Prejudice is prejudice…hate is hate

Hey all how’s it going? I know you are all saying “come on Judas it’s Sunday and you know we read the Stew on Sunday”. I know I know, so here you go . I will wait a bit for ya!

Waiting…waiting…waiting…there you are, the Stew good for you?

No I know I said I would give Z Budapest anymore time or words…sorry I was wrong. She has been spouting so much prejudice and hate for a moment I wondered if she had joined the Seven Mountain group or been possessed by Michelle Bachman. Honestly, she has gone beyond crazed to Wackadoo!

Yes she was instrumental in the Dianaic tradition, she’s written books and given seminars that have inspired and moved many people. The mask has slipped now however, now we are getting a pretty good look at the person behind it.

Broom with a view also did a wonderful blog about this . Z Budapest is against treating transgender people in the way they should be. If you are physically born as a man, but inside you are a woman, who is anyone to tell you that you are wrong, the same goes the other way!
As Wicca, Witchcraft, Paganisim, (choose your title) has grown, and evolved so have the practitioners. Do you realize however that we have managed to cut the God out of many of our practices? Our focus has become almost as singular as the Abrahamic religions! Have we been treating our brothers as less? Have they gotten less validation than our sisters coming to this path? If so why have we allowed it? We haven’t driven the wedge too deep I hope. It wasn’t until our son was old enough to question, and participate in our rituals that I even realized how one sided our practice had become.

Yet Z Budapest has taken it a step further, Transgender people are people too. The Gods love them as much as they love the rest of us. To hear her talk makes one wonder about rituals performed where a woman has to stand in for the Priest or a man for the Priestess the Gods don’t pay attention….I don’t believe that do you? You think the Gods won’t listen because the one doing the ritual has knockers instead of a dangly or vise versa? Is it me or does that seem just a little crazed to you? Up to this point the Gods have listened to me, my wife and son.

If you look at what Z is doing, you will realize she’s creating a wedge and trying to drive it into our community. Last year we worked hard to bring people together under one umbrella, we thwarted an attack leveled against us by a hate group…where was she?
Was she afraid that as people began to stand together, side by side working for one goal that your teaching may be outdated? NO? Then why work so hard to drive a wedge between us. Why do Transgender people scare you so? It is because some of them make better women? Why do men strike fear into your heart? They worship our Lady and Lord, they are as blessed by the Lord and Lady.
I am the mother of a boy, he is being raised on the path of the Old Ones. We will work hard to remind him to respect and accept others regardless of their differences, now we can use you as an example of a predudiced person in our community…you have gone from being instrumental and inspirational to a caution tale…proud of yourself now?

In parting, I want to say as a Witch I believe in duality which means my gods have both male and female aspects…just as Quan Yin, Goddess of Compassion is transgendered couldn’t the same be said of others?

See you around the cauldron


So…how’s that hiding in the broom closet going?

Sorry this was not posted this morning I was in the middle of one blog, then, something happened that I really couldn’t pass up, so I scrapped it for this one.
I want to thank those of you who responded to my blog last week, the help you gave has changed things for Volante Carlson and her brother. It seems that the police have suddenly taken an interest in her brothers’ case and are investigating it now. Again, thank all of you for your mundane, and whatever magical help you all supplied this is what a community is all about.
Kallan Kennedy found a very interesting article yesterday, so interesting that it caused her to Rant. And we know how often she likes to do that. This is the little gem that caused the rant, take a minute to read it then come on back!
And this was Kallan’s response; again take a minute to read it, it is SO worth it!
I think that Kallan handled it pretty classy, quoting scripture, and putting it in as polite a format as possible though I must admit calling the holy spirit out for raping Mary was pretty good, as I quote, “Will be born of human parents, not the culmination of rape (Your Holy Spirit did not ask Mary’s permission to inseminate her.) She will also not be a ‘virgin’. The Hebrew word “alma” means “young woman”, not “virgin”. If his patriarchal lineage was cut off from David (which it was), then he could not be the messiah. There is no room for the ‘adoption’ argument here.” She even went as far as explaining what the Hebrew word that they got wrong means. See what happens when you study?
Me on the other hand, I turned away from their bible at the end of the 8th grade, after serving my time in Catholic school I didn’t want anything to do with it.  I have picked it up from time to time just to read some of the stories, why you might ask, because I like a good book on mythology just like everyone else. Yes I have been disassociated by a few because I call the bible a book of fables and fairy tales.  But I ‘m venturing from the point.  After reading the article from the Pagan Newswire Collective I have one question to ask all of you, “So how’s that head in the cauldron and hiding in the broom closet working for ya?”

Does anyone else have a real problem with a group of people not just threatening us, but actually telling us they are shooting arrows of blood at us?  These fruitloops have (to quote what a lot of us were saying last night,) “thrown down the gauntlet”, I wonder if they really know what that means?   They have drawn a line in the sand and are telling us “don’t worry about stepping over it you have already lost”.   Already lost, really?!   Sorry Adolph, we are just beginning.   If your letter was meant to worry us, frighten us, break our confidence, you obviously don’t have a clue about the people you are dealing with.  Our people were hunted and, innocents murdered by people just like you blinded by hatred and fear, their blood is still on your hands. “Come out of the dark and into the light?”   Fools we came out of the dark you drove us in a long time ago, and that is where the real problem lies. WE stand proud! We are uniting! WE are stronger then you have ever imagined.  Remember you were the one’s CALLING US OUT… Have you ever wondered why after all this time you people cannot become a dominant religion?   Because you deal in greed and lies, Hitler had the same kinds of vision one race, one nation, one “kind”. As you see that worked out really well for him, and in the process, he caused the Holocaust.   That is a chilling reminder my friends of what can happen with people blinded by hatred and fear.   Oh and praying for us, I really wouldn’t bother.   For those of you still convinced he exists it wasn’t our religion who nailed Your gods only son to a cross, it wasn’t our religion that murdered him, nope that was you, maybe you should be asking him for forgiveness instead.   Maybe instead of pulling the guilt card on the rest of the world, you should own it, face it and move on.  The rest of us aren’t breathing down your necks threatening you with “arrows of blood” but what some of us are about to start using may just make you want to hide yourselves deeply in the dark you claim we are in.  Yeah, I know someone in your little group has bought our books, and read them, totally misunderstood and misconstrued what we are about.   Aside from this you have the misconception that the Wiccan Rede is like your commandments.  Wrong they are more like guidelines, “an harm ye none do what you will” doesn’t mean bend over and take it up the arse, nothing in the Rede tells us not to respond when attacked.  Am I worried, NO what I have done has been to protect my family and those I consider to be part of my family, and I will gladly CONTINUE!
My question again for those of us who have been ignoring this situation, how do you feel about leaving it alone now?  I posted the link to the PNC article in a few groups and was amazed that no one in these two groups knew.  We have been doing what we do, combining our magics to defend and protect our country, Lady Liberty, and Columbia. The first wave has been doing all the “fighting”, it’s now time for the reinforcements to step up. Strengthen the power being generated, gather more WITCHES to the cause. It’s 2011, and we should not be thinking that if one of these “righteous people” get into office that we are going to have to pack our families up and leave our country.  Is that what we really want?  NO, we have struggled, fought, and survived we have hidden in our broom closets and let the world pass us by.  It’s time to blind these people with their own arrows of bloody light.   Halloween is coming; this group is talking about harvesting souls, and that day is the best to do it, again I’m asking WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?   Halloween is a holy day for us, will we allow these hacks to harm our glorious dead?!

Me, for one I am going to have to change some of the wording in a few things I’ve been doing, time to fight fire with FAITH!!!   My partner will keep working with her light and together we will send our energy that way.  We are not only trying to protect ourselves, we have to protect our ancestors, the souls of all those who shouldn’t be disturbed by these dangerous fools. Again, I ask what are you going to do?
Close that door to your broom closet, walk away from it, step up and add your energy to the rest of ours! BE proud to be who and what you are! “But I don’t want to use angry magic, I want to use only love and light.” You do that, wrap it around the rest of us, if all the light, and all the harsher magic are wrapped together, then while the harsh magic is knocking holes in their walls, and parting those bloody arrows, the light from the rest will be shining on our people, showing them that we are all the same. The blending of dark and light has always been the strength of our people. Hand to hand, shoulder to shoulder, we are standing between them and our secular country. If we do NOTHING, if we continue to HIDE ourselves away they will think they have won. WE are AMERICAN witches, the call to arms is clear my friends.

Thank You Kallan for allowing me to quote you from your blog The Secret Life of the American Working Witch….

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