What Makes Your State Great Project

The What Makes Your State Great Project
For  those of you who expressed an interest in doing something to help thwart the DC-40’s anti-secular prayer war, here is your call to action:Several of us have formed a Facebook group called, “What Makes Your State Great?” We plan to ask people from each of the fifty states to post about their state.. what makes it great? what do you love about your state? how does it contribute to the secular union of states that makes up the USA? For those of you outside the U.S., feel free to jump right in.. if you have visited a particular state(s) and want to post, we’d love to have you do so. If you haven’t, but really want to visit one, tell us why. You don’t have to be a Pagan to do this. You don’t have to pray to any god, don’t have to believe in anything other than keeping the USA a country that maintains its SEPARATION of church and state.
We’re starting a day ahead of the DC-40. This gives those who do pray, direct energy, etc… some ammo for their good thoughts the next day.
On the final day of the DC-40’s prayer campaign, we plan to post things like The Declaration of Independence, portions of The Constitution and secular quotes from our country’s founding fathers.  Each of these dates precedes the DC-40’s Day of Prayer, and will give those of us who wish to think positive thoughts, say our own form of prayers and good wishes over that state the next day, the opportunity to prepare.

On the DC-40’s final day of prayers, we plan to post The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and secular quotes from the Founding Fathers of our great secular nation as well. Care to join us? Sign up for your state. If you live outside the U.S., but would like to join us, feel free to choose a state you like (one you have visited or even one you’d like to visit) and stand with us as we stand for the preservation of our SECULAR country.

Hawaii (50) The Aloha State 10-02-11

Alaska (49)The Last Frontier 10-03-11

Arizona (48) The Grand Canyon State 10-04-11

New Mexico (47)The Land of Enchantment 10-05-11

Oklahoma (46) The Sooner State 10-06-11

Utah (45)The Beehive State 10-07-11

Wyoming (44)The Equality State 10-08-11

Idaho (43)The Gem State 10-09-11

Washington (42)The Evergreen State 10-10-11

Montana (41)The Treasure State  10-11-11

South Dakota (40)The Mount Rushmore State 10-12-11

North Dakota (39)The Peace Garden State 10-13-11

Colorado (38)The Centennial State 10-14-11

Nebraska (37)The Corn Husker State 10-15-11

Nevada (36)The Silver State 10-16-11

West Virginia (35)The Mountain State 10-17-11

Kansas (34)The Sunflower State10-18-11

Oregon (33)The Beaver State 10-19-11

Minnesota (32)The North Star State10-20-11

California (31)The Golden State 10-21-11

Wisconsin (30)The Badger State 10-22-11

Iowa (29)The Hawkeye State 10-23-11

Texas (28)The Lone Star State 10-24-11

Florida (27) The Sunshine State 10-25-11

Michigan (26) The Great Lakes State 10-26-11

Arkansas (25) The Natural State 10-27-11

Missouri (24)The Show Me  State 10-28-11

Maine (23)The Pine Tree State 10-29-11

Alabama (22)The Yellowhammer State 10-30-11

Illinois (21)The Prairie State 10-31-11

Mississippi (20)The Magnolia State 11-01-11

Indiana (19)The Hoosier State 11-02-11

Louisiana (18)The Pelican State 11-03-11

Ohio (17)The Buckeye State 11-04-11

Tennessee (16) The Volunteer State 11-05-11

Kentucky (15)The Bluegrass State  –11-06-11

Vermont (14)The Green Mountain State 11-07-11

Rhode Island (13)The Ocean State 11-08-11

North Carolina (12)The Tarheel State 11-09-11

District of COLUMBIA (DC) 11-10-11

New York (11) The Empire State 11-11-11

Virginia (10)The Old Dominion State 11-12-11

New Hampshire (9)The Granite State 11-13-11

South Carolina (8)The Palmetto State 11-14-11

Maryland (7) The Old Line State 11-15-11

Massachusetts (6)The Bay State 11-16-11

Connecticut (5)The Constitution State 11-17-11

Georgia (4) The Peach State 11-18-11

New Jersey (3)The Garden  State 11-19-11

Pennsylvania (2)The Keystone State – 11-20-11

Delaware (1) The First State 11-21-11

11-22-11: Posting of the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Secular Writings of our Founding Fathers

As I have said before, we need to come together, it’s not Pagans against these people, they are attacking our WHOLE Nation.  We DO NOT  all have to believe alike, we DO NOT all have to approach divinity the same way.  This call is for EVERYONE!!  Not all Christians believe like these people, and most of the Christians I know are honest, and open people.  They do not believe that all of us need to follow them to their choice of Divinity.  As a community, and a People of this great Nation we need to come together and turn back the hatred for others they sling at the capitals of these states.  Return to them the evil they perpetuate in the name of their great falseness.  People of faith, people of substance, people of the United States of America, it’s time to STAND UP we do not accept extremism from other faiths why would we from this one?!  We reject terrorists from Al-Qaeda, any reason we should accept the ones from the Dominionism quarter?  At this point they are threatening only spiritual warfare, what is to stop them from upping the ante and causing physical harm to those of other religious paths?  Speak up, Speak out, Be Heard!

See you around the Cauldron – Judas


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  1. Kelly Anton
    Sep 26, 2011 @ 23:05:24

    I will gladly take my home state of Michigan. There are so many wonderful natural things to see, and places to go.


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