Another school shooting.


I have a question, when did it become COOL to kill your classmates or anybody for that matter?   As we look in the news from last school year we notice  headlines filled with children killing children especially in our schools.   And let’s not forget it is no longer safe for us to go take our families to a movie theater.    At the rate its going we will soon find ourselves hiding in our houses trying to stay away from the outside world.   So what is going on?  Global warming?  Pesticides in the water? Poor religious morals?  Video games? Allowing children to read anything they want?    Hey I know let’s blame it on the 44 presidents this country has had.   I wish it was that simple, there are hundreds of children a day that get up go to school come home play video games, read the history of serial killers and still they go on to live normal productive lives.  We have kids who find themselves bullied, some sadly take their own lives,  other’s find  hidden strength  and fight through it and strive to never allow what happened to them to affect who they are, but others chose to step into a class room or lunch room and just open fire.   Not all kids killing other kids are victims of bullies,  the police are not sure that Robert Gladden was actually a victim of bullying.   If you would have looked at his Facebook page before it vanished you would have found a page that had Charles Manson picture for his own, but is that a sign of something sinister?   Personally I have been known to use pictures of Ghost Face from Scream, The Wolf Man, and my HERO Michel  Myers as my profile picture before does that mean I have hidden serial killer qualities?   Or does it mean I have faced my fears and conquered them?

What you won’t find is me stating that my occupation is murder/suicide.   Where were his parents?  Whose responsibility is it to point out to other ‘s that there might be a problem?   What have we taught our children?    Look I understand that now parents have to work in order to survive,  that you work hard, so you can have everything you want, but is it what you really need?   That the last thing you want to do after a 12 to 15 hr. day is to come home and chill with your kid and their friends.    Okay so come home eat, drop yourself in front of the TV or computer (spending you evening with strangers is always better than spending it with family) then go to bed never once giving your child the time they need with you.    When will we realize that all the fancy cars and nice clothes don’t mean a thing if we are not paying attention to the ones that mean the most.    I know a mother who raised 5 children BY HERSELF, she worked her arse off, taught her kids at home and gave up things most parents would never think of.  Today, Kallan has 5 beautiful well-rounded children, and her oldest daughter is busting her bum to give her two kids the same kind of home filled with love and respect.   Recently I met another mother who has two beautiful girls, she takes care of her house, husband, daughters, runs a house and goes to school online, another has children scattered around the country and she has moved close to each one of them when they needed her the most, now she takes care of her granddaughter when her daughter is at work, recently she came all the way to Maryland to pick up her granddaughter and take her back home to South Carolina with her because the kid was going through a rough time.   How many people do you know are like that with their children?   Can you honestly say you are?

Do you know your children? Their friends? Their friends parents?   I mean really know them?

My wife and I have one child, we are pretty sure it will be that way unless something unforeseen happens and another child needs us, we both work hard, she 5 days a week, me the weekends our schedule take time from family things that most do on their days off, but we make it work, we live two steps above poverty level, but our son does not go without, does that mean I spoil him? Hell yes every chance I get we also teach him about responsibility.   He does not like when kids pick on him so he tries not to be mean to others, he offers to help as much as any kid his age does. He thanks me for doing things like picking up after him.  On his summer vacation he helped me baby sit a friend’s 18 month old son, he also gathered a few of his friends and had two lemonade stands this summer.  Why?  So he could have ice cream money.   The money he made from babysitting half went into his bank account, he had to fill out the deposit slips himself, the rest went towards whatever he wanted to buy himself.   The money from the lemonade stand he and his friends split they managed to make $10.00 each this summer enough for them to buy ice-cream themselves.  These kids learned not only sales and money county skills but how to take rejection.   Many of the people who passed said no, or just totally ignored them like they didn’t even exist.    Both of these stands were worked by the children on Mondays, I hear you “so what it was Monday”.   True but I work 38.5 hours in three nights Friday thru Sunday, that means  after working three 12.5 hour nights back to back, I came home put together a stand and spent the whole day awake keeping an eye on 6 kids talking to strangers and trying to hawk their goods.   Can I do this every day? No but I make exceptions, the women I mentioned above make exceptions, my wife makes exceptions.    When we choose the responsibility of raising a child it becomes that a responsibility.   Our shift doesn’t end when the child can dress themselves.   We need to actually take an interest in our children,  really take an interest.    A father we know just started cutting his hours at work back a little, he is trying not to put in so many 15 hour days.   Why? Because he realized that he is missing out on his children’s lives.  What will his sacrifice get him?  Probably not a new car, or a trip to Hawaii, instead the rewards are better if the smiles on his children’s faces were any indication when they stepped off the bus and saw him waiting for them.

Are we going to be able to stop all these other kids? NO but by taking an interest in our children’s lives and talking to them we might just help them spot the next one who tries to take a gun to school.  Our kids will know the consequences of their actions , and hopefully how to spot warning signs in others.   We can’t always keep them safe but we can try and we can teach them.  Our children need to learn how to take rejection, how to communicate effectively, and how to deal with their emotions.  When the hormones start raging, and things start becoming life or death with them they should have the tools to deal with what comes instead of resorting to weapons and violence.

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  1. Vickie McNeely Lesperance
    Aug 30, 2012 @ 00:00:41

    I love you… that is all…


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