Happy New Year & no drunk driving PLEASE!!

For everyone Partying in Baltimore AAA is offering the Tipsy Taxi Service, its free for rides up to $50.00 and runs till 4 a.m.   The light rail will run until 1 a.m.  I am pretty sure AAA is offering something like this in most states you might just have to check with your local AAA.

So no drinking and driving or Besom riding this Saturday night, those low flying clouds after the fireworks are a killer. NO showing off my friends, there will be some who think it’s fun to do magic while intoxicated don’t its not safe or wise.   Remember that the guy who spilled the drink on your hot looking partner was just as drunk as everyone else so hold off with the I’ll get even with you spells until after the hangover Sunday.

Be safe and Wise my friends remember drunk or buzz driving KILLS, drunk and buzz magic fizzles.

And I’ll See Ya All Round The Cauldron



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