Great things about Arizona-Pagans send your blessings

Nicknames of Arizona

The State of Arizona is also known as the Grand Canyon State due to the fact that a major part of its territory is occupied by the Grand Canyon. Sometimes, it is also termed as the Copper State due to its thriving copper mining industry. In fact, the production of copper from this state tops the list of copper producers in the United States. A person from Arizona is called an ‘Arizonan’.

The current name of Arizona in fact is derived from ‘Arizonac’, which in the Spanish-O’odham language, means ‘small spring’. This is probably a reference to the Planchas de Plata, a silver mining site in Sonora, which today lies in Mexico. The discovery of silver in this region, in 1736, probably made the name Arizona famous. Another proposition goes that the name is coined from ‘árida zona’, or rather ‘arid zone’. The phrase ‘aritz ona’ from the Basque language of the region offers yet another explanation to the origination of name.

What makes Arizona Great?   Is it the desert, the fact that it is one of the four corner states, or that in Arizona there is a pine covered high country in the Colorado Plateau.   It gets snow in the high country and thunderstorms in the desert.  Arizona’s religious history seems just as diverse, in 1539 parts of it were explored by Marcos de Niza, a Spanish Francisan, then you had  Father KinoFather who was a member of the  Society of Jesus  he lead the development of a chain of missions.  And Brigham Young sent Mormons to Arizona in the mid-to-late 19th century they settled what became known as Northern Arizona.


Not only has the state been rich in Native American history, but a fact that I didn’t know was a couple of American concentration camps located there.  I hear you all, with what’s going on that’s not what we want to know about but it should be.  But we should, this is part of our history as well as theirs.  Italian and German prisoners were held during WW II.    After the war one camp was even bought by the Maytag family and turned into the Phoenix Zoo.    Not only the Native American energies are we working with, but what was left behind by these prisoners as well.  They too are going to be coming to our aid. They were housed there for fighting for what they believed in, some even died there, and now we are calling on them as well to help us fight for what we believe in.  As who do not live in these states research them, we are relearning what not only makes each state great but what makes this country great as well.  We are finding that our history is not as clean as those who wrote the books made it out to be.  So I tip my cauldron spoon to those who have forced us to take another look at where we live, how we have evolved, and what we have not been taught.   It’s a shame that we are the only ones learning these lessons.


What makes Arizona great?  It’s rich history, beautiful land, and its wonderful people. It’s religious diversity.  One of many states I hope to visit.  Not to mention the most important thing ever….Stevie Nicks was born and raised there.


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