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Premonition/ pre-mo-ni-tion:   

  1. A presentiment of the future; a foreboding
  2. A warning in advance; a forewarning

Intuition/ in-tu-i-tion

  1. The act or faculty of knowing or sensing without the use of rational process; immediate cognition.
  2. Knowledge gained by the use of this faculty; a perceptive insight
  3. A sense of something not evident or deducible; an impression

According to the free dictionary this is what premonition and intuition means.  ( , www.the



Let’s see a show of hands of people who have actually had one of these.    Come on I know some of you have.   There you go raise your hand and be proud.   What I have discovered in our little community is that we have a lot of none believers.  *Gasp* That’s right witches who are non- believers, how can that be?   Well , we have learned in a society that teaches you magic is candles, and incense.   I know a lot of you are going to say well if you’ve read this book by so and so or taken the time to read that one.

Look let’s be honest, most of these books teach us how to raise energy and direct it, others lean more on the brews and potions, how to write a spell,  we even get a lesson or two on meditation and astral projection.  The last two don’t make it into all the books.  What about good ole intuition or premonition?    I have two questions for you why as witches do some of us NOT use either of these and even more important WHY do we not believe others when they say they have had them.    Part of the answer is easy none of the books I’ve read mention it.   It’s the second part that is more disturbing, that a lot of witches are just incense and candle witches.   These are witches who light the candle and incense, maybe say a few words then just go about their day.   Ok, let me say there is NOTHING WRONG with that either, but there is more out there.  They may keep an altar in their house with all the trappings on it, have a book case full of books and even shelves of herbs, but honestly they use very little of what they have you don’t have to meditate to be a good witch.  I know some of you will argue that point, but I know witches who are very capable of directing thought and power without the aid of meditation.      

Well these people have problems believing anything other witches tell them because it has NEVER happened to them.   I can astral, I suck at it most times but I can do it.  I have met others who have traveled to different realms.  Now when they told me their stories did I balk at them?  No sure there was that little part of me that was skeptical, why, because of some of my church up brining, did I ridicule them NO I pointed them in the direction of someone I knew could help them go further than I ever could.  One thing is certain, if you do astral projection what you see there may or may not be the same as someone viewing the exact same space will see.  I believe it comes down to our personal interpretations and personal feelings, where one person may see a glob of energy in a particular color, someone else may see a large predator, why? Personal  interpretations.

I have had people do an astral travel over me and say things like your about to get really sick, and they were right.  Now I have never even met this person face to face or talk to them on the phone all we ever did was email and chat yet they claimed they could do this and this is what they saw, so yeah I believed them.  Now you may say “self fulfilling prophesy” ok and I can understand that, but this person believes in themselves and what they see, and I’ve had more than one experience with them that taught me to trust what they see as well prior to myself being sick so that doesn’t work. 

We have constrained ourselves with all these rules that some of us have have forgotten how to practice and enjoy the wonders of it.  Don’t lay your altar out this way, do it that way.  Don’t write a spell like that, don’t talk about it, and so on.  Guys if we get a premonition, or our intuition tells us something it’s for a REASON.  Sometimes we are supposed to communicate it with others.   We are the decipherer’s of dreams, we are supposed to go on our feelings, most writers of our learning books tell you what they have practiced, how they have learned they don’t tell us this is the only way, so why do some of us feel that we should act like it is?   Because they are scared to admit that they cannot be part of every aspect of the craft.    To me that’s what makes a good coven, or even a good group of witches who may practice separately most of the time and get together once in a while it is a group made up of members who not only can do things like write spells, and chant, but astral travel, and projection, dream interpretation, empathy and so on, the most important thing is BELIEVING when one of your members or friends say they can do something.

Your friend saw the Goddess in the seat beside them and you didn’t does that make them a liar?  NO it means the Goddess has something to say to them and , She needed them to pay attention, what should you do?  Believe.

They heard someone whisper something in their ear and you didn’t, believe.

And the next time someone says to you, they have heard, seen, felt, noticed whatever and they are trying warn you or want to share the experience with you.  Don’t ridicule them, BELIEVE them, maybe just maybe they are right.

Remember there is more to magic then candles and incense there are always shades of Grey.

Hope to see ya around the Cauldron



For those of you who have had someone ridicule you and your gift this song is for you.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. JW Higby
    Sep 08, 2013 @ 16:38:41

    Bravo…I like! I use my intuition a LOT in my practice, I’ve come to rely upon it quite strongly. Yes, I also use candles and incense, some herbs, but I pay attention to nature a lot as well…it reveals to me what is coming and about to happen. I have astral projected but not to the level I’d like. You see, I think of being Pagan/Wiccan like a body…we all have different gifts/abilities that we shine at…some better than others but, I don’t ever discredit what works for someone else. And some things just aren’t my “cup of tea” but, that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate the ones who do it. Great Blog…bright blessings…Wolf Amergin Phoenix.


    • Stirring the cauldron with Judas
      Sep 08, 2013 @ 16:55:37

      Thank you, and blessings back to you and yours, may you continue to be blessed and guided on your path! Hope to keep seeing you around the cauldron ~Judas


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