It’s the Witching Season!!

Halloween 2010

I was going to do a blog on why it seems that some people are suddenly hostile towards Halloween, but instead I figured they don’t deserve the time, its people like the one that came into my office Sunday night that deserve to be quoted. He noticed I was coloring decorations for one of the neighborhood kids, the child having seen the ones I made for my son and asks if I would make him a set as well. As the driver and I talked he stated, “Tis the season for the decorations,” and that he was glad that I was “in the spirit of Halloween.” In the Spirit, now that as well as tis the season are statements usually reserved for the winter holiday season. He’s right though, I am in the spirit, and TIS THE SEASON, who’s season? Our season

It’s here. It’s finally HERE. What is here? Why October of course. Our month, just as most children await Christmas, children of Witches and Pagans as well as us adults await October with the same fervor. It takes a patient hand to keep this little goblin wannabe reigned in. As you know this year we started decorating not too long after Mabon. I found this kind of funny, just as after Thanksgiving we start putting up the winter holiday decorations, it seemed that after our pagan/witch thanksgiving we put up the Halloween decorations, and are just as excited. WE pull out our fog machines, blow up animated decorations as well as get out our old-fashioned paper ones. I have recently found an artificial black Christmas tree with white lights, I am thinking of getting it and adding orange lights, then adding decorations for this season. Why not, where is it written that I can’t have a Halloween tree? Decorations for a Halloween tree, if you look, Hallmark has a few Halloween decorations out from Charlie Brown, and according to Hallmark, “Halloween is one of the fastest growing holidays for home décor – both inside and out. By some estimates, Halloween is No. 2 in holiday home décor behind Christmas.






We should thank Hallmark after all they have kept us booing for years.   Let’s not forget The Nightmare Before Christmas, if we search we can find Jack the Skellington decorations as well. Just go to the Disney store.
Our little witchlings can also make decorations I believe this makes the holiday more ours. With all this decorating I must not forget to include the cartoon list. I won’t do a grown up movie list because we all have different horror taste and my list would be too long. Now the cartoons and children’s movies, that is a little different, there are the Scooby Doo’s, Buggs Bunny, remember the abracadabra ,hocus pocus song, and that poor vampire that kept getting changed into a bat? We have Disney’s Hocus Pocus, Halloween town, 1,2,3,and 4, though by 4 they were getting cheesy. Winnie The Pooh’s Halloween, and the newest one Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween, Mickey’s Treat for the younger one’s. Spookley the Square Pumpkin, Scared Shrekless, and my newest Monsters VS Aliens, Mutant Pumpkins from Outer space. My favorite that has been around since 1966 “It’s the great pumpkin Charlie Brown.” We also discovered from Cartoon network, Scary Godmother Halloween Spooktakular, and the sequel Jimmy’s Revenge. These two I say are a must see for all pagan and witchy children.

We have a spooky calendar like the Christmas advent one, it’s a castle with the dates on it, and a glowing pumpkin that we move every day closer to Halloween. We even get our young one a gift for Halloween, it started when he was a baby, with getting him this spooky baby toy or that, then we moved to coloring books, now its childrens books and video’s about Halloween and a gift. This year I found a remote-controlled hand that I hope to get him. Then there is our decorations ride, you don’t know what that is? Well let me tell ya, it’s just like the winter decorations ride, except more fun..for me. We grab a bite to eat then drive around and look at all the Halloween decorations on the houses. Also while the young warlock is trick or treating, we take time to enjoy all the beautiful decorations that people have out, we make sure we tell them just how much we like that they have decorated for us. Do we preach to them and tell them the meaning behind Halloween; no, we don’t put on candy, honor your ancestors, or remember the dead, though maybe we should, but then that would make us like some other religions, and we have more sense than that.

We all have the usual, pumpkins, and hayrides as well, but these others are just as fun. The point it’s OUR holiday, so we can make it what we want. If we search we will find our ancestors all had different ways of celebrating this night but it was celebrated  just the same.  Who says it has to be just one certain way?  So my friends, Tis the Season and I hope you are getting “in the spirit”.

See you around the cauldron~Judas


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