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Premonition/ pre-mo-ni-tion:   

  1. A presentiment of the future; a foreboding
  2. A warning in advance; a forewarning

Intuition/ in-tu-i-tion

  1. The act or faculty of knowing or sensing without the use of rational process; immediate cognition.
  2. Knowledge gained by the use of this faculty; a perceptive insight
  3. A sense of something not evident or deducible; an impression

According to the free dictionary this is what premonition and intuition means.  ( , www.the



Let’s see a show of hands of people who have actually had one of these.    Come on I know some of you have.   There you go raise your hand and be proud.   What I have discovered in our little community is that we have a lot of none believers.  *Gasp* That’s right witches who are non- believers, how can that be?   Well , we have learned in a society that teaches you magic is candles, and incense.   I know a lot of you are going to say well if you’ve read this book by so and so or taken the time to read that one.

Look let’s be honest, most of these books teach us how to raise energy and direct it, others lean more on the brews and potions, how to write a spell,  we even get a lesson or two on meditation and astral projection.  The last two don’t make it into all the books.  What about good ole intuition or premonition?    I have two questions for you why as witches do some of us NOT use either of these and even more important WHY do we not believe others when they say they have had them.    Part of the answer is easy none of the books I’ve read mention it.   It’s the second part that is more disturbing, that a lot of witches are just incense and candle witches.   These are witches who light the candle and incense, maybe say a few words then just go about their day.   Ok, let me say there is NOTHING WRONG with that either, but there is more out there.  They may keep an altar in their house with all the trappings on it, have a book case full of books and even shelves of herbs, but honestly they use very little of what they have you don’t have to meditate to be a good witch.  I know some of you will argue that point, but I know witches who are very capable of directing thought and power without the aid of meditation.      

Well these people have problems believing anything other witches tell them because it has NEVER happened to them.   I can astral, I suck at it most times but I can do it.  I have met others who have traveled to different realms.  Now when they told me their stories did I balk at them?  No sure there was that little part of me that was skeptical, why, because of some of my church up brining, did I ridicule them NO I pointed them in the direction of someone I knew could help them go further than I ever could.  One thing is certain, if you do astral projection what you see there may or may not be the same as someone viewing the exact same space will see.  I believe it comes down to our personal interpretations and personal feelings, where one person may see a glob of energy in a particular color, someone else may see a large predator, why? Personal  interpretations.

I have had people do an astral travel over me and say things like your about to get really sick, and they were right.  Now I have never even met this person face to face or talk to them on the phone all we ever did was email and chat yet they claimed they could do this and this is what they saw, so yeah I believed them.  Now you may say “self fulfilling prophesy” ok and I can understand that, but this person believes in themselves and what they see, and I’ve had more than one experience with them that taught me to trust what they see as well prior to myself being sick so that doesn’t work. 

We have constrained ourselves with all these rules that some of us have have forgotten how to practice and enjoy the wonders of it.  Don’t lay your altar out this way, do it that way.  Don’t write a spell like that, don’t talk about it, and so on.  Guys if we get a premonition, or our intuition tells us something it’s for a REASON.  Sometimes we are supposed to communicate it with others.   We are the decipherer’s of dreams, we are supposed to go on our feelings, most writers of our learning books tell you what they have practiced, how they have learned they don’t tell us this is the only way, so why do some of us feel that we should act like it is?   Because they are scared to admit that they cannot be part of every aspect of the craft.    To me that’s what makes a good coven, or even a good group of witches who may practice separately most of the time and get together once in a while it is a group made up of members who not only can do things like write spells, and chant, but astral travel, and projection, dream interpretation, empathy and so on, the most important thing is BELIEVING when one of your members or friends say they can do something.

Your friend saw the Goddess in the seat beside them and you didn’t does that make them a liar?  NO it means the Goddess has something to say to them and , She needed them to pay attention, what should you do?  Believe.

They heard someone whisper something in their ear and you didn’t, believe.

And the next time someone says to you, they have heard, seen, felt, noticed whatever and they are trying warn you or want to share the experience with you.  Don’t ridicule them, BELIEVE them, maybe just maybe they are right.

Remember there is more to magic then candles and incense there are always shades of Grey.

Hope to see ya around the Cauldron



For those of you who have had someone ridicule you and your gift this song is for you.



How’s your summer going?

Sooo how has your summer been going? Mine has been going great actually. It started with my wife losing her job, (no big loss I was trying to convince her to quit anyway) this happened on the last day of school. She seemed to think this a major catastrophe, I saw it as a chance to have a family summer vacation together for the first time in years, if the look on our sons face as he left school with both of us that day was any indication he was happy about it too.
The owner of the company she worked for lied to his employees, he will get his, Karma has a list and his name is on it. There was another this year that I had to work magic against who had been making my wife’s business life a living hell. My wife fights through Social Anxiety Disorder, and was doing quite well…until this “friend” began purposely triggering her at work. This person evidently was also banging the boss…a tidbit we just learned recently thanks to my wife’s new job! You may ask why I worked magic to remove this woman…because my Wife and her happiness are more important than this other person, anyway her boss we will call him JackAss from here on. JackAss told his staff that he was thinking about selling then decided against it because the company would not take all the employee’s. I told my wife he was a liar.

The reading we did in October for everyone at her job stated that money would become an issue, things would be changing etc. TOLD YA SOOOOO…
Things went on as normal for next few months, then in June those who he hadn’t fired for one F’d up reason or another walked into the job and found that something wasn’t right. Glad my wife had thought enough in advance to begin cleaning out her desk like February advance. JackAss ushered them all into a meeting stated that if their names were not read they were to leave in an orderly fashion, and he would be kind enough to pay them for that whole day. WOW what a guy, more than 10 years at a company and her “severance” was ONE DAY?!?!! He later told people that he kept those “most loyal to him” funny but a few of those who remained said he let the most loyal ones leave when my wife walked out the door.

Now she was really upset and worried, and to be honest so was I, we have bills like the rest of you out there. Our family motto is “we will make it work,” I believe that the gods do with us what they will for a reason. She filed her unemployment, this woman had never had to file it before, must be a Maryland thing but I have filed it numerous times, or maybe it’s just a Judas thing. Anyway she spent the better part of her mornings looking for a job. I was proud of her for that. We would get up have breakfast outside, all three of us, then she would go back in and finish what she was doing. A friend from where she worked told her and a couple of others about a job opening. My wife called, made an appointment with this guy, (she later found out her was the president of the company) two weeks later she was offered the job, more than what she was making, the hours are better and the travel is 20 min shorter so she took it. I know how hard she has worked, and how hard she does work at her jobs one way or the other we will always make it!

So congratulations Hun we are proud of you! Plus now I can play on the computer again!

Epic Fail~~Vatican laws

This past weekend was one to honor those who died defending us in the military we must remember that they are not the only ones we need to honor or at least thank.  Let us not forget the surviving family members who must go on without their loved ones they too have made sacrifices for our country.


This week has been full of news, mostly coming from church groups calling for the continued fight against the homosexual movement.  Some have even called for homosexuals to be killed.  Enough already, we are trying to teach our children not to bully one another and here we have grown men calling for a group of people they don’t even know, but they don’t like to be killed in the name of their god.  Get over yourselves, we are all supposed to be made in your god’s image so guess what, your gods got some homosexual tendencies, and he believes that woman are equal.   Now that’s out of the way I want to move to the most appalling thing I read this week.

 Being a reformed catholic, which means I got out before they realized I was a homosexual and practiced magic.  I still find myself interested in articles about the church, I was a supporter of the last Pope John Paul, partially because he looked like my Uncle and he had a heritage that neighbored my mother’s side.  Benedict on the other hand does not even deserve the title, his predecessor began righting the wrongs the church had done to others, he put his foot down on the child abuse that is going on inside the church, this one wants to cover it up, as the recent article               


It seem that during the churches annual bishop conference they decided that some new rules needed to be made, one in particular sticks out, apparently the Pope feels that the bishops especially in Italy no longer need to report child abuse.  Now I know this has nothing to do with Pagan’s and practicing Witch’s.  This isn’t our community but the church knowing that there is a very serious problem with their people abusing children and instead of holding these people accountable the Pope has told his people NOT to notify the Italian authorities.  Why?  Good question, from what I read because the bishops and priest hold no public office nor is he a public servant, so they are not governed by the same laws in Italy.   Hold on just one second, is it not the public that goes in to these supposed houses of worship?   Are this places not supporter by the public?  And yet the publics children are no safer then say chilling in an Italian prison with a murderer or two.

 And what of the US? How are they going to govern the protection of our children?  I understand that my child does not attend a catholic church or school, but I have nieces and nephews, and friends whose children attend these places, how are they going to be protected from the perverts who will use this new document to their favor until someone calls them on it?  The church has balked at the United States laws many times, they have been very devious about avoiding the way we want things done by stating that they were only following the churches laws.  These new guidelines will most certainly be used in other countries as well.   And they call us HEATHENS.


So what are we to do?  This is not our fight.  But it is, they have made it okay for grown adults to abuse children behind closed doors and tell no one.   We may not be members of their community be we are members of the human race and what these fools do eventually affect us.   Just as we must band together and fight the churches war against the homosexual community, by spells, hexes or whatever means we deem necessary we must pay attention and protect these children, they may not all belong to us but they are all the god and goddess children and we need to be diligent about listening to them when they come to us or we suspect something.  Be it the church, our neighbor, a relative, or a spouse, we need to believe the child first until it is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are mistaken. And hold all to our laws.  If you suspect a child has been sexually assaulted or is being abused DO SOMETHING!! 

The following links are for survivors of sexual assault:


Healing can happen….but we are adults so PROTECTING OUR CHILDREN COMES FIRST!!!


See you around the cauldron


Witches, Pagans, Warlocks, whatever the title who inspires you?

Fire stoked, cauldron bubbling, come on over, get comfy, mug of cider?    Comfy, in a few days it will be October and you know what that means.  Pumpkins, candy, decorations, death being celebrated and honored.  Now usually I like to hold off on decorating until the second week of October, for some reason my little warlock has wanted to decorate since before Mabon, to the point of invading my sleep asking “when we can decorate?”  I relented the other day and told him to have at it.   While we were doing said decorating he noticed my styrofoam tombstone.  Now we have put this thing out every year since I made it. That was oh some sixteen plus years ago.  This day it really caught his attention, he began reading the names listed on it and asking me who they were.   So I explained that they were the names of the people who were murdered in Salem back in 1692.

“Oh, so they were all witches?” he asked.

“Sadly no,” I told him, “most of them were just simple farmers who were murdered because of fear & greed.”  He didn’t quite get it, so I continued explaining it could be because someone wanted their property, house, farm, whatever, others were killed because someone didn’t like them, and also some because they stood up and spoke against what was happening.

“You mean  there were people way back then like the wakadoo group that doesn’t like us?”

“Exactly!” I told him.

“So then they didn’t kill real witches did they?  If we didn’t know any of them,why did you paint all their names, when and how they died?”

“Because they inspired me, these people all died doing the right thing, standing up for what they believed in, not bowing to say they were something they weren’t.”

He walked away satisfied with that answer.   It got me to thinking about a blog that Kallan did a few months back, about pagans who inspire us.  I hadn’t read anything further about it.  So after dinner the other night, (fantastic dinner I might add) while she was showing us the prizes she had for a couple giveaways she is planning I brought the subject up, and was surprised at what she had to say.  She only got two, yeah two inspirational pagan/wiccan/you pick a title people.   Anyway it bothered me that she received only two inspirational people.  So me being who I am decided to bring it up again here.   Now when she originally posted the question two people came right to mind for me, and I am going to share them here.   Have you heard of these two people before?  Yes, some of you may even know them, have they published any books?  Are they famous?  No, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t inspirational.

My first inspirational Pagan is Snowy Morrighan, now I’ve known Snowy for a while, we took a Wicca 101 class together, she was at my handfasting, belly danced before my father at our reception, and gave me silly string for a handfasting gift ( which we finished the silly string off last year).  That in itself makes her important to me, but my reasons for her being inspirational go deeper than that.   She moved to Pennsylvania, opened Eye of Nuit Shoppe, makes her own candles, and runs an online store as well (Pagan Stuff Cheap   Snowy has been through some hard times, and survived, she does not hang her head and cry “poor me”, she takes what the gods hand her and make it work.  Having been a member of a couple of Covens that let her down, she has not given up on them and last I heard was still looking for the right one.  Her friendship is deep, heavens help the person who verbally or physically attacks one of her friends, or people she cares about, she will be on you faster than the hounds from hell.  Chew you up just like a chew toy.   Snowy will bury you in the back yard if you cross anyone she cares about.  Snowy takes her Craft seriously, though the people in the craft can annoy the crap out of her from time to time.  She is against what our Wackadoo friends are doing, and has tried numerous times to get groups organized to do something about them.   She gets frustrated with us but she never gives up.

My other inspiration is Kallan Kennedy, unlike Snowy I have only known Kallan for about a year, but have learned much in that time.   Now for you who have all read her blogs, she keeps us posted on the happenings in the witchy world, gives us a card of the week, mind you (I still think I should rule) tells us what she thinks about books, and shares what she has seen.   Frolics with us on Fridays, and then feeds us Stew on Sundays.   Most of her pieces are soft, friendly, but be warned if you tick her off, like the Wackadoo’s have recently done she will RANT.  Now unlike me, who sees the line you have drawn in the sand and will immediately step over it.  I will gladly chase you down like my favorites hounds, tear you apart and leave you there for others to see as a warning.  Kallan on the other hand, is “like a cat, she plays with her food first.”  Don’t believe me, just read her blogs.  She has posted about our Wackadoo friends for months, putting little pieces in here and there.  Reminding us not to stoop to their level, with the name calling and childish acting.  (I never listen, sorry) Be warned although she may act like a sleepy cat, lifting her head and eyeing you then going back to sleep like you were nothing to worry about, she pays attention.  As was proven in her most recent rant, when the Wackadoo’s went too far, the threats were and still are dangerous, and just like a cat that has had enough of the mouse running in front of her, she pounced.  Kallan not only sliced the group up, logically, but she counted her points off on her nails as she did so, then when she was finished she ate them and deposited what was left in her kitty box.  (I’m not cleaning that either).

That is not the only side to Kallan, she is also the type of person who see’s strangers broke down on the side of the road during one of the hottest days in the summer, goes home gets them a cooler full of ice, water, and snacks, goes back has a chat with them,  offers them her home, for a shower, etc…  She takes strangers in like wolves do abandoned pups.  She nurtures us, watches us grow, and adds us to her pack.  She dared a young warlock, to throw his toy as high as he can to see if it will hit her ceiling, fixes friends dinner, has serious discussions, shares her magic and the magic that is her family and rarely does anything in slow motion.  She is also a mother of five, grandmother of two, and a wonderful friend.

Kallan and Snowy are two different women, with their feet on a similar path, they may not take exactly the route the other takes, but will end up at the same destination regardless.   Being a Witch to these two women is not just about ritual, or the “show” Kallan believes you can actually “teach the witch right out of people”, and I agree.  Both Snowy and Kallan, show what being a witch IS, for me they are the “wise ones” of my community, they teach by doing, be it ritual or life in general.  I have only highlighted some of the facets on these two gems that I am favored to call friends.  They will not back down when our community is attacked.  They make me proud to be able to say “I’m a Witch.”

So now you know who mine are, who are yours?

Hope you enjoyed the cider.

See Ya Round the Cauldron.


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