A different Witch’s voice

As you have seen the past two weeks have been both hectic and enjoyable.  I jumped the gun with  the What Makes Your State Great post for Maryland, but it happens.  There have been some personal emergencies for my family that are being handled.  For the Witches and friends who have helped in this time I thank you and am honored to call you friend.  Also, for reasons unknown, my Word program decided to take a 3 day vacation, not sure where it went but out of the blue it decided to come back this morning.  Personally I think it was because I threatened to do away with the computer if it didn’t come back.  My wife on the other hand thinks it’s because I’ve been using the computer as a dvd player and it’s rebelling.  All I have to say in my defense…the computer has a better screen than the tv!  Anyway, the program is back up and so are my notes!

Samhain was fun and busy, we ran from the Saturday before up to the Wednesday after.  Exchanging gifts with family, our little Ninja received a candy filled pinata, I received a book on Witchcraft and the Gay Counter Culture, and my wife received Christian Day’s Witches Book of the Dead.  She managed to finish her book first, and has asked if she could use my blog to tell everyone how much she enjoyed it, considering that she takes the time to edit the blog for me, I figure why not?  Also since I spend a lot of time pointing out our flaws, it seems only fair that nice things get said about us as well.  So here are her thoughts!

After finding staleness in many of the books out there on witches and the pagan culture and magic it was wonderful to see a fresh sense of reverence and joy from Christian Day.  He doesn’t soft pedal his book, it is exactly as the title states a book dealing with the dead.  The time, research and passion that he wrote the book with are just staggering.  As a parent of a young warlock who seems to have an affinity for some of the things that Christian teaches in his book I am more than grateful for this learning tool.  This book I feel is a wonderful, empowering, and not your run of the mill book on magic.  I think if you are sincere, and desire to reclaim some of the power of the Witch you could look far and wide before finding a better guide than Christian Day.

Christian walks you through step by step through a magic that few of us have the bravery or strength of spirit to pursue.  Each chapter is broken into “bite sized” pieces, where we are given the HISTORY, which to me is VERY important to any magical work that I wish to learn.  Not only the history though that is WONDERFUL, but he teaches you the “why” to each step not just the “what”.  He has gone to great lengths to remind readers this isn’t a path to take lightly, just as all magic this is SERIOUS work, one to be walked with intelligence, and caution.

You will find instructions on working with our Victorious, and blessed dead.  About the time you form a question, it will be answered in the following paragraph.  Each chapter is woven together to create a breathtaking tapestry of words.  Christian has poured his heart and love into this Tome of magic, and it’s is evident in every word.  As a mother, and student I was left with few questions.

To Christian, I would like to say a heartfelt THANK YOU for facing all of the adversity and hardships you suffered to put this knowledge into our hands.  Without you there wouldn’t have been a light to guide people down this path.


Until next week when Judas will return with her regular stirrings..see you around the Cauldron


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  1. Kelly Anton
    Nov 13, 2011 @ 03:28:38

    loved the book!


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