The Restoration of Sanity to America…our newest political party!


So I’ve been reading a lot of political feelings posted on people’s pages, and in their blogs some have gone over the deep end others are just putting out what they feel.    Now as diverse as this country is we are all allowed our opinion especially on OUR OWN Facebook pages, if you don’t like them there is this little place you can click on the post and HIDE it.   Or if they go out of their way to be purposely rude you can just delete them.   Now all of this got me to thinking, I know it’s a bad thing but I must do it once in a while.   So first I noticed that the closer to the Republican Convention the higher the gas prices have seemed to rise. Coincidence or planning on the part of the Republican Party? You decide.

Then I began remembering about 13 or 14 years ago when I was working in the malls and listening to all these people complaining about how everything was going up in price except their pay checks.  I mentioned that maybe we should all have a Tea Party, you know like in Boston.  Instead of throwing tea in the harbor to let the king know what we thought, we should just stop using some of these things that they were taxiing ridiculously.    Never did I dream that a WACKADOO from Alaska would want to use the term Tea Party for something totally different.   While chatting recently I recently came up with another idea for a political party to thwart the ones out there trying to destroy our country, upon thinking a little farther I came up with those who should run and the members of their cabinet.  Read along and let me know how you would vote.  And yes I stopped the meds before I did this.

Our newest political party is The Restoration of Sanity to America.

Here are my nomination and their cabinet members:

President:  Kallan Kennedy (hey her last name alone should bring in the votes) it also helps that she’s smart and savvy, raised five children by herself while while holding down a full-time job .   It’s obvious she can balance a budget she’s had to for a while, she knows all about women’s reproductive systems and who has a right to tell them what to do with them and who does not.  Kallan believes in lending a helping hand when one is needed and giving you a boot in the arse when you are taking advantage. She is pro LGBT and she pro straight, the country would be fine.  Let’s face it, the fact that she is an Aquarian should really be good enough for most of us.

Vice President:   Vickie Lesperence, she is a good balance to Kallan.  Vickie shares some of the same views, she also takes time to think things through before she reacting.   She cares about her children and grandchildren and knows what it takes to raise them right.    This alone makes her a strong second in command she will listen to working parents.

Once our president and vice president have won the following should be placed as cabinet members’ in my humble opinion:

Secretary of the State: Renee Olson , I have watched as this woman has gone through a very rough year, she has handled many personal problems very diplomatically and arisen from them stronger.  I feel if she can do this on a personal level then just imagine what she can do on a professional level working with people of different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs.

Head of Homeland Security:  Snowy Morrighan( Bardin) I have known this woman for a while and if anyone can do what needs to be done to defend our homeland it’s her.    She is quick to circle the wagons when things start to look suspicious, and her wand is always at the ready.

Secretary of Defense: Lorelie  Gumbiner though I have only known her for a short time I have noticed that this lady is quick to come to your defense when she knows you are in the right, she will not tolerate sending any one into battle unless she totally understands the reason.  She would question the president while following her orders.

(Honestly I wouldn’t advise pissing any of these women off or you might just wake up a toad.)

Secretary of the Treasury:  Alan J Sheridan, this year has been about change for all of us, and Alan has done his share.  While dealing with being downsized, he has kept his balance and focus, both are enough to get our banks and Wall Street back in line.

Attorney General:  Sam Curtin, she not only wrote a wonderful book called Dark Cell about corruption in a society not too different from our own. Corruption will be a thing of the past with this woman on watch.

Secretary of the Agriculture:  Elijah Olsen, if anyone can help our farmers find better, natural ways to produce food, and healthy food at that it’s gonna be Elijah.  Also, I am positive he would help strengthen an industry that is not getting taken care of at the moment.

Secretary of Interior and Energy:  Good Green Witch, I combined both of these jobs not only to save money but the woman we will put in charge is good for our natural resources and native heritage,  as well as energy.   If anyone can think GREEN while protecting the natural blessings we still have it’s our Good Green Witch.

Secretary of Commerce: Miz Z Britches, for those of you who don’t know this woman she started a small resale business from home in this economy and not too long ago opened her own shop  Ash Finders Keepers resale in Prunedale , CA.   The best part all the stuff she resells is from American Citizens.

Secretary Of Labor:   Laura Stamps, also known as our own Sex Witch.   She is the writer and publisher of many erotica novels , and would work diligently to help keep all industries moving forward including those that Mitt Romney has stated he would ban. (Porn, which would lead to the erotica market quickly) and as we all know frequent unprotected sex leads to labor.

Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs and Health and Human Services: Kate Dennis, not only is she a retired paramedic, she goes to nursing and hospitals and visits the sick, add to that  the fact that she is an avid Rick Springfield fan, who as we all know used to play, Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital.    So she not only knows medicine, but has a “doctor” in her pocket!

Housing and Urban development:   SisterLisa Bertolini, with her open and questioning mind, along with her sense of fair play, she would do well for us in this area.  Having an unshakable personality, and personal base, she would us find a way to house our homeless and grow our urban areas, while cracking down on crime, and intolerance.

Secretary of Transportation:  Jim Lesperance, seriously who better than a working truck driver, he knows our highways and byways like the back of his hand.    If anyone can help with getting them back in shape it’s him.

Secretary of Education: Nichole  Barnhart,  if any of you have spent time with this woman you will realize that she is a lot like her mother, and a prudent Grammar Nazi.   She has two beautiful children and is studying to be a teacher.   With her dedication, and drive, our educational system would no longer be a joke, but would be the pride of our country.

Our press secretary:  Kelly Anton this woman can put a good spin on your words and do it slooooow motion when required.  She won’t have to convince you she’s telling you the truth, because she just does.  Although, if you don’t want to know…DON’T ASK!!

Head of White House Staff:   Stephanie Sills Smith, I have seen how this woman keeps her household in shape, I think if she can keep two children and one husband fed and taken care of while studying to become a teacher then she can keep the White House staff moving in all directions at the same time.  Besides she always has coffee at the ready.

As for myself…of course head of the CIA:  yes, if you have a secret or think you do you can BELIEVE I will find it out.

Granted this is all in fun, but if you think about it each of these people has what it takes to shake up this country and bring back some pride for ALL of us.  So let’s get shaking people!

See you around the cauldron  Judas



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sisterlisa
    Aug 30, 2012 @ 22:32:59

    I’m so honored. Really…. *blush* You named me among some really great souls. Thank you for your confidence.


    • Stirring the cauldron with Judas
      Sep 02, 2012 @ 18:02:21

      I know you are strong, you have a commitment to the people you would serve. I think you would be excellent in that post.


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