Happy Ostera…step outside the Circle





That’s right I am back again, let’s see for how long now.    I’ve had some real crappy luck, my desktop got knocked over and stopped working,  the backup I was using  had such an outdated word program that  anytime I tried to write something and post it the blog site laughed at me.  No really it did. So we bought 2 new laptops with Windows 8, not impressed with Windows 8.  My internet provider was still using dialup, and when I wanted to upgrade they didn’t want to give me the same price they were giving new customers they wanted to charge me more alas I left them and am with a new provider we will see how that goes.   My Aunt spent all of last year battling ovarian cancer, she lost the battle the beginning of this year.   Last year wasn’t a total bust I made a few new friends and said good bye to a few old ones.

It seems that the Catholics have had a pretty hard beginning to their year as well, their pope retired because “of health reasons”, and it seems that the new pope has a closet of secrets, can’t wait to see how he does.  A high point of last year, the gay marriage bill passed and my wife and I are getting married.    We have a lovely venue picked out and I can’t wait.

I ran into a small issue at my sons’ school the other week, we received a letter with all his absences those excused and the unexcused ones.   It seems that eve with a note the school tried to mark Samhain as an unexcused absences.  I took the school calendar with all the Pagan holidays on it to the office, the vice principal was a little taken aback when I approached to desk and explained to her that Samhain is one of our major holidays, I also explained the sunset to sunset aspects of our ritual, it took a few minutes but they changed it to an excused absence.   Which brings me to where we are now, Ostara.  Now I could go into the history of the feast/holiday/celebration, but like I told my son “sometimes we have to think outside of the circle.”  I will not be dwelling on the history of this day for us, if you want to know pick up any pagan/wiccan book out there and I am sure you will find all the information you need.  What I am going to discuss is how we can spend it.   Now a lot of our sacred days go from sunset to sunset, but some of them I think should start from sunrise to sunrise and Ostara is one of them.  Why because Ostara is a celebration of life, new life and new beginnings.   Sure we have the chocolate rabbits, and the eggs decorated, like other religions but our day is not the same as theirs, we can make it all our own.  Our children want to hunt the eggs like other religions, we are more than that.  Take your child /children out to a state park in the morning and do a nature walk, after all this day is about new life, show them the plants beginning to bud, the flowers peeking their little heads above ground to see if winter is really over.   Explain to them that not only is this about the goddess but it’s about the new life all around us.  The baby animals leaving their nests and burrows for the first time, their wide eyes taking in the world around them.  Take the time to make bird feeders with your child, plant flowers, while you are doing all of this drop in explanations on the history of this day.   Like I said “step outside the circle,” we don’t need to all do the exact same thing because someone said in a book this is how they do it, or believe this is how it was celebrated way back when. 

We have rediscovered our religion or path let’s make it ours, I say it’s time we bring our own twist to what we have discovered and make it our own, STEP OUT SIDE THE CIRCLE.


See ya round the cauldron



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