Religious TOLERANCE & Happy Holidays!

Hey you yeah you the dumbshit who stirred up a hornets nest this past weekend on Facebook.   Come here, sit down and keep your mouth shut.  Look I could rehash all the shit that Kallan, Kate, and a bunch of others Pagans have had to say, but I won’t we all know the truth. Atat, ( raises hand to silence) you and your people know the truth as well, you will not face the truth, or admit that you are wrong but you know the truth.  How can I be so sure?  Well pick up any book, you know that thing with pages and words, for you I think pictures are needed as well.  Or since you seem to be so good at just sitting on your arse and using the computer google it, you might be surprised at what you find, it seems there are sites by those who follow your path and they have come to the same conclusion as the rest of us about your so called holiday.  My suggestion try keeping Christ out of December and try putting him say in September, considering all of these sites have his birthday anywhere between March and September.  Might I suggest using the pages from a calendar, and a dart, you get the picture.  Good.

Now to what really got to me in that asinine comment you made.  If Your Customs offend ME than I can go home, and that fact makes you a proud citizen.  I guess you have Native American blood in you huh?  Guess what Sherlock I’m a proud American Citizen too.  I don’t have a green card, I was born in this country just as my parents were, oh and yeah I have a little Native American in me.  Now I understand because of your ignorance towards others, and the fear that they might be right about things that you need to try and pressure the rest of us to change, guess what, get a strong grip on yourself, IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN.  And what gives you the right to tell the rest of us if we don’t like something we can just leave OUR country and go somewhere else.  It seems my sad little friend that you are the one who might want to be making travel arrangements because the rest of us are here to stay, yeah I think you are realizing that you are in that one percent who has no clue about what the freedoms of this country really are.  This cool document called the Constitution, I suggest you read it. I understand that it’s a long document with no pictures but in it you will find it mentions things like life, liberty and FREEDOMs, you know like the religious kind.

I am sorry that you feel the only books and documents you need to read are all wrapped up in that little book you picked up off the night stand in a motel six, there is a whole country out here that is full of different religious beliefs, just as it is full of different people, if you wish to stay in our country then might I suggest you start acting like a decent human being.  You know try tolerating us like we tolerate you, it’s amazing what a little tolerance can do.

So in closing let me leave you with this, I AM A PROUD AMERICAN CITIZEN, and because I believe that other American Citizens have the right to practice their religious customs as much as I do no matter what the belief, I am not so conceited that I ignore their feelings about their beliefs so to them I wish a Happy Holiday, and to you others who feel that you are dissatisfied with the fact that the rest of us have just as much right to be here and practice OUR CUSTOMS FREELY, I say KISS MY HOLLY BRANCH!!




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