It’s that time of year again

It’s that time of year again, if you’re thinking the leaves are turning red, orange, yellow, and brown the air is getting that crisp little chill to it, Mabon has come and we have celebrated our second harvest.   Well kind of, if you’re thinking our favorite time of year, Halloween.  Kind of.  Now if you are thinking the time of year where they start emerging from their wackadoo closets then you have hit the nail on the head.   It’s only September 30, 2013, for Goddess sake and already they are starting on the EVILLLL of Halloween.   Now this new special friend is one to laugh at.  That’s right though some of her words may make some of us cringe, she is NOT A THREAT.   As I explained in another post I will not be mentioning the wackadoo’s by name or the title of the story/ blog whatever by name.  I will give you the link to read the article though.

For those of you who don’t know why because when these people do a search to see how popular they are I don’t want them seeing that I have helped made them famous.    It’s a whole ego thing, you know like some of the people in our community who search and hunt you up to see if you’ve mentioned them.  All EGO.

 I shall continue, it has come to my attention that this little wackadoo has an issue with Halloween and the fact that people especially Christians tend to participate in our “dark ways”.  Queue the scary sounds and music.   This lady has a belief that we are casting spells over the Halloween candy and our demons are following the trail.  Okay can you say only watched part of Hansel and Gretel?  I personally would like to be on the payroll for some of these candy companies they would have to pay big right, where would we go to find that job, Monster, and the job qualifications???  I’m sorry Judas but it says here that your last couple of spells were for protection only, that’s not what we are looking for.   What questions would the interviewer ask?   How much does Hershey pay for something like that?

It seems this woman’s claim to fame is her many years of ministering to people involved in the occult.  Really??? Um…why?

 The writer of this article begins by telling us that holiday mean holy day” she then states there is nothing holy about Halloween.   She then goes onto state that the root word of Halloween is “hallow,” which means “holy, consecrated and set apart for service.”  It seems this offends her because she proceeds to claim that some guy name Lucifer (probably an ex of hers) is the reason for us honoring this day.   I also am impressed with the fact that Halloween seems to be the only day that we designate for time released curses.  Oh her ministering is showing.

She states that first we have to celebrate Mabon, which celebrates the changing of the season, okay she’s good there.  It’s nice to know that the orange, brown and dark red’s of the season have nothing to do with those changing seasons but more to do with our praise to the gods for our demonic harvest.   Have any of you ever tried to plant a demon???  Those little bastards are harder to grow then pumpkins, and harvesting them please.   We have also offended this lady by praying to the elements.  She prays to a false idol and angels but we are the bad guys?

 So we celebrate mother earth during our fall demonic harvest.  This really seems to bug her, see because we let the demons loose during our acts of worship.  We offer the goddess fruits, nuts and herbs during our rituals thus calling demons.  They eat the flesh and drink the blood of their savior that they murdered, then pass a plate around to collect money and yet we are evil.

These demons it seems like to attach themselves to the pumpkins of those good church going people who are foolish enough to place them on their lawns.  She also seems to be opposed to bonfires, this lady really needs to get out and live a little more.

 She further goes on to complain about us drinking blood, howling at the moon and watching horror movies.  Because the good Christians are ignorant of the fact that all these cartoon monsters do exist, the article goes on to complain about decorations, people dressing up for parties and kids going door-to-door are all demonic in nature. 

Now here is where it gets fun all these activities are just a ruse they hide what “actually goes on behind the scenes”.

Such as:

  • Sex with demons – Now I’ve never had this but I must admit I have had a few WITCHY WOMEN
  • Orgies between animals and humans- again NOT my thing though I had sex in a barn (yes animals were watching)  and I have also desecrated a couple wooded area’s (again nature was watching)
  • Animal and human sacrifices- Nope to either of these, although….there is a squirrel that I have my sights on especially if he keeps playing in my garden.
  • Sacrificing babies to shed innocent blood——————-}BULLSHIT
  • Rape and molestation of adults, children and babies ——} Lets just call this one and the one above what  they exactly are BULLSHIT
  • Revel nights – guilty of enjoying myself and celebrating LIFE
  • Conjuring of demons and casting of spells – spells you got me on —demons not so much,
  • Release of  “time-released” curses against the innocent and the ignorant.-I’m not a very patient person so time release is out and I’ve never used a spell against the innocent, ignorant well…that depends on your definition of course.

She finishes by stating that her god doesn’t want them to replace our festivals, it seems that her quest is to utterly destroy them.   The second article is not as much fun, it’s more about how the good Christians should continue celebrating Halloween because it allows you to get together with your neighbors and have fun.  The writer of this article seems to feel that you can take away Halloweens power by celebrating it. 

What neither of these people seem to get is that we aren’t bothering anybody!!  We don’t go door to door trying to peddle our religion like some kind of vacuum salesmen, you won’t find us hanging around outside their churches trying to convert their parishioners as they leave church.  Hells, we don’t even leave pamphlets on their cars.   We don’t curse their pumpkins, nor their candy and we really DON’T CARE if they celebrate Halloween or not.    What we do care about is being treated like the humans we are.  We fight in the same wars they do, we hold the same jobs.  Pay the same taxes and deserve the same respect.    I’m not going to refute point for point the stupid on her blog, why because if you’re reading this, you’re like me and you KNOW we don’t do anything that she claims we do.  Maybe instead of trying to destroy us they should take the time to get to know us.  Naw that would be too much like using a brain cell…what was I thinking? 


Until next time….See you around the cauldron 



Wackadoo’s out in force

Wackadoo’s on the loose



Well here’s another one, yep look it’s not even October and the Wackadoo’s are already escaping their cages.  This one is a minster from a church, I have decided not to name him or his church so they can’t do a little search and see how popular they have become.  I can however post the link to the article,

Now if you haven’t read this I’ll wait… * tapping foot* *pacing* *stirring the cauldron and humming to myself* Ah I can tell by the look on your face you just had a WTF moment.      Yup that was my reaction as well.    It seems we once again are being accused of causing children to be dumped, abandoned, murdered by their parents, yes us evil and terrible pagans and our “death culture”. 

 As you see he believes the sudden epidemic of women abandoning their babies is because of an old Pagan custom called “exposure”.  Googled it couldn’t find it!  Yes I did so stop saying I didn’t try.    I looked for the meaning of exposure, found that, looked up pagan customs didn’t find exposure, interesting that when I search “old Pagan custom exposure” the thing that comes up the most is his article.    On the other hand (thanks to my misses) during the Roman Empire days they used to practice this little idea.  And guess what it was usually up to the Fathers, that’s right the MALES no females of the family when it came down to it. 

This is from that article:

“The influence of women only went so far. The paterfamilias had the right to decide whether to keep newborn babies. After birth, the midwife placed babies on the ground: only if the paterfamilias picked it up was the baby formally accepted into the family.

If the decision went the other way, the baby was exposed – deliberately abandoned outside. This usually happened to deformed babies, or when the father did not think that the family could support another child. Babies were exposed in specific places and it was assumed that an abandoned baby would be picked up and taken a slave.”

Sorry Rev. that just aint  gonna stir well.   First how in this day and age did you come to the conclusion this was a pagan specific custom?  I take it you looked in your own backyard for an answer first right?  I mean you all are teaching your children about safe sex right?   Oh wait NO you’re not.  You’re telling them abstinence works.  No it don’t just look at Mary.  Not that it was divine blah, blah blah… again.   I take it every person arrested for dumping their child all stated they were Pagan right?  That’s what I thought.    You want to know what the problem is?  It’s the church telling their people don’t have an abortion, don’t use birth control, don’t practice safe sex.   You also say that the church will take care of all these unwanted babies.     I have seen some of the faces of these children the church ought to start stepping up because it’s MY Pagan tax dollars that support them.

Why do most women abandon their child/children?  Some because they cannot economically support them,  others because they are too young, too scared and DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO,  it was an accident and not supposed to happen (come visit the Pagans we’ll talk with you about safe sex, or visit your minister who will just condemn you) then there are those who are just too mentally unstable.   It’s not my religion that has these women doing this, it’s society telling them “it’s wrong to be unwed and pregnant in the first place.”   You sir are more responsible than we, your kind fought to take away the right to choose, your kind refuse to pay for any form of contraception for your employee’s,  your kind balk at SEX EDUCATION being taught anywhere.   So instead of blaming us, maybe you should be educating your followers in the ways to keep it from happening IN THE FIRST PLACE.  Or here’s a radical idea EDUCATE instead of SHAMING young parents in how to PROVIDE and PROTECT their children!  It really comes down to education again and again.  If we teach our children, and make sure they understand and are secure in themselves we can help them make better lives for themselves and the children they bring into this world.  You can’t have it both ways, you can’t have people procreate and procreate with no chance or choice of help or support.  Teach them, help them, support them.  The days of shame, and humiliation “Father” are OVER.


Now moving on to another group!  It seems the Wackadoo’s came out in double force, these three are priceless

Look they go from blaming the Pagans to blaming Rowling’s and Harry Potter.  That’s right all that wicked writing OH but wait what about the bible?  I’m not going to start beating the bible here just pointing out that little book is full of so much hate that they really need to fix that first.    Instead they are going to travel to Britain, “a hot bed of occult activity,” to do what?    Cast out all those nasty demons.    You want to cast the evil out go to Rome, and start with exorcising the demons that run the church.    As you read the article you find that this is more a money making scheme than anything else.   They don’t charge for a group to watch the show but if you need a consultation then they charge you big bucks.   Girls if you have ever actually studied, or even read anything about demon possession the more bodies you have or bigger the show the more chance you have of your so called demon body jumping.  But you knew that right? 

Look I’m sorry that we are proving that The Big Bad Wolf was framed, vampires don’t sparkle and not all of them look at you like food, witches don’t just ride besoms some of them drive really nice cars, wear three piece suits and have good jobs.    Movies like Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters, just by the title alone makes us in the Pagan community cringe, I actually ended up watching it all the way through (it wasn’t easy almost turned it off in the beginning), go figure there’s a good witch in the movie more than one actually.   Therein lies the problem, the world is seeing witches as good, real people, a lot of people have discovered that we are human, we have children that attend your schools, we swim in your pools and so on.    Hollywood has gone from constantly slamming us to backhandedly helping us, and some people can’t stand that.  Theirs is no longer a predominant religion, because of their own doing they have fleeced their flocks right out of the church.   Don’t be jealous, your people come to us because ours is the religion that you stole, our holy days, some of our rituals, the church even built their buildings on top of our places of worship and why?  Because you couldn’t STOMP US OUT that’s why. 

I like the “in reality all magic is bad because it comes from Satan,” quote from one of the Witches must die by fire pages recently removed from Facebook.  Umm…so turning water into wine, walking on water, helping the blind to see, parting the Red Sea…. the list goes on those miracles what are they except magic? 

These accusations of Pagans are the cause of the abandoned babies, demon possessions, gays getting equal rights accusations, are a bunch of BS.  Okay, well maybe we had a little to do with the whole gay equal rights thing, but the rest honestly, why not try going to Britain and showing them that all us colonists on the other side of the pond really aren’t a bad bunch.  

To be honest I hope these girls don’t run across a true heavy duty possession,  I’m sure there are witches getting tired of cleaning up all the collateral damage from people playing where they shouldn’t be playing.  Stop pointing fingers, stop playing with things you do not understand and are more powerful than you.  It’s very simple people Pagans whatever flavor, whatever we call ourselves, whatever we believe WE ARE NOT EVIL.  WE ARE NOT THE ENEMY.  We want what everyone wants, to live and believe, and worship our own way in PEACE.    

Until next time…see you around the cauldron


More to magic




Premonition/ pre-mo-ni-tion:   

  1. A presentiment of the future; a foreboding
  2. A warning in advance; a forewarning

Intuition/ in-tu-i-tion

  1. The act or faculty of knowing or sensing without the use of rational process; immediate cognition.
  2. Knowledge gained by the use of this faculty; a perceptive insight
  3. A sense of something not evident or deducible; an impression

According to the free dictionary this is what premonition and intuition means.  ( , www.the



Let’s see a show of hands of people who have actually had one of these.    Come on I know some of you have.   There you go raise your hand and be proud.   What I have discovered in our little community is that we have a lot of none believers.  *Gasp* That’s right witches who are non- believers, how can that be?   Well , we have learned in a society that teaches you magic is candles, and incense.   I know a lot of you are going to say well if you’ve read this book by so and so or taken the time to read that one.

Look let’s be honest, most of these books teach us how to raise energy and direct it, others lean more on the brews and potions, how to write a spell,  we even get a lesson or two on meditation and astral projection.  The last two don’t make it into all the books.  What about good ole intuition or premonition?    I have two questions for you why as witches do some of us NOT use either of these and even more important WHY do we not believe others when they say they have had them.    Part of the answer is easy none of the books I’ve read mention it.   It’s the second part that is more disturbing, that a lot of witches are just incense and candle witches.   These are witches who light the candle and incense, maybe say a few words then just go about their day.   Ok, let me say there is NOTHING WRONG with that either, but there is more out there.  They may keep an altar in their house with all the trappings on it, have a book case full of books and even shelves of herbs, but honestly they use very little of what they have you don’t have to meditate to be a good witch.  I know some of you will argue that point, but I know witches who are very capable of directing thought and power without the aid of meditation.      

Well these people have problems believing anything other witches tell them because it has NEVER happened to them.   I can astral, I suck at it most times but I can do it.  I have met others who have traveled to different realms.  Now when they told me their stories did I balk at them?  No sure there was that little part of me that was skeptical, why, because of some of my church up brining, did I ridicule them NO I pointed them in the direction of someone I knew could help them go further than I ever could.  One thing is certain, if you do astral projection what you see there may or may not be the same as someone viewing the exact same space will see.  I believe it comes down to our personal interpretations and personal feelings, where one person may see a glob of energy in a particular color, someone else may see a large predator, why? Personal  interpretations.

I have had people do an astral travel over me and say things like your about to get really sick, and they were right.  Now I have never even met this person face to face or talk to them on the phone all we ever did was email and chat yet they claimed they could do this and this is what they saw, so yeah I believed them.  Now you may say “self fulfilling prophesy” ok and I can understand that, but this person believes in themselves and what they see, and I’ve had more than one experience with them that taught me to trust what they see as well prior to myself being sick so that doesn’t work. 

We have constrained ourselves with all these rules that some of us have have forgotten how to practice and enjoy the wonders of it.  Don’t lay your altar out this way, do it that way.  Don’t write a spell like that, don’t talk about it, and so on.  Guys if we get a premonition, or our intuition tells us something it’s for a REASON.  Sometimes we are supposed to communicate it with others.   We are the decipherer’s of dreams, we are supposed to go on our feelings, most writers of our learning books tell you what they have practiced, how they have learned they don’t tell us this is the only way, so why do some of us feel that we should act like it is?   Because they are scared to admit that they cannot be part of every aspect of the craft.    To me that’s what makes a good coven, or even a good group of witches who may practice separately most of the time and get together once in a while it is a group made up of members who not only can do things like write spells, and chant, but astral travel, and projection, dream interpretation, empathy and so on, the most important thing is BELIEVING when one of your members or friends say they can do something.

Your friend saw the Goddess in the seat beside them and you didn’t does that make them a liar?  NO it means the Goddess has something to say to them and , She needed them to pay attention, what should you do?  Believe.

They heard someone whisper something in their ear and you didn’t, believe.

And the next time someone says to you, they have heard, seen, felt, noticed whatever and they are trying warn you or want to share the experience with you.  Don’t ridicule them, BELIEVE them, maybe just maybe they are right.

Remember there is more to magic then candles and incense there are always shades of Grey.

Hope to see ya around the Cauldron



For those of you who have had someone ridicule you and your gift this song is for you.


Happy Ostera…step outside the Circle





That’s right I am back again, let’s see for how long now.    I’ve had some real crappy luck, my desktop got knocked over and stopped working,  the backup I was using  had such an outdated word program that  anytime I tried to write something and post it the blog site laughed at me.  No really it did. So we bought 2 new laptops with Windows 8, not impressed with Windows 8.  My internet provider was still using dialup, and when I wanted to upgrade they didn’t want to give me the same price they were giving new customers they wanted to charge me more alas I left them and am with a new provider we will see how that goes.   My Aunt spent all of last year battling ovarian cancer, she lost the battle the beginning of this year.   Last year wasn’t a total bust I made a few new friends and said good bye to a few old ones.

It seems that the Catholics have had a pretty hard beginning to their year as well, their pope retired because “of health reasons”, and it seems that the new pope has a closet of secrets, can’t wait to see how he does.  A high point of last year, the gay marriage bill passed and my wife and I are getting married.    We have a lovely venue picked out and I can’t wait.

I ran into a small issue at my sons’ school the other week, we received a letter with all his absences those excused and the unexcused ones.   It seems that eve with a note the school tried to mark Samhain as an unexcused absences.  I took the school calendar with all the Pagan holidays on it to the office, the vice principal was a little taken aback when I approached to desk and explained to her that Samhain is one of our major holidays, I also explained the sunset to sunset aspects of our ritual, it took a few minutes but they changed it to an excused absence.   Which brings me to where we are now, Ostara.  Now I could go into the history of the feast/holiday/celebration, but like I told my son “sometimes we have to think outside of the circle.”  I will not be dwelling on the history of this day for us, if you want to know pick up any pagan/wiccan book out there and I am sure you will find all the information you need.  What I am going to discuss is how we can spend it.   Now a lot of our sacred days go from sunset to sunset, but some of them I think should start from sunrise to sunrise and Ostara is one of them.  Why because Ostara is a celebration of life, new life and new beginnings.   Sure we have the chocolate rabbits, and the eggs decorated, like other religions but our day is not the same as theirs, we can make it all our own.  Our children want to hunt the eggs like other religions, we are more than that.  Take your child /children out to a state park in the morning and do a nature walk, after all this day is about new life, show them the plants beginning to bud, the flowers peeking their little heads above ground to see if winter is really over.   Explain to them that not only is this about the goddess but it’s about the new life all around us.  The baby animals leaving their nests and burrows for the first time, their wide eyes taking in the world around them.  Take the time to make bird feeders with your child, plant flowers, while you are doing all of this drop in explanations on the history of this day.   Like I said “step outside the circle,” we don’t need to all do the exact same thing because someone said in a book this is how they do it, or believe this is how it was celebrated way back when. 

We have rediscovered our religion or path let’s make it ours, I say it’s time we bring our own twist to what we have discovered and make it our own, STEP OUT SIDE THE CIRCLE.


See ya round the cauldron


The Restoration of Sanity to America…our newest political party!


So I’ve been reading a lot of political feelings posted on people’s pages, and in their blogs some have gone over the deep end others are just putting out what they feel.    Now as diverse as this country is we are all allowed our opinion especially on OUR OWN Facebook pages, if you don’t like them there is this little place you can click on the post and HIDE it.   Or if they go out of their way to be purposely rude you can just delete them.   Now all of this got me to thinking, I know it’s a bad thing but I must do it once in a while.   So first I noticed that the closer to the Republican Convention the higher the gas prices have seemed to rise. Coincidence or planning on the part of the Republican Party? You decide.

Then I began remembering about 13 or 14 years ago when I was working in the malls and listening to all these people complaining about how everything was going up in price except their pay checks.  I mentioned that maybe we should all have a Tea Party, you know like in Boston.  Instead of throwing tea in the harbor to let the king know what we thought, we should just stop using some of these things that they were taxiing ridiculously.    Never did I dream that a WACKADOO from Alaska would want to use the term Tea Party for something totally different.   While chatting recently I recently came up with another idea for a political party to thwart the ones out there trying to destroy our country, upon thinking a little farther I came up with those who should run and the members of their cabinet.  Read along and let me know how you would vote.  And yes I stopped the meds before I did this.

Our newest political party is The Restoration of Sanity to America.

Here are my nomination and their cabinet members:

President:  Kallan Kennedy (hey her last name alone should bring in the votes) it also helps that she’s smart and savvy, raised five children by herself while while holding down a full-time job .   It’s obvious she can balance a budget she’s had to for a while, she knows all about women’s reproductive systems and who has a right to tell them what to do with them and who does not.  Kallan believes in lending a helping hand when one is needed and giving you a boot in the arse when you are taking advantage. She is pro LGBT and she pro straight, the country would be fine.  Let’s face it, the fact that she is an Aquarian should really be good enough for most of us.

Vice President:   Vickie Lesperence, she is a good balance to Kallan.  Vickie shares some of the same views, she also takes time to think things through before she reacting.   She cares about her children and grandchildren and knows what it takes to raise them right.    This alone makes her a strong second in command she will listen to working parents.

Once our president and vice president have won the following should be placed as cabinet members’ in my humble opinion:

Secretary of the State: Renee Olson , I have watched as this woman has gone through a very rough year, she has handled many personal problems very diplomatically and arisen from them stronger.  I feel if she can do this on a personal level then just imagine what she can do on a professional level working with people of different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs.

Head of Homeland Security:  Snowy Morrighan( Bardin) I have known this woman for a while and if anyone can do what needs to be done to defend our homeland it’s her.    She is quick to circle the wagons when things start to look suspicious, and her wand is always at the ready.

Secretary of Defense: Lorelie  Gumbiner though I have only known her for a short time I have noticed that this lady is quick to come to your defense when she knows you are in the right, she will not tolerate sending any one into battle unless she totally understands the reason.  She would question the president while following her orders.

(Honestly I wouldn’t advise pissing any of these women off or you might just wake up a toad.)

Secretary of the Treasury:  Alan J Sheridan, this year has been about change for all of us, and Alan has done his share.  While dealing with being downsized, he has kept his balance and focus, both are enough to get our banks and Wall Street back in line.

Attorney General:  Sam Curtin, she not only wrote a wonderful book called Dark Cell about corruption in a society not too different from our own. Corruption will be a thing of the past with this woman on watch.

Secretary of the Agriculture:  Elijah Olsen, if anyone can help our farmers find better, natural ways to produce food, and healthy food at that it’s gonna be Elijah.  Also, I am positive he would help strengthen an industry that is not getting taken care of at the moment.

Secretary of Interior and Energy:  Good Green Witch, I combined both of these jobs not only to save money but the woman we will put in charge is good for our natural resources and native heritage,  as well as energy.   If anyone can think GREEN while protecting the natural blessings we still have it’s our Good Green Witch.

Secretary of Commerce: Miz Z Britches, for those of you who don’t know this woman she started a small resale business from home in this economy and not too long ago opened her own shop  Ash Finders Keepers resale in Prunedale , CA.   The best part all the stuff she resells is from American Citizens.

Secretary Of Labor:   Laura Stamps, also known as our own Sex Witch.   She is the writer and publisher of many erotica novels , and would work diligently to help keep all industries moving forward including those that Mitt Romney has stated he would ban. (Porn, which would lead to the erotica market quickly) and as we all know frequent unprotected sex leads to labor.

Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs and Health and Human Services: Kate Dennis, not only is she a retired paramedic, she goes to nursing and hospitals and visits the sick, add to that  the fact that she is an avid Rick Springfield fan, who as we all know used to play, Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital.    So she not only knows medicine, but has a “doctor” in her pocket!

Housing and Urban development:   SisterLisa Bertolini, with her open and questioning mind, along with her sense of fair play, she would do well for us in this area.  Having an unshakable personality, and personal base, she would us find a way to house our homeless and grow our urban areas, while cracking down on crime, and intolerance.

Secretary of Transportation:  Jim Lesperance, seriously who better than a working truck driver, he knows our highways and byways like the back of his hand.    If anyone can help with getting them back in shape it’s him.

Secretary of Education: Nichole  Barnhart,  if any of you have spent time with this woman you will realize that she is a lot like her mother, and a prudent Grammar Nazi.   She has two beautiful children and is studying to be a teacher.   With her dedication, and drive, our educational system would no longer be a joke, but would be the pride of our country.

Our press secretary:  Kelly Anton this woman can put a good spin on your words and do it slooooow motion when required.  She won’t have to convince you she’s telling you the truth, because she just does.  Although, if you don’t want to know…DON’T ASK!!

Head of White House Staff:   Stephanie Sills Smith, I have seen how this woman keeps her household in shape, I think if she can keep two children and one husband fed and taken care of while studying to become a teacher then she can keep the White House staff moving in all directions at the same time.  Besides she always has coffee at the ready.

As for myself…of course head of the CIA:  yes, if you have a secret or think you do you can BELIEVE I will find it out.

Granted this is all in fun, but if you think about it each of these people has what it takes to shake up this country and bring back some pride for ALL of us.  So let’s get shaking people!

See you around the cauldron  Judas


Great things about New Mexico

State Symbols

Expand your knowledge of New Mexico by learning our state symbols. Hey, this might be a great school project.

State Aircraft – New Mexico’s state aircraft is the hot air balloon. The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is a yearly balloon fiesta that takes place in Albuquerque during early October. This nine day event has around 750 balloons. The event is the largest hot air balloon festival in the world.

State Amphibian – The New Mexico spadefoot toad (Spea multiplicata) was designated the official state amphibian of New Mexico in 2003. They get their name from a distinctive spade-like projections on their hind legs which enable them to dig in sandy soils. This species is nocturnal and secretive.


State Bird – The roadrunner was officially adopted March 16, 1949 as the New Mexico state bird. It was adopted under the name “Chaparral Bird”. In Spanish, it is called “El Correcaminos”. The comical roadrunner prefers running to flying and has been clocked at speeds of 15 miles per hour.

State Tie – New Mexico designated the bolo as the offiicial state tie in 2007. A bolo tie (also called bola tie) is a type of necktie consisting of a piece of cord or braided leather with decorative metal tips secured with an ornamental clasp or slide.


State Butterfly – The Sandia hairstreak, or Callophrys macfarlandi, is the official state butterfly. It was discovered in Albuquerque in 1959 at La Cueva Canyon and can easily be found in New Mexico’s wide open spaces, towns and cities among native beargrass. The butterfly is gold and green in color.

State Capitol – The New Mexico State Capitol (also called the Roundhouse), located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is the seat of government of the U.S. state of New Mexico. It is the only round state capitol in the United States. The building was designed to resemble the Zia Sun Symbol when viewed from above


State Cookie – The biscochito is a small anise flavored, shortbread cookie used during special celebrations, wedding receptions, baptisms, and religious days. It was developed by residents of New Mexico over the centuries from the first Spanish colonists of New Mexico.


State Fish – The New Mexico Cutthroat Trout (Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout) is native to the cold mountain streams and lakes of northern New Mexico. It is a dark olive color with sparsely scattered black spots. It derives its name from the red streaks under its throat. Anglers like the small fish for its fighting spirit.


State Flag – The yellow field and red symbol colors are the colors of Spain brought here by Spanish explorers in 1540. On our flag we see a red sun with rays streching out from it. There are four groups of rays with four rays in each group. This is an ancient sun symbol of a Native American people called the Zia.

State Fossil – New Mexico’s state fossil is a small theropod dinosaur, Coelophysis bauri. Although its bones have been found in several southwestern states, the quarry at Ghost Ranch, near Abiquiu, New Mexico, is where all of the best specimens have been found.

State Flower – The yucca is a member of the lily family and a symbol of sturdiness as well as beauty. In the early summer, pale ivory flowers bloom at the tips of its long, fibrous stalks. The plant’s base has broad, sharpedged leaves that look like stilettos and it grows to the height of a small tree.

State Gem – New Mexico designated turquoise as the official state gem in 1967. Probably one of the oldest gemstones known, turquoise is an opaque, blue-to-green mineral. Only the prized robin’s egg blue color is used to make gemstones. Occuring as vein or seam fillings, and as compact nuggets.

State Grass – The New Mexico state grass is Blue gramma grass. It grows on a wide array of topographic positions, and in a range of well-drained soil types, from fine to coarse textured.Blue grama is valued as forage, and for landscaping and erosion control. The flowers are also used in dried flower arrangements.

State Insect – The Tarantula Hawk Wasp was adopted as the state insect by the 39th Legislature in 1989. It has a blue-black body and bright rust-colored wings, tarantula hawks are among the largest of wasps and it delivers a sting which is rated among the most painful in the insect world.

State Mammal – The Black bear is our state mammal. They can stand and walk on their hind legs but it is more normal for them to walk on all fours. They stand to get a better scent or to look at something. Their characteristic shuffling gait results from their hind legs being slightly longer than the forelegs.

State Nickname – The “Land of Enchantment” describes New Mexico’s scenic beauty and its rich history. This legend was placed on New Mexico license plates in 1941. This nickname became the official State Nickname of New Mexico on April 8, 1999.

State Seal – New Mexico’s Great Seal has its origins in the 1851 formation of the Territory of New Mexico. The territorial seal featured an American eagle, and the words “Great Seal of the Territory NM”. The motto “Crescit Eundo”, or “It grows as it goes”, was added in 1882, and displays on a banner below the eagles.

State Song – O Fair New Mexico” was officially selected in 1917. It was adopted as the state song by an act of the New Mexico legislaturesigned by Governor Washington E. Lindsey. The author, Elizabeth Garrett, was the daughter of former Lincoln County Sheriff Pat Garrett, the man who killed Billy the Kid.

State Tree – The piñon is the official State Tree. This sturdy, slow-growing little evergreen flourishes over a vast area of the state. When the Spanish settlers arrived in New Mexico in the early sixteenth century, they found that the natives harvested the tiny, tasty nuts of the piñon.

State Vegetable – Chile and frijoles are a unique part of the New Mexican diet. Chile is a pungent pepper that is harvested in the early fall, toasted, peeled and served as a delicious stew, stuffed with cheese or made into a favorite recipe. Chile comes in red and green, together New Mexicans call it “Christmas”.

Now do a little exploring of your own, this state like all the others is rich in heritage, and history.  May the people of New Mexico, be blessed, and protected from the attacking prayers of our favorite wackadoos.


See you round the cauldron—Judas





Great things about Arizona-Pagans send your blessings

Nicknames of Arizona

The State of Arizona is also known as the Grand Canyon State due to the fact that a major part of its territory is occupied by the Grand Canyon. Sometimes, it is also termed as the Copper State due to its thriving copper mining industry. In fact, the production of copper from this state tops the list of copper producers in the United States. A person from Arizona is called an ‘Arizonan’.

The current name of Arizona in fact is derived from ‘Arizonac’, which in the Spanish-O’odham language, means ‘small spring’. This is probably a reference to the Planchas de Plata, a silver mining site in Sonora, which today lies in Mexico. The discovery of silver in this region, in 1736, probably made the name Arizona famous. Another proposition goes that the name is coined from ‘árida zona’, or rather ‘arid zone’. The phrase ‘aritz ona’ from the Basque language of the region offers yet another explanation to the origination of name.

What makes Arizona Great?   Is it the desert, the fact that it is one of the four corner states, or that in Arizona there is a pine covered high country in the Colorado Plateau.   It gets snow in the high country and thunderstorms in the desert.  Arizona’s religious history seems just as diverse, in 1539 parts of it were explored by Marcos de Niza, a Spanish Francisan, then you had  Father KinoFather who was a member of the  Society of Jesus  he lead the development of a chain of missions.  And Brigham Young sent Mormons to Arizona in the mid-to-late 19th century they settled what became known as Northern Arizona.


Not only has the state been rich in Native American history, but a fact that I didn’t know was a couple of American concentration camps located there.  I hear you all, with what’s going on that’s not what we want to know about but it should be.  But we should, this is part of our history as well as theirs.  Italian and German prisoners were held during WW II.    After the war one camp was even bought by the Maytag family and turned into the Phoenix Zoo.    Not only the Native American energies are we working with, but what was left behind by these prisoners as well.  They too are going to be coming to our aid. They were housed there for fighting for what they believed in, some even died there, and now we are calling on them as well to help us fight for what we believe in.  As who do not live in these states research them, we are relearning what not only makes each state great but what makes this country great as well.  We are finding that our history is not as clean as those who wrote the books made it out to be.  So I tip my cauldron spoon to those who have forced us to take another look at where we live, how we have evolved, and what we have not been taught.   It’s a shame that we are the only ones learning these lessons.


What makes Arizona great?  It’s rich history, beautiful land, and its wonderful people. It’s religious diversity.  One of many states I hope to visit.  Not to mention the most important thing ever….Stevie Nicks was born and raised there.

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