How’s your summer going?

Sooo how has your summer been going? Mine has been going great actually. It started with my wife losing her job, (no big loss I was trying to convince her to quit anyway) this happened on the last day of school. She seemed to think this a major catastrophe, I saw it as a chance to have a family summer vacation together for the first time in years, if the look on our sons face as he left school with both of us that day was any indication he was happy about it too.
The owner of the company she worked for lied to his employees, he will get his, Karma has a list and his name is on it. There was another this year that I had to work magic against who had been making my wife’s business life a living hell. My wife fights through Social Anxiety Disorder, and was doing quite well…until this “friend” began purposely triggering her at work. This person evidently was also banging the boss…a tidbit we just learned recently thanks to my wife’s new job! You may ask why I worked magic to remove this woman…because my Wife and her happiness are more important than this other person, anyway her boss we will call him JackAss from here on. JackAss told his staff that he was thinking about selling then decided against it because the company would not take all the employee’s. I told my wife he was a liar.

The reading we did in October for everyone at her job stated that money would become an issue, things would be changing etc. TOLD YA SOOOOO…
Things went on as normal for next few months, then in June those who he hadn’t fired for one F’d up reason or another walked into the job and found that something wasn’t right. Glad my wife had thought enough in advance to begin cleaning out her desk like February advance. JackAss ushered them all into a meeting stated that if their names were not read they were to leave in an orderly fashion, and he would be kind enough to pay them for that whole day. WOW what a guy, more than 10 years at a company and her “severance” was ONE DAY?!?!! He later told people that he kept those “most loyal to him” funny but a few of those who remained said he let the most loyal ones leave when my wife walked out the door.

Now she was really upset and worried, and to be honest so was I, we have bills like the rest of you out there. Our family motto is “we will make it work,” I believe that the gods do with us what they will for a reason. She filed her unemployment, this woman had never had to file it before, must be a Maryland thing but I have filed it numerous times, or maybe it’s just a Judas thing. Anyway she spent the better part of her mornings looking for a job. I was proud of her for that. We would get up have breakfast outside, all three of us, then she would go back in and finish what she was doing. A friend from where she worked told her and a couple of others about a job opening. My wife called, made an appointment with this guy, (she later found out her was the president of the company) two weeks later she was offered the job, more than what she was making, the hours are better and the travel is 20 min shorter so she took it. I know how hard she has worked, and how hard she does work at her jobs one way or the other we will always make it!

So congratulations Hun we are proud of you! Plus now I can play on the computer again!


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