Redeeming Halloween?! I don’t think so.

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Boredom and Judas are two words that should never go together. Why you ask, well the other night while being one of four people sitting around work, the other 18 had left at lunch time because there was nothing for them to do. I decided to play on the internet, another thing I really should not be allowed to do without adult supervision. It started out harmless enough, with searches for things like baking tips, found what I needed so I went looking for pagan news sites. It was at this dastardly search I found an article from September of this year by Ian Murphy, called, “Pat Robertson: ‘Halloween is Satan’s Night!’- The Rest of the Country:’ Meh’ It seems that in “09 Kimberll Daniels reported that “most of the candy sold during this season had been dedicated and prayed over by Witches.” Shows how little she knew, you would be lucky if you could get a group of Witches to agree on what is the best shade of orange for a pumpkin, let alone all of them dedicate and say the same prayer over candy. Folks if we are going to come together and pray over something I have a Mega Millions ticket right here. Anyway this caused me to broaden my search, disclaimer: this search is not for the easily angered, and the writer of this blog cannot be held responsible for any profane words uttered while reading some of the results of said search. Ok back to our blog.

Sooo I typed in the little google box, “religious views on Halloween”, and what to my wondering eyes should appear?  Titles like, “How Halloween can be redeemed,” Should Christians (why does the computer correct the fact that I don’t capitalize the word Christian, but it will not do the same for Pagan or Witch?) participate in Halloween?” and a video, “Halloween? Trick or Treat?” (now that’s a gift I’m wanting)

Do you see us writing articles like “Christmas, boy you guys got his birthday wrong”, or “How the Pagan community can redeem Yule”?

So I decided to use the one that angered me the most, or the fun one if you will “How Halloween Can Be Redeemed.” Funny I don’t really see it needing to be saved. The article starts by stating for those of us who don’t value saints, if they have a collectible price on E bay then honey I’m there. I will try again, “for those who don’t value the saints the purpose behind Halloween has been lost, like celebrating New Year’s Eve, without New Year’s Day. And many Christians (there it goes again) have gotten concerned that things have gotten out of hand. After all doesn’t Halloween glorify evil?”

Whoa brother, step away from the prayed over candy. I have a question for all you god fearing people, why worry about a holiday that isn’t yours to begin with? You don’t see us complaining about you guys glorifying murdering a guy and nailing him to a tree do ya? I mean we know why you are all so scared of death, if I would have killed my gods kid I wouldn’t want to die and have to face him either. As for us Pagans and Witches (see had to do the capitalizing myself!) we don’t glorify death, we accept it, try to understand it, appreciate it, and invite him and his friends in for dinner. We don’t save it just for the sainted few. The article goes on to explain that this day “properly understood” and celebrated with all of its fun trappings, can be away for them to understand their faith. This I agree with, we understand our faith more on this day than any other.

This was my aha I was right moment; the writer states that “Until the ninth century the church celebrated the popular feast of all saints on May 13th, during the season of joy after the resurrection.” Lets take a moment here, so they had a day to celebrate the fact that the dead got up and walked away. It seems they were celebrating their own version of Halloween after all. “in 835 the date was DELIBERATELY changed to November 1, to Christianize (now stop that) the existing Pagan time for remembering the dead.” So they admit that not only is Halloween our day for remembering the dead, but that they deliberately moved their saint’s day to interfere with our holiday. “And how come when they do it it’s because they are “trying to bring light into the world”? when we stand up for our days it’s because we are evil, Sounds a lot like the Christians ( getting frustrated) are trying to Bully the Pagans
This writer goes on to talk about how at Halloween they need to use discernment to separate the symbols to protect their children from some very real dangers. You want to know what the real dangers of Halloween are? Pedophiles, who don’t turn their lights off, and instead try to invite the little children in. I wonder what the religious ratio is on these folks. Lets not forget the candy some people pass out with religious saying on them, no not “trick or treat”, but the ones that have Psalms, and Proverbs printed on them, or little notes attached with passages from the bible stapled to the bags. (See what we started by praying over the candy)
I must agree that at this time of year we see an influx of spooky movies, not all of them have Halloween themes though, there are those with a slasher Santa Claus killing people on Christmas. Why with the spooky though? Maybe because before we had electricity and indoor plumbing, our ancestors would tell these stories to keep the children from wandering too far away from their homes at night.   Honestly lets look at the horror movies, wonder who’s idea it really was to make Halloween horrifying? Bet you find there are a lot of other religions making these movies and very few Pagans.
During Halloween it seems “warped personalities copy malicious acts for fun”, news flash they do that all year-long, not just on Halloween, don’t believe me just watch the news anytime. It seems young people experiment with the occult because of the publicity given to witches and warlocks. Then doesn’t that mean with all the whopla about Christmas young people are going to want to sleep in a field with a bunch of sheep waiting to see an angel? Or are they all going to cram themselves into a local barn waiting for a miracle? Or After seeing Moses on Easter they go around slapping sheep’s blood over the door so the angel of death will pass over them? Or they stand on the banks of the Mississippi trying to part it like the Red Sea? How many of us have watched them reconstruct the crucification of Christ every year? Do they not glorify murder once a year? I hear a pot calling the kettle names.
It seems that we trick or treat because we are “asking for forgiveness from the dead”. NO we don’t, I send my kid trick or treating because I won’t by candy, he gets it from the neighbors and I end up giving most of it back out the next Halloween.  (Ok, so I don’t do that, but hey it’s a money-saving idea right?)  The symbols of Halloween, oh the symbols, the brooms, witches, black cats and skeletons. Oh wait, that is not what they are talking about, no it’s the apple cider, and doughnuts. They figure that just because apples are sacred to Pomona, its okay to enjoy them because their god created them. And I must admit I never knew that doughnuts were created as soul cakes. Christians have no intention on giving up the doughnuts, no matter why they were made. I guess not, you take away the doughnuts and you take away all church functions on Sunday. Don’t believe me walk into any soul cake place, you know them they have great coffee, and love to dunk on a Sunday. They don’t bake the goodies at home like they used to.
Even pumpkins have become come Christianized (okay now its just annoying). It seems that “when they are able to” able to? Who is stopping them? I don’t see a bunch of Witches stopping them from telling their piece of folklore about a mean guy and how he got a pumpkin.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. The costumes should glorify the saints. Who wants to be Joan of Ark? That would be an awesome costume, you can walk around tied to a piece of wood with flames around ya. No the costumes should remind them of the great height they can reach. Where as the skeletons, skulls and trick or treats remind them of their own mortality and their need to pray for the dead. Their they go worried bout dying and praying for the dead again.

But at least they have Jack, their one man morality play, to stand between us and them.
Jack? If they are talking about a certain captain then I think their morality is in deep kaka. No they are talking about Jack, you know Jack, the guy who was given the red coal by the devil because neither place would accept poor Jack. Heaven didn’t want him, because he had cheated the devil, the devil didn’t want him for the same reason. But the kindly devil at least gave him a hot coal to light his way. Jack not wanting to carry the coal in his hand carved a turnip and stuck it in there. So now we have Jack wandering endlessly looking for a resting place. Now that’s the biggest load of bog gas I have ever heard.
And lastly we have the positive message about Halloween, it seems we have it wrong Halloween isn’t about honoring the dead after all, but instead it’s a need for holiness and martyrdom. With all the saints and martyrs going to heaven the place would be full by now. You would think they would leave us alone, it’s obvious we scare them, because no matter how many times they try to stomp us out we always return. They have tortured, burned, drowned, and hanged us and still we rise to a point where they begin to worry about us. They are even trying to overthrow our government to change the laws regarding religions.

Whats next Halloween cards that say Happy Martyrdom? Doesn’t have a good ring to it does it?  In ending let us not forget as it was  noted they changed their holy day to interfere with ours, so I say lets RECLAIM our FEAST DAY, lets decorate, have fun give out candy (no praying) run down to that soul cake shop and get a dozen, carve pumpkins, and Enjoy our day. This after all is the only real day that the world still celebrates with us, so let’s be Happy, especially with all the reasons in this world to not want to be happy, we have to admit that on this day we all seem to be very HAPPY. It’s up to us Pagans and Witches to spread the word, that’s why we say “HAPPY HALLOWEN”, because that is what we wish for everyone, that they be as happy as we are on this day. Spread the “Joy of the Season” it’s a time for frights and giggles.

And for all of you Halloween Redeemer’s out there I have one thing to say.

See Ya Round the Cauldron



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  1. Cheryl P.
    Oct 24, 2011 @ 13:55:44

    Here is a pretty decent article about why christians should celebrate halloween.. My friend had this posted on his Twitter (@AnglicanThomist)


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