Witch Wars…again?! The other Witch’s voice a guest blog by my wife.


Can we talk?  Good pull up a log over here by my fire.  I want to talk to you about the term Witch Wars.  I watch and I listen to our community, and it disturbs me so much that this is becoming a more and more frequent thing in our community.  We follow the steps of the Wise so why would we engage in such behavior?  Because we are people.  This isn’t something that only affects our path of course, I’ve seen the same in churches when I followed that path, and no religion is immune from people acting poorly.  A few years ago I watched in dismay as Christian Day was attacked because he identifies himself as a Warlock.  Really?  There isn’t anything better for us to do than attack each other over how we identify ourselves.  I don’t care if you call yourself High Mucky Molasses, it’s how you see yourself, and I have no reason to argue with what you see when you look in the mirror.  One of my dear friends has reminded me a Witch that cannot hex cannot heal.  I can hex, but mostly choose not to, I just do not hold on to the mad that it requires to be properly fueled, but if you harm my family, my friends, or someone I love….guess what I can hold that mad to do what must be done.  I am what some people would call a fluffy bunny that has developed into an insult in our community, when it to me originally meant someone who would prefer to heal rather than hex.  Others see that as a smack to the face, to me, it still is just who I am.  I don’t take offense to it, if I was easily offended I wouldn’t be able to walk this path.  People are people, good, bad or ugly, they are people which means they are weak, they are strong, they are stressed, they feel alone or lost.  Stop calling names, look at the person who you “dislike” and dig a bit into yourself to find a why, don’t take what other people say to heart, find out for yourself.  Don’t like how a relationship went with someone you called friend?  What part of that relationship was your responsibility?  What can you do to see that another friendship doesn’t end the same way.  We can only work on ourselves, why alienate others?  As a community we are mistrusted, and people avoid us when they don’t’ realize we can be a blessing to them.  Why would you want to spend your time negatively, tearing down someone else?  The more negative you spread the more stays in your personal environment.

We have so many paths in our religion that if you laid them out together a beautiful tapestry would be before you.  There are so many things our energies should be turned to, helping our brothers and sisters through this difficult economy, reaching out to them if they are hurting or suffering a loss.  Does it matter if someone says they are something different than you would personally choose when it comes down to it…not really.

I was honored to be asked to join the Samhain Sirens who are offering these wonderful blogs, giveaways, crafts, and treats.  I’m not a regular blogger; actually I do it only when I am so moved.  At this time I am because I would like to see us come together as a people.  We need to be a united force even if loosely.  I can agree that your path my not appeal to me, but it’s not so different than my own; I can reach out my arms to embrace any and all.  We need to remember we represent so many others than just ourselves.  Grade school behavior “I don’t like you because he/she doesn’t”, “you are different from what I think you should be so I don’t like you”, really people?  We are adults, and most of us have progressed beyond such thoughts and actions.  If you haven’t, before the end of this harvest season, I implore you to look at your thoughts and release those that draw negativity into your life by such actions.

The people who have come together to share this season with you are all driven, busy, dedicated people.  Each one has a strong “alpha” personality, and yet as we blend our personalities and talents we are seeing a huge blessing among ourselves.  No one is trying to be “top dog”, no one is sniping behind anyone’s back, no one is undermining this beautiful effort.  So if some of the strongest personalities can gather together to offer this wonderful space at this blessed time of year, why can’t the rest of us do this on a regular basis?

As people we should be able to come together and celebrate this holy time, we should enjoy all the offerings from all the men and women who blog and do giveaways, post blogs.  If you have an issue with someone else take the time this month and try to heal that.

WE as a PEOPLE deserve to celebrate and enjoy the many different spices that are the offerings this month.  Please, spend your time and energy to make the face of your path one that engages, and honors those of our ancestors and others who died so that we could live free in our practices.

We are strong people, each one of you reading has a strength that will be magnified and grow brighter when joined to our brothers and sisters.   Remember those who weren’t Witches but were burned, pressed, and tortured because it was THOUGHT they might be.  Witch Wars, Holy Wars, call it what you will but there is no place in our lives that need or deserve the kind of negativity that comes from acting in such a way.


Lady K



Witches, Pagans, Warlocks, whatever the title who inspires you?

Fire stoked, cauldron bubbling, come on over, get comfy, mug of cider?    Comfy, in a few days it will be October and you know what that means.  Pumpkins, candy, decorations, death being celebrated and honored.  Now usually I like to hold off on decorating until the second week of October, for some reason my little warlock has wanted to decorate since before Mabon, to the point of invading my sleep asking “when we can decorate?”  I relented the other day and told him to have at it.   While we were doing said decorating he noticed my styrofoam tombstone.  Now we have put this thing out every year since I made it. That was oh some sixteen plus years ago.  This day it really caught his attention, he began reading the names listed on it and asking me who they were.   So I explained that they were the names of the people who were murdered in Salem back in 1692.

“Oh, so they were all witches?” he asked.

“Sadly no,” I told him, “most of them were just simple farmers who were murdered because of fear & greed.”  He didn’t quite get it, so I continued explaining it could be because someone wanted their property, house, farm, whatever, others were killed because someone didn’t like them, and also some because they stood up and spoke against what was happening.

“You mean  there were people way back then like the wakadoo group that doesn’t like us?”

“Exactly!” I told him.

“So then they didn’t kill real witches did they?  If we didn’t know any of them,why did you paint all their names, when and how they died?”

“Because they inspired me, these people all died doing the right thing, standing up for what they believed in, not bowing to say they were something they weren’t.”

He walked away satisfied with that answer.   It got me to thinking about a blog that Kallan did a few months back, about pagans who inspire us.  I hadn’t read anything further about it.  So after dinner the other night, (fantastic dinner I might add) while she was showing us the prizes she had for a couple giveaways she is planning I brought the subject up, and was surprised at what she had to say.  She only got two, yeah two inspirational pagan/wiccan/you pick a title people.   Anyway it bothered me that she received only two inspirational people.  So me being who I am decided to bring it up again here.   Now when she originally posted the question two people came right to mind for me, and I am going to share them here.   Have you heard of these two people before?  Yes, some of you may even know them, have they published any books?  Are they famous?  No, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t inspirational.

My first inspirational Pagan is Snowy Morrighan, now I’ve known Snowy for a while, we took a Wicca 101 class together, she was at my handfasting, belly danced before my father at our reception, and gave me silly string for a handfasting gift ( which we finished the silly string off last year).  That in itself makes her important to me, but my reasons for her being inspirational go deeper than that.   She moved to Pennsylvania, opened Eye of Nuit Shoppe, makes her own candles, and runs an online store as well (Pagan Stuff Cheap   http://paganstuffcheap.com/index)   Snowy has been through some hard times, and survived, she does not hang her head and cry “poor me”, she takes what the gods hand her and make it work.  Having been a member of a couple of Covens that let her down, she has not given up on them and last I heard was still looking for the right one.  Her friendship is deep, heavens help the person who verbally or physically attacks one of her friends, or people she cares about, she will be on you faster than the hounds from hell.  Chew you up just like a chew toy.   Snowy will bury you in the back yard if you cross anyone she cares about.  Snowy takes her Craft seriously, though the people in the craft can annoy the crap out of her from time to time.  She is against what our Wackadoo friends are doing, and has tried numerous times to get groups organized to do something about them.   She gets frustrated with us but she never gives up.

My other inspiration is Kallan Kennedy, unlike Snowy I have only known Kallan for about a year, but have learned much in that time.   Now for you who have all read her blogs, she keeps us posted on the happenings in the witchy world, gives us a card of the week, mind you (I still think I should rule) tells us what she thinks about books, and shares what she has seen.   Frolics with us on Fridays, and then feeds us Stew on Sundays.   Most of her pieces are soft, friendly, but be warned if you tick her off, like the Wackadoo’s have recently done she will RANT.  Now unlike me, who sees the line you have drawn in the sand and will immediately step over it.  I will gladly chase you down like my favorites hounds, tear you apart and leave you there for others to see as a warning.  Kallan on the other hand, is “like a cat, she plays with her food first.”  Don’t believe me, just read her blogs.  She has posted about our Wackadoo friends for months, putting little pieces in here and there.  Reminding us not to stoop to their level, with the name calling and childish acting.  (I never listen, sorry) Be warned although she may act like a sleepy cat, lifting her head and eyeing you then going back to sleep like you were nothing to worry about, she pays attention.  As was proven in her most recent rant, when the Wackadoo’s went too far, the threats were and still are dangerous, and just like a cat that has had enough of the mouse running in front of her, she pounced.  Kallan not only sliced the group up, logically, but she counted her points off on her nails as she did so, then when she was finished she ate them and deposited what was left in her kitty box.  (I’m not cleaning that either).

That is not the only side to Kallan, she is also the type of person who see’s strangers broke down on the side of the road during one of the hottest days in the summer, goes home gets them a cooler full of ice, water, and snacks, goes back has a chat with them,  offers them her home, for a shower, etc…  She takes strangers in like wolves do abandoned pups.  She nurtures us, watches us grow, and adds us to her pack.  She dared a young warlock, to throw his toy as high as he can to see if it will hit her ceiling, fixes friends dinner, has serious discussions, shares her magic and the magic that is her family and rarely does anything in slow motion.  She is also a mother of five, grandmother of two, and a wonderful friend.

Kallan and Snowy are two different women, with their feet on a similar path, they may not take exactly the route the other takes, but will end up at the same destination regardless.   Being a Witch to these two women is not just about ritual, or the “show” Kallan believes you can actually “teach the witch right out of people”, and I agree.  Both Snowy and Kallan, show what being a witch IS, for me they are the “wise ones” of my community, they teach by doing, be it ritual or life in general.  I have only highlighted some of the facets on these two gems that I am favored to call friends.  They will not back down when our community is attacked.  They make me proud to be able to say “I’m a Witch.”

So now you know who mine are, who are yours?

Hope you enjoyed the cider.

See Ya Round the Cauldron.


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