The death of oral tradition? One sided history

Why do we know so little about our religious history?  Sure we have the one sided history books written by the winners, what about through the eyes of the losers?   Our history was all lost, I hear ya mumbling because as we evolved we went to a written system and all that came before was either changed or wiped out completely.  I don’t think so we have our mythology books that explain to some extent how we worshipped our gods, and museums are a good place to see some of the ways we did things back then as well.   I just finished a book, Witchcraft and the Gay Counterculture by Arthur Evans,  that hit on a lot of fine points, like the fact that homosexuality was something accepted in every culture until christianity got a foot hold.  The writer was redundant about this fact, as I read this book I began to think back to questions that I once had, and the answers that had come to my mind were echoed in this book.

Like why do we hate the environment so much?   Well if we take a look we(meaning us magical peeps) used to worship everything, we were thankful for the life we had and all that surrounded us.  We believe as we do now that everything is alive, and our magical energy came from all that around us, the plants, tree’s, grass sky water, it all had a living presence and we could feel it, tap into it, become one with it.  Then the christians came along and began calling us a godless people, they tried everything to stomp us out, torture, burning, hanging, drowning and when that didn’t work they began systematically began taking away our power base.  They began cutting down our tree’s, digging holes in the ground searching for those raw materiel’s, special stones and gems that we held dear.    These religious crusaders hunted our wildlife to extinction, we were told it was for their furs, but think about it, without the loyalty and cunning of the wolf,  strength of the bear and buffalo, and the wisdom of the eagle, let alone the rest of the gods animals our people began to fall, this crusaders had cut off another part of our power base.  We began wearing shoe’s, keeping our selves covered up in clothes, hiding from the strength of the wind instead of dancing with in it.    We were taken from worshipping outside to sitting inside a building and praying to idols, completely separated from nature.  Look at us today, man has trashed this planet so bad we fear to walk across the street barefoot because we are not sure what we might step in, or swim in a stream because we are not sure if it has been polluted or not.  When was the last time you walked barefoot across a field?  I ignore the stay off the grass signs, why? Because the grass is the biggest snitch on the planet, you can tell the moment you touch it what is going on environmentally around it.  You can tell the people who are nature people and who are not, all have green lawns, but us nature children have life in our lawns.  The children can play on it, we can walk on it, we can feel the life flowing through it, those others if you get a chance to step on it you will find no life no energy.  Not like the brown grass where you can tell it’s dead as soon as you see it, no this green is devoid of spirit, and people are putting it everywhere.  Our football fields are mostly covered with plastic grass, sure it looks pretty but there is no life in it.  Today, trees cover about 9.6 billion acres of the Earth’s surface. That is 29.6% of earth’s total land area. Trees once covered almost all of Earth’s land masses.  (Citations:  Of course we are now seeing a resurgence of the craft over the years, every time we get close to completely destroying the planet the gods reach out to us all and those who are listening try to repair the damage that has been done.  We are not alone we have our younglings that we can teach, and hope that they will be able to share what we have had to learn the hard way.  This brings me to another point that was hit on in this book.  We have lost our oral traditions, why?  Because unlike print which can be controlled and changed, oral traditions are not as easily corrupted.

Conquer a people, change the way they do things, destroy what gives them power, and take away their one true sources of learning.  AT one time things were handed down from generation to generation by word of mouth, our magic, the way we practiced, we learned by our teacher TELLING us and SHOWING us, not everyone was strong in the craft, that is why some people were farmers, hunters, gatherers, warriors as well.  People looked to their local witch, druid, shaman for answers and medical help.  These magical people kept council with the leaders in the communities.  What was the first thing that Rome did when they invaded?  That’s right kill off our magical people, then they went to work killing off every man, woman, and child who repeated the stories of what had come before.  To be sure that future generations would not question what had happened they wrote it down as “truth”, and every generation that followed has learned the “truth” by reading.  Those who raised questions about what they learn are called troublemakers, heretics, and at one time were thrown in jails.  All of this has been done to keep us from remembering that magic is all around us all we have to do is tap into it.  So the next time you are at the beach watching the strength of the waves as they crash into the beach, take a moment and step into those waves, let your body absorb the power from those waves, the strength of the ocean, and step out into the wind and feel it caress you, walk through tat field barefoot.  Let the power flow through you and you just might find that magic that others have tried to keep from us.

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