What makes you a Witch?

“What makes you a Witch?”  That was a question recently posed to me; I was a little surprised by the question, and quite honestly a little taken a back.  “What do you mean what makes me a witch?”

It got me to thinking though, what makes me a witch?   In the days of old we were the most respected of tribe members, the other members of the tribe would come to us and ask us for help, either with crops, lovers or enemies.  That was then but what about now?   We have computers to get answers from, courts to seek out justice, steroids to help with our crops and livestock.     So what is our part in society?  Are we witches because we dress in black and wear dark makeup, or because we dress like a gypsy? Before someone gets offended I do not mean gypsy as a derogative term, they too had a place in society, and what group of people filled the void after most witches were destroyed? That’s right gypsy’s.   Still that didn’t answer the question what makes me a witch, way back when we had teachers, those who saw the spark and took us under their wing.  Then just as now they were not always honorable some took advantage of their students as well as their tribes.  Without a teacher to notice me what convinced me that I am a witch.  A friend told me that she believes “there is a witch sleeping in all of us and when it awakens it’s up to us to decide if we want to follow that path or ignore it,” okay but because my witch woke up did that make me one?   I don’t dress like your normal witch, occasionally you will find me with all my rings but that is only when it feels right, my wardrobe consists of more than the color black, unless I pick up weight then I use it to hide the rolls.   My home has a few pixies and fairies in it, I have books, and signs like a lot of us but that does not make me a witch.   I was not taught by a coven, I did take a few courses but for the most I stumbled, and spilled wax on my floor, mixed a few foul smelling herbs and realized that I am left handed and setting my alter up the way a right handed witch does is not for me.  Does that make me a witch?

For me its accepting the responsibility the gods bestowed upon me, they opened up the doors to the massive libraries stood on the threshold and ushered me in, they granted me a peak at what I am supposed to be doing, they gave me a small person to teach, and they showed me that I don’t know all that I thought I did.  They also told me what being a Witch is all about for me, it’s helping others.   I don’t mean doing the occasional love spell, I have people who ask for readings, some ask for spells to get ahead, others just want me to talk to my gods just in case there really something more out there than they have been led to believe.  For me being a Witch is about more than lighting candles, it’s about PEOPLE.   People need healing, protection, love,  and sometimes just the solace of a friendly ear.  I as their Witch am all of that.  Answering questions when they are asked, offering help when I am needed, finding those who are uncertain and helping them find their footing, spreading the word that Witches are not BAD.   We just aren’t scared of doing or saying  the right thing even when the world seems to think it’s wrong.  It’s about teaching my young Jedi the ways of the Force  and appreciating all the gifts in my life the gods have given me.  Yes you all are gifts, and I appreciate each and every one of you.   My role I have recently discovered is spread the word WITCHES AREN’T EVIL, while some call me troublemaker it’s not really trouble I hope to stir.   It is my path to keep us all THINKING about who we are  and what it means to be us, remind you to  use the gifts we have been given.   My gifts may be different than yours but our bond is what keeps us strong we are all brothers and sisters, no matter what gods have called us to be theirs.

Well now I know what being a Witch means to me, what does it mean to you?


See you around the cauldron….Judas


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