Shake it & wake it people!

Ahhh 2012 the year the christians realized that they are not the only religion in the world.   Well one can hope.  It seems that we are beginning this year the same way we ended it hearing the whining from the christian community about how unfair their lives are.  Well lets see how bad is it?   Though we have a separation between church and state, you can’t get elected to most government offices in this country unless you are a christian, and if you’re not but lucky enough to get elected to a government office then you have to endure every meeting being opened with a prayer.   They have purely religious schools, that they want our tax dollars to support, and they are getting it.  If you are married christians believe you should be then you get a bigger tax break than a single mother of 5, christians have done their best to gear the whole world and government so it was a one sided arena.  And now that they are loosing the battle they are crying foul, or Devil.   They are holding prayer rallies so they can once again raise and ARMY of religious followers, and prepare to do battle with the evils of the world.  That’s you and me folks.  Sneak attacks like giving out bibles in our public schools then claim ignorance when they get called down for it.  Whatever happened to “Thou shalt not lie”?

The church has been running an ad campaign call for “catholics to come home,” I agree they should all hop on a boat and head to Rome.  Italian people probably won’t want them their either.  But wait that is rude of me, I mean really me telling people that if they don’t like it they can leave.   I know Moses came off that mountain with a list of guidelines that christians are suppose to follow.   So what ever happened to “LOVE THY NEIGHBOR”?  Honestly it doesn’t mean you’re gay if you love thy neighbor.  Though there have been some neighbors over the years, sorry I’m digressing.

They are all calling for the hanging, burning and beating of the girl from RI that had a banner taken down because it goes against her and other students freedom of  belief. I bet you we hung a banner proclaiming that the god and goddess are the true creators of the world and not just the god, those happy little christians would not have asked for that banner to be taken down they would have ripped it down and set it on fire.  Now that’s religion!    Our christain community is suddenly becoming focused with wanting to rule the world, so focused that they have missed the goals of their savior.   He did not preach that you should take over the planet and kill all those who oppose you, I think he said something like “and the meek shall inherit the earth,” news flash guys threatening to beat up a teenager is not meekness, but being a bully, sounding the war cry to raise an army to combat your perceived evil again is not what he called for.   Maybe instead of posting Keep Off signs in your garden you stop and smell what you’re growing.

Now pick on us time.  We stand behind people like the girl who wanted the banner taken down, and in the next minute we are burning our own kind because they did a spell to win a football game.  Honestly, the personal gain wand has two ends, if it’s okay for us to do a spell to get a better job, house, car, more money to help with finances, then why not one to help our football team win?  In case you missed it all those other things are personal gains as well.   Yes they are.  Are we upset because they did the spell, or because they publicized it?  That is the real question; it’s the whole Charlie Sheen thing all over again.    A lot of us want to be recognized and accepted for who we are and what we practice, and if this is the only way, then I say THANK YOU to those who did it.  But it won’t help you next weekend because the Ravens are gonna stomp the pretty boy.


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