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This past weekend was one to honor those who died defending us in the military we must remember that they are not the only ones we need to honor or at least thank.  Let us not forget the surviving family members who must go on without their loved ones they too have made sacrifices for our country.


This week has been full of news, mostly coming from church groups calling for the continued fight against the homosexual movement.  Some have even called for homosexuals to be killed.  Enough already, we are trying to teach our children not to bully one another and here we have grown men calling for a group of people they don’t even know, but they don’t like to be killed in the name of their god.  Get over yourselves, we are all supposed to be made in your god’s image so guess what, your gods got some homosexual tendencies, and he believes that woman are equal.   Now that’s out of the way I want to move to the most appalling thing I read this week.

 Being a reformed catholic, which means I got out before they realized I was a homosexual and practiced magic.  I still find myself interested in articles about the church, I was a supporter of the last Pope John Paul, partially because he looked like my Uncle and he had a heritage that neighbored my mother’s side.  Benedict on the other hand does not even deserve the title, his predecessor began righting the wrongs the church had done to others, he put his foot down on the child abuse that is going on inside the church, this one wants to cover it up, as the recent article                       



It seem that during the churches annual bishop conference they decided that some new rules needed to be made, one in particular sticks out, apparently the Pope feels that the bishops especially in Italy no longer need to report child abuse.  Now I know this has nothing to do with Pagan’s and practicing Witch’s.  This isn’t our community but the church knowing that there is a very serious problem with their people abusing children and instead of holding these people accountable the Pope has told his people NOT to notify the Italian authorities.  Why?  Good question, from what I read because the bishops and priest hold no public office nor is he a public servant, so they are not governed by the same laws in Italy.   Hold on just one second, is it not the public that goes in to these supposed houses of worship?   Are this places not supporter by the public?  And yet the publics children are no safer then say chilling in an Italian prison with a murderer or two.

 And what of the US? How are they going to govern the protection of our children?  I understand that my child does not attend a catholic church or school, but I have nieces and nephews, and friends whose children attend these places, how are they going to be protected from the perverts who will use this new document to their favor until someone calls them on it?  The church has balked at the United States laws many times, they have been very devious about avoiding the way we want things done by stating that they were only following the churches laws.  These new guidelines will most certainly be used in other countries as well.   And they call us HEATHENS.


So what are we to do?  This is not our fight.  But it is, they have made it okay for grown adults to abuse children behind closed doors and tell no one.   We may not be members of their community be we are members of the human race and what these fools do eventually affect us.   Just as we must band together and fight the churches war against the homosexual community, by spells, hexes or whatever means we deem necessary we must pay attention and protect these children, they may not all belong to us but they are all the god and goddess children and we need to be diligent about listening to them when they come to us or we suspect something.  Be it the church, our neighbor, a relative, or a spouse, we need to believe the child first until it is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are mistaken. And hold all to our laws.  If you suspect a child has been sexually assaulted or is being abused DO SOMETHING!! 

The following links are for survivors of sexual assault:




Healing can happen….but we are adults so PROTECTING OUR CHILDREN COMES FIRST!!!


See you around the cauldron



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