I’m baaack….a new hater has caught my attention.

Look my cauldron is bubbling again!! I have been gone for numerous personal reasons, the most important being that cancer once again has come to the family party. My aunt is slowly dying of the same cancer that killed my mother and grandmother. All three of my sisters have had to deal with it as well, most recently my youngest sister who at 36 years has had to have a complete hysterectomy in the hopes that the cancer will be gone and stay away.

Seriously ladies GET YOURSELVES CHECKED regularly ovarian cancer is a silent killer, you won’t know you have it until it’s too late otherwise. And guys you too…just in case you find yourself with ovaries.

Secondly, my editor has promised to start editing again. Believe me you all should be thankful for her. 
Now I know much has passed us by…the republican debates or as I called them the Fools on Parade, the War on Women in Washington. If the southern states move quickly they can remove the women’s voting rights that will give Romney an edge.
Us, pagans have our fair share of mud on our faces too, while during the past summer I was proud to see us stand together to repel an attack by Fundi christian groups one of us in particular showed her prejudice face by banning our transgender pagans from her rite. And that is all the press she gets from me!

Moving on…Sabrina the Inkwitch shared the following link on Facebook today.

While listening to it I was moved to respond. No he’s not picking on my beloved Pagan community this time, but the other community that I am a proud card carrying member of. That’s right the Gay, Lesbian and Homosexual (or as he says “Queer”) community. That’s the community he’s attacking…I just heard a huge sigh of relieve from my Transgender brothers & sisters. Or at least according to Pastor Charles L. Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church in Maiden North Carolina. It seems that according to the pastor he’s “agin gays” in his estimable opinion “The bible’s agin it, Gods agin it, I’m agin it! and if you have any sense you’re agin it!” Yes Kallan my dear it’s not a typo (this time) he really said it. Also as a community he said we make him pukin sick! Poor baby!

This wonderful specimen of Christianity believes that all gays, lesbians, homosexuals should be placed behind 50 – 100 miles of electrified fencing (to keep us all in), air drop food to us, and then wait…because we will start dying off cause “they can’t reproduce”. So that will solve the problem…but he won’t be able to get it to pass Congress he says.
Ok first off, don’t put me behind an electrified fence…put us on an island maybe one of the beautiful Samoan Islands I saw on Survivor. Second, the fence would do more to keep the prejudice and ignorant out than to keep us in. Thirdly, all of you straight people who keep having homosexual children watch out…you will eventually be next.

If this is how southern wackadoo’s think no wonder we won the Civil War.

And when my dear Kallan asked me if maybe there was a magic to be done to stop people like the good Pastor from destroying equality for all and spreading their hatred & I said that we shouldn’t do anything to harm or take away their free will…and she looked at me in the rearview mirror and asked my child if I had been abducted. Then began laughing when I said I was attempting to be the voice of reason. She is right these people need to have something done to stem the spread of their hatred. Yes, I’m thinking let’s make them ill enough on the day of the vote they can’t get out to do it. And all of my Transgender brothers & sisters out there I’m not ignoring you…I just figure if this idiot doesn’t count you as the force to be reckoned with you are who am I to ruin the surprise!


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  1. Sandra Noisewater
    Jun 03, 2012 @ 01:14:51

    These nutwings, make me sick.


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