Witches & Christmas lights?

I would like to know how come Christmas is coming earlier & earlier every year, but the rest of the holidays are stuck where they are.  Is it the retailers are pushing so hard for an extra buck or is there another agenda?  If we thing like Mulder then there is conspiracy, one that is trying to do away with two  important holidays we know.  One being our own dear Halloween, the time of ghosts and ghouls and things that go bump in the night.  Our time of talking to our ancestors and just being free, it’s ok on this night to be a witch even if you are deeply in the broom closet.  I read on another blog recently, that they are now putting scripture on candy, exactly what do they hope to achieve?  Other than pissing a lot of people off.  There are houses where we take our son that attach little religious notes to the candy they give out, we have since learned which houses to avoid.  So…now they are going to preach on candy, wonder which candy companies are be hind this? Funny the one million moms haven’t sent these guys a letter, or maybe they have.  Maybe we should ask them why they don’t put our sayings and blessings on candy as well.  Not just “Blessed be” which you can hear from more than “our” people,  but why not “So mote it be”, “Merry meet and merry part”, “The Lord and Lady are among us”, “Magic Happens”, or simply “It’s cool to be a witch” (really cute song by the way).  No for us…it’s “Happy Halloween” or “Trick or Treat” and that’s it.  We should find a way to get them to see it from our point of view, present them with other options, after all witches are consumers too.  No, don’t bombard them with hate mail, that makes us just the same as other groups.  A good presentation of what we are, how many consumers we are, give them a money amount, and by doing that they might start thinking of us, maybe next year we may get positive attention we need and desire.

The next holiday they have decided to skip over is Thanksgiving, religion doesn’t even come into it here.  It is an American holiday, a day of being grateful for all the blessings we have received in the past year.  When our ancestors gathered together, put their differences aside and said “WE SURVIVED”.   We are such a money driven nation now that most places aren’t even closed on Thanksgiving, do you remember when you were a child.  NOTHING was open anywhere, everyone got to spend the day with their families.  Now we have stores racing to see who can open the soonest to get those Black Friday shoppers in.  My family doesn’t patronize any stores that day, to me it seems disrespectful, a day supposedly spent with your family , and it’s torn apart because you want to buy a Christmas gift?!?  That’s what Black Friday is for!  I have surprised myself this year accepting an invitation extended to my family and myself to spend Thanksgiving with others, when we usually spend it in our home just the three of us.  After almost five years of it just being we three…it will be nice to spend it with our extended family.  A family that has welcomed the three of us in to their home and hearts, and the joy they have brought us is immeasurable.

Sorry…back to the point here, how long will it be with Christmas decorations and gifts going on sale earlier and earlier before the government decides….hmmm…maybe we can do without Thanksgiving.  If we don’t pay attention we will go from celebrating Labor Day to looking at Christmas lights.  I don’t know about you, but looking at all the holiday decorations early are not going to get me into the “spirit”.  Yes I do occasionally listen to holiday music, and once in a while, when it’s hot as crap in July I will pull out the holiday cartoons, we will watch them once then put them pack until December.  Think about it, we condemn our neighbors for leaving their decorations up all year-long, and give people their tree up for more than a month the hairy eyeball, so what makes it ok for the big retail chains?  How long before it becomes just another day like Halloween, having a special meaning to only a few?

See you around the cauldron Judas.


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