understand that now parents have to work in order to survive,  that you work hard, so you can have everything you want, but is it what you really need?   That the last thing you want to do after a 12 to 15 hr. day is to come home and chill with your kid and their friends.    Okay so come home eat, drop yourself in front of the TV or computer (spending you evening with strangers is always better than spending it with family) then go to bed never once giving your child the time they need with you.    When will we realize that all the fancy cars and nice clothes don’t mean a thing if we are not paying attention to the ones that mean the most.    I know a mother who raised 5 children BY HERSELF, she worked her arse off, taught her kids at home and gave up things most parents would never think of.  Today, Kallan has 5 beautiful well-rounded children, and her oldest daughter is busting her bum to give her two kids the same kind of home filled with love and respect.   Recently I met another mother who has two beautiful girls, she takes care of her house, husband, daughters, runs a house and goes to school online, another has children scattered around the country and she has moved close to each one of them when they needed her the most, now she takes care of her granddaughter when her daughter is at work, recently she came all the way to Maryland to pick up her granddaughter and take her back home to South Carolina with her because the kid was going through a rough time.   How many people do you know are like that with their children?   Can you honestly say you are?

Do you know your children? Their friends? Their friends parents?   I mean really know them?

My wife and I have one child, we are pretty sure it will be that way unless something unforeseen happens and another child needs us, we both work hard, she 5 days a week, me the weekends our schedule take time from family things that most do on their days off, but we make it work, we live two steps above poverty level, but our son does not go without, does that mean I spoil him? Hell yes every chance I get we also teach him about responsibility.   He does not like when kids pick on him so he tries not to be mean to others, he offers to help as much as any kid his age does. He thanks me for doing things like picking up after him.  On his summer vacation he helped me baby sit a friend’s 18 month old son, he also gathered a few of his friends and had two lemonade stands this summer.  Why?  So he could have ice cream money.   The money he made from babysitting half went into his bank account, he had to fill out the deposit slips himself, the rest went towards whatever he wanted to buy himself.   The money from the lemonade stand he and his friends split they managed to make $10.00 each this summer enough for them to buy ice-cream themselves.  These kids learned not only sales and money county skills but how to take rejection.   Many of the people who passed said no, or just totally ignored them like they didn’t even exist.    Both of these stands were worked by the children on Mondays, I hear you “so what it was Monday”.   True but I work 38.5 hours in three nights Friday thru Sunday, that means  after working three 12.5 hour nights back to back, I came home put together a stand and spent the whole day awake keeping an eye on 6 kids talking to strangers and trying to hawk their goods.   Can I do this every day? No but I make exceptions, the women I mentioned above make exceptions, my wife makes exceptions.    When we choose the responsibility of raising a child it becomes that a responsibility.   Our shift doesn’t end when the child can dress themselves.   We need to actually take an interest in our children,  really take an interest.    A father we know just started cutting his hours at work back a little, he is trying not to put in so many 15 hour days.   Why? Because he realized that he is missing out on his children’s lives.  What will his sacrifice get him?  Probably not a new car, or a trip to Hawaii, instead the rewards are better if the smiles on his children’s faces were any indication when they stepped off the bus and saw him waiting for them.

Are we going to be able to stop all these other kids? NO but by taking an interest in our children’s lives and talking to them we might just help them spot the next one who tries to take a gun to school.  Our kids will know the consequences of their actions , and hopefully how to spot warning signs in others.   We can’t always keep them safe but we can try and we can teach them.  Our children need to learn how to take rejection, how to communicate effectively, and how to deal with their emotions.  When the hormones start raging, and things start becoming life or death with them they should have the tools to deal with what comes instead of resorting to weapons and violence.

Until next time, see you around the Cauldron



One lovely blog award

a href=”https://stirringthecauldronwithjudas.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/one-lovely-blog-award.jpg”>

A couple of weeks ago I was given a lovely blog award by my sweet friend Vickie who writes the Aoibheals Lair blog (http://www.aoibhealslair.com/2012/08/one-lovely-blog-award.html). As you all know, I haven’t been online much recently and didn’t realize until she told me, because my wife and I had missed checking the comments on my most recent blog. I am touched and amazed that anyone would consider my personal soap box worthy of any kind of an award, but there you have it. 
So the rules go something like this:

1) Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post
2) Share 7 things about yourself
3) Nominate 15 or so bloggers you admire
4) Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they’ve been nominated.

About me: (just so you know…I hate talking about me there are so many more interesting subjects, lol)
1. I am the mother of a wonderful Witchling. My life was blessed with him in the spring of 2002, each year I become more and more amazed at the gift I’ve been given in him. I see my father in his mind and sense of humor, and know my parents are watching him from the Summerland and enjoying him as much as we do.

2. I am the product of the Baltimore City educational system (hence some spelling and grammar issues). My friends and family love to pick on me about it from time to time, which is why I have my wife edit my blog, while she isn’t perfect either…you’ve all seen what happens when I don’t have her check. LOL

3. I’ve been married for 11 years to my wife, and we are planning our “official” handfasting for July 2013 as long as the law passes the vote in November. We met online on my birthday in 2001, we talked online for awhile, then moved to phone, then she came to visit. Watching her get on the plane to go back to Michigan was the hardest thing I had ever done to that point. Getting the call a couple hours later, when she said she wanted to come back to stay was just about the easiest. Our life together hasn’t been easy, as a matter of fact if it ever does get easy we will both be worried.
4. I suffer from fibromyalgia and nerve damage caused by a work related accident. While I push to live a normal life for myself, and my family, some day’s it is difficult to just get out of bed and get moving. Another reason I don’t blog frequently, is because spending time sitting at the computer hurts, everything hurts generally, but if I spend a long time sitting in any one position it becomes difficult to move without a walking stick.

5. I am a devote of the Celtic God and Goddess of the Underworld, my personal gifts enable me to help people to move on when it is their time to pass to the Summerland. I do not fear the Reaper, but realize he is standing behind each of us, waiting to tap us on the shoulder. I don’t follow the Wiccan Rede, but don’t slam those who do. I will do what needs to be done to protect me and mine (friends and family). My wife is my opposite there, where I will walk the line, she is fully on one side, and keeps me sane when it’s needed most.

6. I am an amateur photographer, and enjoy taking pictures of just about EVERYTHING. There isn’t anything that I won’t photograph. I have even made a movie with my Witchling starring the sock monster.

7. I am a Lego’s addict! It’s true I am happy to admit it, they distract me while I’m picking up the house, I will sit down to put them away then see something I can make with the pieces in my hands. In about an hour I have built vehicles, a base, and tanks. Go figure…they are for kids of all ages.

Now to Nominate the bloggers that I admire, here they are, although I don’t follow a lot of blogs here are my favorites (excluding Aoibheals Lair who nominated me).

1. Kallan Kennedy @ The Secret Life of the American Working Witch http://www.mypaganworld.blogspot.com

2. Good Green witch @ Good Green Witch http://www.goodgreenwitch.blogspot.com

3. The Wild Hunt @ http://www. patheos.com/blogs/wildhunt.com

4. Jennifer @ Confessions of a Kitchen Witch http://www.confessionsofakitchenwitch.com

5. Ameth Jera’s Broom With a View @ http://amethjera.blogspot.com

6. Renee @ Confessions of a Modern Witch http://confessionsofamodernwitch.blogspot.com/

7. Alan @ Heartsong’s Circle http://heartsongscircle.blogspot.com/

Alright my friends that’s what I’ve got for you right now…and looks like I will have a couple more blogs this week alone. 

See you around the cauldron Judas

How’s your summer going?

Sooo how has your summer been going? Mine has been going great actually. It started with my wife losing her job, (no big loss I was trying to convince her to quit anyway) this happened on the last day of school. She seemed to think this a major catastrophe, I saw it as a chance to have a family summer vacation together for the first time in years, if the look on our sons face as he left school with both of us that day was any indication he was happy about it too.
The owner of the company she worked for lied to his employees, he will get his, Karma has a list and his name is on it. There was another this year that I had to work magic against who had been making my wife’s business life a living hell. My wife fights through Social Anxiety Disorder, and was doing quite well…until this “friend” began purposely triggering her at work. This person evidently was also banging the boss…a tidbit we just learned recently thanks to my wife’s new job! You may ask why I worked magic to remove this woman…because my Wife and her happiness are more important than this other person, anyway her boss we will call him JackAss from here on. JackAss told his staff that he was thinking about selling then decided against it because the company would not take all the employee’s. I told my wife he was a liar.

The reading we did in October for everyone at her job stated that money would become an issue, things would be changing etc. TOLD YA SOOOOO…
Things went on as normal for next few months, then in June those who he hadn’t fired for one F’d up reason or another walked into the job and found that something wasn’t right. Glad my wife had thought enough in advance to begin cleaning out her desk like February advance. JackAss ushered them all into a meeting stated that if their names were not read they were to leave in an orderly fashion, and he would be kind enough to pay them for that whole day. WOW what a guy, more than 10 years at a company and her “severance” was ONE DAY?!?!! He later told people that he kept those “most loyal to him” funny but a few of those who remained said he let the most loyal ones leave when my wife walked out the door.

Now she was really upset and worried, and to be honest so was I, we have bills like the rest of you out there. Our family motto is “we will make it work,” I believe that the gods do with us what they will for a reason. She filed her unemployment, this woman had never had to file it before, must be a Maryland thing but I have filed it numerous times, or maybe it’s just a Judas thing. Anyway she spent the better part of her mornings looking for a job. I was proud of her for that. We would get up have breakfast outside, all three of us, then she would go back in and finish what she was doing. A friend from where she worked told her and a couple of others about a job opening. My wife called, made an appointment with this guy, (she later found out her was the president of the company) two weeks later she was offered the job, more than what she was making, the hours are better and the travel is 20 min shorter so she took it. I know how hard she has worked, and how hard she does work at her jobs one way or the other we will always make it!

So congratulations Hun we are proud of you! Plus now I can play on the computer again!

Prejudice is prejudice…hate is hate

Hey all how’s it going? I know you are all saying “come on Judas it’s Sunday and you know we read the Stew on Sunday”. I know I know, so here you go http://networkedblogs.com/yAeKt . I will wait a bit for ya!

Waiting…waiting…waiting…there you are, the Stew good for you?

No I know I said I would give Z Budapest anymore time or words…sorry I was wrong. She has been spouting so much prejudice and hate for a moment I wondered if she had joined the Seven Mountain group or been possessed by Michelle Bachman. Honestly, she has gone beyond crazed to Wackadoo!

Yes she was instrumental in the Dianaic tradition, she’s written books and given seminars that have inspired and moved many people. The mask has slipped now however, now we are getting a pretty good look at the person behind it.

Broom with a view also did a wonderful blog about this http://amethjera.blogspot.com/2012/06/stark-raving-mad.html . Z Budapest is against treating transgender people in the way they should be. If you are physically born as a man, but inside you are a woman, who is anyone to tell you that you are wrong, the same goes the other way!
As Wicca, Witchcraft, Paganisim, (choose your title) has grown, and evolved so have the practitioners. Do you realize however that we have managed to cut the God out of many of our practices? Our focus has become almost as singular as the Abrahamic religions! Have we been treating our brothers as less? Have they gotten less validation than our sisters coming to this path? If so why have we allowed it? We haven’t driven the wedge too deep I hope. It wasn’t until our son was old enough to question, and participate in our rituals that I even realized how one sided our practice had become.

Yet Z Budapest has taken it a step further, Transgender people are people too. The Gods love them as much as they love the rest of us. To hear her talk makes one wonder about rituals performed where a woman has to stand in for the Priest or a man for the Priestess the Gods don’t pay attention….I don’t believe that do you? You think the Gods won’t listen because the one doing the ritual has knockers instead of a dangly or vise versa? Is it me or does that seem just a little crazed to you? Up to this point the Gods have listened to me, my wife and son.

If you look at what Z is doing, you will realize she’s creating a wedge and trying to drive it into our community. Last year we worked hard to bring people together under one umbrella, we thwarted an attack leveled against us by a hate group…where was she?
Was she afraid that as people began to stand together, side by side working for one goal that your teaching may be outdated? NO? Then why work so hard to drive a wedge between us. Why do Transgender people scare you so? It is because some of them make better women? Why do men strike fear into your heart? They worship our Lady and Lord, they are as blessed by the Lord and Lady.
I am the mother of a boy, he is being raised on the path of the Old Ones. We will work hard to remind him to respect and accept others regardless of their differences, now we can use you as an example of a predudiced person in our community…you have gone from being instrumental and inspirational to a caution tale…proud of yourself now?

In parting, I want to say as a Witch I believe in duality which means my gods have both male and female aspects…just as Quan Yin, Goddess of Compassion is transgendered couldn’t the same be said of others?

See you around the cauldron

Epic Fail~~Vatican laws

This past weekend was one to honor those who died defending us in the military we must remember that they are not the only ones we need to honor or at least thank.  Let us not forget the surviving family members who must go on without their loved ones they too have made sacrifices for our country.


This week has been full of news, mostly coming from church groups calling for the continued fight against the homosexual movement.  Some have even called for homosexuals to be killed.  Enough already, we are trying to teach our children not to bully one another and here we have grown men calling for a group of people they don’t even know, but they don’t like to be killed in the name of their god.  Get over yourselves, we are all supposed to be made in your god’s image so guess what, your gods got some homosexual tendencies, and he believes that woman are equal.   Now that’s out of the way I want to move to the most appalling thing I read this week.

 Being a reformed catholic, which means I got out before they realized I was a homosexual and practiced magic.  I still find myself interested in articles about the church, I was a supporter of the last Pope John Paul, partially because he looked like my Uncle and he had a heritage that neighbored my mother’s side.  Benedict on the other hand does not even deserve the title, his predecessor began righting the wrongs the church had done to others, he put his foot down on the child abuse that is going on inside the church, this one wants to cover it up, as the recent article                       



It seem that during the churches annual bishop conference they decided that some new rules needed to be made, one in particular sticks out, apparently the Pope feels that the bishops especially in Italy no longer need to report child abuse.  Now I know this has nothing to do with Pagan’s and practicing Witch’s.  This isn’t our community but the church knowing that there is a very serious problem with their people abusing children and instead of holding these people accountable the Pope has told his people NOT to notify the Italian authorities.  Why?  Good question, from what I read because the bishops and priest hold no public office nor is he a public servant, so they are not governed by the same laws in Italy.   Hold on just one second, is it not the public that goes in to these supposed houses of worship?   Are this places not supporter by the public?  And yet the publics children are no safer then say chilling in an Italian prison with a murderer or two.

 And what of the US? How are they going to govern the protection of our children?  I understand that my child does not attend a catholic church or school, but I have nieces and nephews, and friends whose children attend these places, how are they going to be protected from the perverts who will use this new document to their favor until someone calls them on it?  The church has balked at the United States laws many times, they have been very devious about avoiding the way we want things done by stating that they were only following the churches laws.  These new guidelines will most certainly be used in other countries as well.   And they call us HEATHENS.


So what are we to do?  This is not our fight.  But it is, they have made it okay for grown adults to abuse children behind closed doors and tell no one.   We may not be members of their community be we are members of the human race and what these fools do eventually affect us.   Just as we must band together and fight the churches war against the homosexual community, by spells, hexes or whatever means we deem necessary we must pay attention and protect these children, they may not all belong to us but they are all the god and goddess children and we need to be diligent about listening to them when they come to us or we suspect something.  Be it the church, our neighbor, a relative, or a spouse, we need to believe the child first until it is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are mistaken. And hold all to our laws.  If you suspect a child has been sexually assaulted or is being abused DO SOMETHING!! 

The following links are for survivors of sexual assault:




Healing can happen….but we are adults so PROTECTING OUR CHILDREN COMES FIRST!!!


See you around the cauldron


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