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A couple of weeks ago I was given a lovely blog award by my sweet friend Vickie who writes the Aoibheals Lair blog ( As you all know, I haven’t been online much recently and didn’t realize until she told me, because my wife and I had missed checking the comments on my most recent blog. I am touched and amazed that anyone would consider my personal soap box worthy of any kind of an award, but there you have it. 
So the rules go something like this:

1) Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post
2) Share 7 things about yourself
3) Nominate 15 or so bloggers you admire
4) Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they’ve been nominated.

About me: (just so you know…I hate talking about me there are so many more interesting subjects, lol)
1. I am the mother of a wonderful Witchling. My life was blessed with him in the spring of 2002, each year I become more and more amazed at the gift I’ve been given in him. I see my father in his mind and sense of humor, and know my parents are watching him from the Summerland and enjoying him as much as we do.

2. I am the product of the Baltimore City educational system (hence some spelling and grammar issues). My friends and family love to pick on me about it from time to time, which is why I have my wife edit my blog, while she isn’t perfect either…you’ve all seen what happens when I don’t have her check. LOL

3. I’ve been married for 11 years to my wife, and we are planning our “official” handfasting for July 2013 as long as the law passes the vote in November. We met online on my birthday in 2001, we talked online for awhile, then moved to phone, then she came to visit. Watching her get on the plane to go back to Michigan was the hardest thing I had ever done to that point. Getting the call a couple hours later, when she said she wanted to come back to stay was just about the easiest. Our life together hasn’t been easy, as a matter of fact if it ever does get easy we will both be worried.
4. I suffer from fibromyalgia and nerve damage caused by a work related accident. While I push to live a normal life for myself, and my family, some day’s it is difficult to just get out of bed and get moving. Another reason I don’t blog frequently, is because spending time sitting at the computer hurts, everything hurts generally, but if I spend a long time sitting in any one position it becomes difficult to move without a walking stick.

5. I am a devote of the Celtic God and Goddess of the Underworld, my personal gifts enable me to help people to move on when it is their time to pass to the Summerland. I do not fear the Reaper, but realize he is standing behind each of us, waiting to tap us on the shoulder. I don’t follow the Wiccan Rede, but don’t slam those who do. I will do what needs to be done to protect me and mine (friends and family). My wife is my opposite there, where I will walk the line, she is fully on one side, and keeps me sane when it’s needed most.

6. I am an amateur photographer, and enjoy taking pictures of just about EVERYTHING. There isn’t anything that I won’t photograph. I have even made a movie with my Witchling starring the sock monster.

7. I am a Lego’s addict! It’s true I am happy to admit it, they distract me while I’m picking up the house, I will sit down to put them away then see something I can make with the pieces in my hands. In about an hour I have built vehicles, a base, and tanks. Go figure…they are for kids of all ages.

Now to Nominate the bloggers that I admire, here they are, although I don’t follow a lot of blogs here are my favorites (excluding Aoibheals Lair who nominated me).

1. Kallan Kennedy @ The Secret Life of the American Working Witch

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4. Jennifer @ Confessions of a Kitchen Witch

5. Ameth Jera’s Broom With a View @

6. Renee @ Confessions of a Modern Witch

7. Alan @ Heartsong’s Circle

Alright my friends that’s what I’ve got for you right now…and looks like I will have a couple more blogs this week alone. 

See you around the cauldron Judas


How’s your summer going?

Sooo how has your summer been going? Mine has been going great actually. It started with my wife losing her job, (no big loss I was trying to convince her to quit anyway) this happened on the last day of school. She seemed to think this a major catastrophe, I saw it as a chance to have a family summer vacation together for the first time in years, if the look on our sons face as he left school with both of us that day was any indication he was happy about it too.
The owner of the company she worked for lied to his employees, he will get his, Karma has a list and his name is on it. There was another this year that I had to work magic against who had been making my wife’s business life a living hell. My wife fights through Social Anxiety Disorder, and was doing quite well…until this “friend” began purposely triggering her at work. This person evidently was also banging the boss…a tidbit we just learned recently thanks to my wife’s new job! You may ask why I worked magic to remove this woman…because my Wife and her happiness are more important than this other person, anyway her boss we will call him JackAss from here on. JackAss told his staff that he was thinking about selling then decided against it because the company would not take all the employee’s. I told my wife he was a liar.

The reading we did in October for everyone at her job stated that money would become an issue, things would be changing etc. TOLD YA SOOOOO…
Things went on as normal for next few months, then in June those who he hadn’t fired for one F’d up reason or another walked into the job and found that something wasn’t right. Glad my wife had thought enough in advance to begin cleaning out her desk like February advance. JackAss ushered them all into a meeting stated that if their names were not read they were to leave in an orderly fashion, and he would be kind enough to pay them for that whole day. WOW what a guy, more than 10 years at a company and her “severance” was ONE DAY?!?!! He later told people that he kept those “most loyal to him” funny but a few of those who remained said he let the most loyal ones leave when my wife walked out the door.

Now she was really upset and worried, and to be honest so was I, we have bills like the rest of you out there. Our family motto is “we will make it work,” I believe that the gods do with us what they will for a reason. She filed her unemployment, this woman had never had to file it before, must be a Maryland thing but I have filed it numerous times, or maybe it’s just a Judas thing. Anyway she spent the better part of her mornings looking for a job. I was proud of her for that. We would get up have breakfast outside, all three of us, then she would go back in and finish what she was doing. A friend from where she worked told her and a couple of others about a job opening. My wife called, made an appointment with this guy, (she later found out her was the president of the company) two weeks later she was offered the job, more than what she was making, the hours are better and the travel is 20 min shorter so she took it. I know how hard she has worked, and how hard she does work at her jobs one way or the other we will always make it!

So congratulations Hun we are proud of you! Plus now I can play on the computer again!

Prejudice is prejudice…hate is hate

Hey all how’s it going? I know you are all saying “come on Judas it’s Sunday and you know we read the Stew on Sunday”. I know I know, so here you go . I will wait a bit for ya!

Waiting…waiting…waiting…there you are, the Stew good for you?

No I know I said I would give Z Budapest anymore time or words…sorry I was wrong. She has been spouting so much prejudice and hate for a moment I wondered if she had joined the Seven Mountain group or been possessed by Michelle Bachman. Honestly, she has gone beyond crazed to Wackadoo!

Yes she was instrumental in the Dianaic tradition, she’s written books and given seminars that have inspired and moved many people. The mask has slipped now however, now we are getting a pretty good look at the person behind it.

Broom with a view also did a wonderful blog about this . Z Budapest is against treating transgender people in the way they should be. If you are physically born as a man, but inside you are a woman, who is anyone to tell you that you are wrong, the same goes the other way!
As Wicca, Witchcraft, Paganisim, (choose your title) has grown, and evolved so have the practitioners. Do you realize however that we have managed to cut the God out of many of our practices? Our focus has become almost as singular as the Abrahamic religions! Have we been treating our brothers as less? Have they gotten less validation than our sisters coming to this path? If so why have we allowed it? We haven’t driven the wedge too deep I hope. It wasn’t until our son was old enough to question, and participate in our rituals that I even realized how one sided our practice had become.

Yet Z Budapest has taken it a step further, Transgender people are people too. The Gods love them as much as they love the rest of us. To hear her talk makes one wonder about rituals performed where a woman has to stand in for the Priest or a man for the Priestess the Gods don’t pay attention….I don’t believe that do you? You think the Gods won’t listen because the one doing the ritual has knockers instead of a dangly or vise versa? Is it me or does that seem just a little crazed to you? Up to this point the Gods have listened to me, my wife and son.

If you look at what Z is doing, you will realize she’s creating a wedge and trying to drive it into our community. Last year we worked hard to bring people together under one umbrella, we thwarted an attack leveled against us by a hate group…where was she?
Was she afraid that as people began to stand together, side by side working for one goal that your teaching may be outdated? NO? Then why work so hard to drive a wedge between us. Why do Transgender people scare you so? It is because some of them make better women? Why do men strike fear into your heart? They worship our Lady and Lord, they are as blessed by the Lord and Lady.
I am the mother of a boy, he is being raised on the path of the Old Ones. We will work hard to remind him to respect and accept others regardless of their differences, now we can use you as an example of a predudiced person in our community…you have gone from being instrumental and inspirational to a caution tale…proud of yourself now?

In parting, I want to say as a Witch I believe in duality which means my gods have both male and female aspects…just as Quan Yin, Goddess of Compassion is transgendered couldn’t the same be said of others?

See you around the cauldron

Epic Fail~~Vatican laws

This past weekend was one to honor those who died defending us in the military we must remember that they are not the only ones we need to honor or at least thank.  Let us not forget the surviving family members who must go on without their loved ones they too have made sacrifices for our country.


This week has been full of news, mostly coming from church groups calling for the continued fight against the homosexual movement.  Some have even called for homosexuals to be killed.  Enough already, we are trying to teach our children not to bully one another and here we have grown men calling for a group of people they don’t even know, but they don’t like to be killed in the name of their god.  Get over yourselves, we are all supposed to be made in your god’s image so guess what, your gods got some homosexual tendencies, and he believes that woman are equal.   Now that’s out of the way I want to move to the most appalling thing I read this week.

 Being a reformed catholic, which means I got out before they realized I was a homosexual and practiced magic.  I still find myself interested in articles about the church, I was a supporter of the last Pope John Paul, partially because he looked like my Uncle and he had a heritage that neighbored my mother’s side.  Benedict on the other hand does not even deserve the title, his predecessor began righting the wrongs the church had done to others, he put his foot down on the child abuse that is going on inside the church, this one wants to cover it up, as the recent article               


It seem that during the churches annual bishop conference they decided that some new rules needed to be made, one in particular sticks out, apparently the Pope feels that the bishops especially in Italy no longer need to report child abuse.  Now I know this has nothing to do with Pagan’s and practicing Witch’s.  This isn’t our community but the church knowing that there is a very serious problem with their people abusing children and instead of holding these people accountable the Pope has told his people NOT to notify the Italian authorities.  Why?  Good question, from what I read because the bishops and priest hold no public office nor is he a public servant, so they are not governed by the same laws in Italy.   Hold on just one second, is it not the public that goes in to these supposed houses of worship?   Are this places not supporter by the public?  And yet the publics children are no safer then say chilling in an Italian prison with a murderer or two.

 And what of the US? How are they going to govern the protection of our children?  I understand that my child does not attend a catholic church or school, but I have nieces and nephews, and friends whose children attend these places, how are they going to be protected from the perverts who will use this new document to their favor until someone calls them on it?  The church has balked at the United States laws many times, they have been very devious about avoiding the way we want things done by stating that they were only following the churches laws.  These new guidelines will most certainly be used in other countries as well.   And they call us HEATHENS.


So what are we to do?  This is not our fight.  But it is, they have made it okay for grown adults to abuse children behind closed doors and tell no one.   We may not be members of their community be we are members of the human race and what these fools do eventually affect us.   Just as we must band together and fight the churches war against the homosexual community, by spells, hexes or whatever means we deem necessary we must pay attention and protect these children, they may not all belong to us but they are all the god and goddess children and we need to be diligent about listening to them when they come to us or we suspect something.  Be it the church, our neighbor, a relative, or a spouse, we need to believe the child first until it is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are mistaken. And hold all to our laws.  If you suspect a child has been sexually assaulted or is being abused DO SOMETHING!! 

The following links are for survivors of sexual assault:


Healing can happen….but we are adults so PROTECTING OUR CHILDREN COMES FIRST!!!


See you around the cauldron


I’m baaack….a new hater has caught my attention.

Look my cauldron is bubbling again!! I have been gone for numerous personal reasons, the most important being that cancer once again has come to the family party. My aunt is slowly dying of the same cancer that killed my mother and grandmother. All three of my sisters have had to deal with it as well, most recently my youngest sister who at 36 years has had to have a complete hysterectomy in the hopes that the cancer will be gone and stay away.

Seriously ladies GET YOURSELVES CHECKED regularly ovarian cancer is a silent killer, you won’t know you have it until it’s too late otherwise. And guys you too…just in case you find yourself with ovaries.

Secondly, my editor has promised to start editing again. Believe me you all should be thankful for her. 
Now I know much has passed us by…the republican debates or as I called them the Fools on Parade, the War on Women in Washington. If the southern states move quickly they can remove the women’s voting rights that will give Romney an edge.
Us, pagans have our fair share of mud on our faces too, while during the past summer I was proud to see us stand together to repel an attack by Fundi christian groups one of us in particular showed her prejudice face by banning our transgender pagans from her rite. And that is all the press she gets from me!

Moving on…Sabrina the Inkwitch shared the following link on Facebook today.

While listening to it I was moved to respond. No he’s not picking on my beloved Pagan community this time, but the other community that I am a proud card carrying member of. That’s right the Gay, Lesbian and Homosexual (or as he says “Queer”) community. That’s the community he’s attacking…I just heard a huge sigh of relieve from my Transgender brothers & sisters. Or at least according to Pastor Charles L. Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church in Maiden North Carolina. It seems that according to the pastor he’s “agin gays” in his estimable opinion “The bible’s agin it, Gods agin it, I’m agin it! and if you have any sense you’re agin it!” Yes Kallan my dear it’s not a typo (this time) he really said it. Also as a community he said we make him pukin sick! Poor baby!

This wonderful specimen of Christianity believes that all gays, lesbians, homosexuals should be placed behind 50 – 100 miles of electrified fencing (to keep us all in), air drop food to us, and then wait…because we will start dying off cause “they can’t reproduce”. So that will solve the problem…but he won’t be able to get it to pass Congress he says.
Ok first off, don’t put me behind an electrified fence…put us on an island maybe one of the beautiful Samoan Islands I saw on Survivor. Second, the fence would do more to keep the prejudice and ignorant out than to keep us in. Thirdly, all of you straight people who keep having homosexual children watch out…you will eventually be next.

If this is how southern wackadoo’s think no wonder we won the Civil War.

And when my dear Kallan asked me if maybe there was a magic to be done to stop people like the good Pastor from destroying equality for all and spreading their hatred & I said that we shouldn’t do anything to harm or take away their free will…and she looked at me in the rearview mirror and asked my child if I had been abducted. Then began laughing when I said I was attempting to be the voice of reason. She is right these people need to have something done to stem the spread of their hatred. Yes, I’m thinking let’s make them ill enough on the day of the vote they can’t get out to do it. And all of my Transgender brothers & sisters out there I’m not ignoring you…I just figure if this idiot doesn’t count you as the force to be reckoned with you are who am I to ruin the surprise!

We Fail…

How do we fail? It has been a very disturbing past few years. I have noticed as I am sure a lot of you have the trend of killing our children as well as ourselves. Whenever things get hard, we don’t get our way or we just don’t believe that we see any other way out it seems we kill our kids. There was a time when parents used to kidnap their own children for their own safety, then that was proven it wasn’t always the case some parent just took the children to get back at their spouse, so we moved up to murdering our kids? Before any one blames it on video games, let me tell you I have yet to see one game where a parent kills their children. Do we see it in the movies, yes usually taken from a true story in the news, not the other way around? There was a father a couple years ago that threw his baby son from a bridge to get back at his ex. It’s true that in the animal world parents eat their young if there is something wrong with them, they don’t eat them because they have decided to leave their mate. In 1997 it was reported that 57% of the homicides committed against children were by their parents.

And it’s not just the mothers who are doing the killings but the fathers as well. The sad truth the parents are not always insane,

Look at what Josh Powell did the other week, it was not bad enough that the police believe that he killed his wife, but he went and beat his children before he murdered them than he killed himself. could something have been done? Well first maybe the police need to have taken the 911 call seriously and treated it like the emergency it really was. Other than that when you analyze what has happened Susan Powel’s family did all they could, they went to court and gained custody of their grandchildren, the courts did what they were supposed to do, they allowed him some parental rights until it was proven that he was a danger, the court appointed social worker who attended the visitation did what she was supposed to do. So what could have been done? Should we make the laws harder on parents who are accused of killing their spouses? But what happens if that parent is innocent? I recently found a blog blaming what he did on the fact that Josh Powell was a Mormon.

What about all those Mormons who get fed up with things and don’t kill their families? We all know what they say about us Pagans. When do we stop blaming others for what we decide to do? When do we own up? The problem is not always with religion though at times it is the root of some evils. But we are people, we have free will, we know inside what is right and what is wrong. How about when the person believes they are doing what is right, that they see no other option, we as parents are charged with protecting our children no matter what the cost, we are supposed to go to the courts first, what happens when they fail us? Some of us have been raised not to ask for help for any reason; you take care of everything that comes your way by yourself. You don’t involve friends and in most cases your family really doesn’t always see what is going on, there are a lot of abused spouses out there that really deserve Grammy’s. They had to learn to act, to hide the pain from their eye’s, or in their voices, same with children these little actors make some of those Hollywood wanna be’s look like second rate actors. Still I don’t know about you, but when that little voice inside of me says something isn’t right I listen. I pry, I have had spouses tell me to stay out of it, and some have threatened to put me in the hospital if I don’t mind my business. Guess what I didn’t and I won’t, but that’s just me. We can’t always help though, no matter how hard we try some people just won’t take our help then what do we do? We learn to listen, be patient and help in whatever ways we can. If that means being the ride to the safe house, or arranging a way for a social worker to be present at an impromptu lunch then do it. “Oh but my friend will hate me, they might never talk to me again if I do that,” you know it’s better to have that person and their children alive and hating me than to attend their funerals.

We also need to remember that not all abused spouses are women: , , , men get their fair share of abuse as well, we tend to forget that because we are taught that only women are weak and easily abused. My point being we need to pay attention and do what we can and not ignore it. No not just because we are Pagans, because we are humans. Abusers come in all shapes, sizes, sexes and religious beliefs, and so do those who chose to get involved. Now that doesn’t mean that we should go crazy, we know deep inside when its right to step in and when we are doing the wrong thing.

Like our dad who shot his kids laptop then posted it. , he did what he had the right to do. He paid for his daughters’ laptop, he paid for all the upgrades, and never once did he say that shooting that laptop was what he wanted to do to his child, he never once threatened to kill her or anyone else, and as far as I know the police have never been called to his house for child abuse. And yet some of the public called and complain to the police and social services about him and this incident.  People this is not child abuse.

A newborn being dumped in a dumpster that’s child abuse, being hit with the bristles of a brush, taking a frying pan in the stomach, a mason jar upside the head, being beaten with parts of a hot wheels track, (till this day any track from that company is not allowed in my house), at sixteen having your father lift you by the throat squeezing so hard that he left perfect finger prints on your throat than throwing you over the counter now that’s abuse.

But shooting a laptop and embarrassing your child in the same public forum they did you that’s not abuse that’s showing you that what you do will come back to you. On the talk today Sarah Gilbert felt he went too far, “using too much violence by shooting the laptop, instead he should have donated it to someone who needed it.” Honestly? Let me tell you, I may not have shot it, (only because I don’t own a gun/ live in a highly populated area) but I would have busted the crap out of it. My child is only 8 and he knows better than to pull that crap. Will he do it when he’s a teenager? Yeah, we all did, but he watched the video, he understands why the father got pissed, he also knows the difference between someone who gets a once every three years swat on the bum and a child who is constantly abused. We need to learn to recognize the difference as well. And this is where we fail, it’s easier for us to run to the rescue of a child who obviously doesn’t need it, (she needs a job) than to run to the rescue of the spouse/children in distress. Why because it’s obvious that the laptop dad is not a violent guy, he’s not going to beat the crap out of you for interfering, the abusive person they are a danger and they scare us. We scare them as well, they worry that if we notice things that we might interfere. That interference might actually be what forces that family to get help. A quick internet search will bring you a wealth of information, from some things to look for, to how to help, we can bitch and complain on face book all we want, but you know what they say about bullshit and walking.. I like this one: I will leave you with this one question. If we stand by and watch the abuse and turn our back on those abused are we any better than the one doing the actual abuse?


See ya round the Cauldron



Shake it & wake it people!

Ahhh 2012 the year the christians realized that they are not the only religion in the world.   Well one can hope.  It seems that we are beginning this year the same way we ended it hearing the whining from the christian community about how unfair their lives are.  Well lets see how bad is it?   Though we have a separation between church and state, you can’t get elected to most government offices in this country unless you are a christian, and if you’re not but lucky enough to get elected to a government office then you have to endure every meeting being opened with a prayer.   They have purely religious schools, that they want our tax dollars to support, and they are getting it.  If you are married christians believe you should be then you get a bigger tax break than a single mother of 5, christians have done their best to gear the whole world and government so it was a one sided arena.  And now that they are loosing the battle they are crying foul, or Devil.   They are holding prayer rallies so they can once again raise and ARMY of religious followers, and prepare to do battle with the evils of the world.  That’s you and me folks.  Sneak attacks like giving out bibles in our public schools then claim ignorance when they get called down for it.  Whatever happened to “Thou shalt not lie”?

The church has been running an ad campaign call for “catholics to come home,” I agree they should all hop on a boat and head to Rome.  Italian people probably won’t want them their either.  But wait that is rude of me, I mean really me telling people that if they don’t like it they can leave.   I know Moses came off that mountain with a list of guidelines that christians are suppose to follow.   So what ever happened to “LOVE THY NEIGHBOR”?  Honestly it doesn’t mean you’re gay if you love thy neighbor.  Though there have been some neighbors over the years, sorry I’m digressing.

They are all calling for the hanging, burning and beating of the girl from RI that had a banner taken down because it goes against her and other students freedom of  belief. I bet you we hung a banner proclaiming that the god and goddess are the true creators of the world and not just the god, those happy little christians would not have asked for that banner to be taken down they would have ripped it down and set it on fire.  Now that’s religion!    Our christain community is suddenly becoming focused with wanting to rule the world, so focused that they have missed the goals of their savior.   He did not preach that you should take over the planet and kill all those who oppose you, I think he said something like “and the meek shall inherit the earth,” news flash guys threatening to beat up a teenager is not meekness, but being a bully, sounding the war cry to raise an army to combat your perceived evil again is not what he called for.   Maybe instead of posting Keep Off signs in your garden you stop and smell what you’re growing.

Now pick on us time.  We stand behind people like the girl who wanted the banner taken down, and in the next minute we are burning our own kind because they did a spell to win a football game.  Honestly, the personal gain wand has two ends, if it’s okay for us to do a spell to get a better job, house, car, more money to help with finances, then why not one to help our football team win?  In case you missed it all those other things are personal gains as well.   Yes they are.  Are we upset because they did the spell, or because they publicized it?  That is the real question; it’s the whole Charlie Sheen thing all over again.    A lot of us want to be recognized and accepted for who we are and what we practice, and if this is the only way, then I say THANK YOU to those who did it.  But it won’t help you next weekend because the Ravens are gonna stomp the pretty boy.

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