Witches we can’t come together until WE LEARN TO COME TOGETHER

The world is once again a buzz with the prejudice talk being thrown around by the One Million Moms, and that’s all well and good, we know they are a hate group, and that instead of putting the energy and time into something good, like trying to stop bullying, or keeping the funding for public schools, they are writing letters to ABC complaining about Chaz, and Dancing With The Stars, first most of the children will never know that Chaz had a sex change operation unless the parents point it out. Wake up people the fact that Chaz had and operation is between him and his partner, not us! Besides I wonder if the real issue isn’t because some of these women have found themselves attracted to Chaz?
That is not the reason for my stirrings today, no the reason is US, you know the Witch World we are trying to live in.  Just like with the DC40 group of fruities, Pagan groups are starting to pop up. Okay that’s good, but what are the missions of these groups? Really let’s sit and think about it?  Most of the groups that popped up to thwart the DC40 people have fallen to the way side due to in fighting, and not really wanting to get involved. You have people on one side of the groups saying things like, “Oh they really aren’t anything to worry about,” others saying they are. These groups imploded because they could do nothing more than bicker and name call. Those that have remained have had a few pop up spats here and there. The moderators of these groups have been quick to put a stop to it, not by calling the people out by name, but by just stating that those kinds of games aren’t accepted. A couple of those who were guilty did the poor me song, and the ”I’m leaving the group” dance. These groups have succeeded because the groups were formed with a goal in mind, what that goal was and how they plan on going about achieving that goal.

So what about these new groups? What are their goals? And why do we join them? Is it because we feel the need to be around like-minded people? Or to just say hey I’m a Witch so I need to be in these groups.  I understand that there are not a lot of local groups out there for us solitaires, pick up your local newspaper, how many ads do you find in the religious section announcing a Witch get together? Ever seen a billboard spouting a bonfire get together for Pagans and their children? Any one held a local get together for the community at a state park?  How about Maryland’s Local Pagan group 666 getting together to raise money for a shelter or something? NOPE NEVER SEEN IT.   Hells I haven’t heard of any Witch shops collecting canned goods for the poor, or a toy drive for underprivileged children for Yule. What do we do as a community to give back to our country?
In one of these new groups I joined recently a member stated a family member was having problem with repeated break-ins, the local police said they would do nothing unless someone DIED.  All this woman wanted was a little help, a little advice.  Out of a group of over 200 people, bet you will be astounded to know how many stood up and were willing to help…2.   She had been doing the magical things on her own,  it‘s the mundane help she was looking for.  Only two from our community stood forward for her!  These people offered their help to her they told her to, call the local press, call the chief of the police department in that area, send letters to her reps, on the city council, etc,ect..    My point, only two witches stepped forward out of a couple hundred!!!  Ridiculous isn’t it?   The following is her post (made in Facebook) I am posting this with her permission.

Volante Varrato Carlson
I’ve got a question, is there anyone else in the New Hampshire area here?  We’re (my family) trying to get help, as my brother’s house has been broken into several times now while they’re sleeping, things stolen, his car broke into as well. He’s got 4 young children, and the local PD won’t do crap unless there’s a homicide! (straight from the cop) we’re trying to get the local news station to investigate, raise awareness.

To help our sister, stand up, stand forward and go to this news site http://www.nhpr.org/ and tell them no one should be afraid to sleep in their own homes. The police must DO THEIR JOBS!!! These people need help, the children are afraid to sleep in their beds; all of his children are under 6 years old!!

This is not what being a Witch all is about, just like being a member of a coven is not what being a Witch is all about.  Helping people is what we are about. Being a member of a coven is not necessary, as almost every solitary can tell you.  I’ve heard the happy-go-lucky stories about all the good things being in a coven can do for a person.  The like-minded people, the learning, the stronger spell casting etc… (careful with that because sometimes “a teacher can teach the Witch right out of you”).  I have also heard the HORROR stories about being in a Coven.  Power corrupts, but sometimes we want so badly to be a part of something that we put aside our common sense when things don’t feel right and just go with the flow.  Or we have read in a book somewhere that the only true way to practice witchcraft is to be initiated into a coven.
According to the Oxford English Dictionary the word coven was originally a late medieval Scots word meaning a gathering of any kind.  Then there was a woman accused of witchcraft in 1662 Isobel Gowdie confessed that in her experience witches met in covens consisting of thirteen members.  Still the term didn’t catch on, until Gardiner started using it that it became popular. What other options do we as solitaries have?   Right, we join online groups.  You know we could do more than that.  We could take ourselves from online to in real life.
I know not everyone is keen with bringing strangers into their homes, especially where young children are concerned.  We do have state parks, some are free others cost a couple of dollars to get in, why not hold a Witchy potluck.  That is how some of these other groups got started.  They sat and talked, tossed around idea’s then went for it.  I know even getting a bunch of solitaries together can at times be a power trip for some. Still if we are to succeed we need to join together.
Come on we can’t even have a decent coming out day.  Let’s see I believe there was one on May 2nd of this year.  Oh, I see raised eyebrows here, really a coming out day?  I didn’t know that. Yes there was and a few, as in maybe 20 showed up. Nope I didn’t attend, why? Because, I didn’t know about it until after the fact. The day after people were blogging about it, and how not everyone can come out of the broom closet.
Don’t sit back and complain when you don’t like the way things are going.  Look you want to know why we can’t get together as a group.  It’s because of US; we are not willing to sacrifice anything, hells I have been out of the Broom Closet, almost as long as I’ve been out of the queer closet.  Let me tell you the abuse you get for being a Witch, is nothing compared to what you get for being openly gay.  People steer clear of you when they know you’re a witch, they may make smartass remarks, but for the most part they don’t want to be anywhere near you, and think about it, that’s okay because you don’t want to be around those type of people anyway.  They don’t jump you and try to beat you, or run you down with their cars, shoot you, or hang you from a tree because of the craft.
“But they will try and take my kids away, I can lose my job.”  Umm, do you know how many of the LGBT’s people went through just that? So the rest of us could have rights?
The LGBT has parades, national coming out days, they have rights, and what do we have? Our head in our cauldrons hiding in our broom closets, the new presidential contenders are not just coming after Pagans, but they are pushing a very discriminating agenda against ALL religions except their own, as well most minorities, and the LGBT community.
How much would things have been different would our country be if our founding fathers, or Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther King, or the women like Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B Anthony, Lucy Stone, Helen Pitts, Matilda Joslyn Gage, had not fought and some sacrificed themselves for equality.  Our Pagan soldiers have Roberta Stewart and the Circle Sanctuary to thank for their start on the tombstones.  And let’s not forget the achievements that have been made thanks to people like Star Hawk, and Laurie Cabot.  These people put themselves out there not just to sell books but to make our presence known, they fought for our rights. The ones we are letting slip by the wayside.

Witches we can’t come together until WE LEARN TO COME TOGETHER.



8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. thalassa
    Sep 08, 2011 @ 13:30:23

    ” Let me tell you the abuse you get for being a Witch, is nothing compared to what you get for being openly gay.”

    I find it interesting that you say this…not because I doubt its true–tbh, I have been of that opinion on the basis of my experience being Pagan versus watching very good friends of mine, as a lesbian couple, raise children…but because when I have mentioned my experience, it gets blown off as “No, it was so much easier me to come out as gay/lesbian.” I’ve always found that to be a surprise…or sometimes I assume that they probably live in a larger city or they don’t have a kids with their partner, which is more obvious than being single and gay…or maybe its because I sat vigil with my mother and my grandparents and watched my favorite cousin die from AIDS in the early 90’s and his parents never even bothered to show up…ore maybe because I was an openly Pagan service member (without problem) for six years that worked as a SAVI (sexual assault victims intervention) volunteer, and listened to more than one person afraid to talk about how they were assaulted because they didn’t want to be labeled as gay whether they were or weren’t.

    To you main point though, I completely agree…until more people within the community learn to put their petty personal differences as well as their theological opinions aside, and get off their butts to work together and occasionally pull out their wallets, nothing will get done. With that being said though, there are some very good organizations that are acting both on local and national scales to bring people together to do specific things. One of our local Pagan shops has a food drive as part of the Pagan Pride Day activities they host, and they collect canned goods at their weekly drum circle. The Lady Liberty League provides information and assistance regarding religious freedom and civil rights issues. The newly formed Hail Columbia is working to provide information for individuals to promote freedom of religion on both a private/public and spiritual/practical scale. But…organizations like the Military Pagan Network (whose resources I utilized as a sailor and am ashamed to say largely forgot about once I was out) is apparently now defunct…because people weren’t willing to step up to the plate and make real offerings and sacrifices—something I find ironic in terms of many aspects of Pagan spirituality.


    • Stirring the cauldron with Judas
      Sep 08, 2011 @ 20:33:18

      I knew a bit about The Lady Liberty League, and Hail Columbia, but unfortunately in my state, the shop I’ve used for my worishipful & needful things doesn’t collect canned goods, but I think they should. Thank you so much for your views…this is what I want to encourage. I want to hear from other sources, like I said in my first blog this is my little soap box. I will not pretend to know everything, and I as well as everyone else benefit from other points of view! If I stir up a little controversy along the way GOOD, if I hit a nerve BETTER because that means people will THINK and I hope ACT!!! There are so many things that we can put our minds & energies to, and as a PEOPLE we should be able to. Sadly it becomes, well my path is better because, or no I can’t do things your way because my way is better. Come on! We are adults not children, and if we are children it’s time to take the toys and go home until we grow up enough to be RESPONSIBLE caretakers of our faith. Again thank you for your comment & point of view! Blessed be!


  2. Angela Pippinger (@APippinger)
    Sep 08, 2011 @ 11:37:22

    I have to say that part of the problem is that people don’t help spread the word. I run a charitable org in our local Goddess temple. You probably don’t know because despite how much *I* shout about it, no one else is ). What about Operation Circle Care? I and another blogger talk about it each year but I don’t see many people who pass around that info.

    Local get togethers at state parks happen as well. But people outside of that community probably won’t hear about it either. NC Church of Wicca has a pretty large Beltane festival on state grounds (with camping onsite) and yet anyone outside of NC/SC probably won’t be familiar with it unless they happen to know someone who goes (I talk about it every year on my blog and fanpage). I don’t see many people passing that info on. I have recently started passing on any event (including charity works) that other pagans are doing if I see them. Because so many people don’t know how to find them or aren’t even aware of charity orgs or local groups.

    It saddens me to hear what is going on in NH. Saddens me even more that no one is even stepping up and talking. I am very glad you bring this subject up (and yes I am totally sharing this!) because until we start talking a lot……this is going to continue to happen.


    • Stirring the cauldron with Judas
      Sep 08, 2011 @ 20:48:47

      Angela THANK YOU!!! Send me whatever events you know of dates & locations. I will work up another page for events by state and with the help of WitchVox be able to offer people a quick look at the organizations and goings on around them. We NEED to come together this way, and you have heartened me with your comment! Thank you for sharing too, I know I’m doing a good job, if people want to share my words. My family and I looked around our state and found only 1 group that was open and welcoming to outsiders. I hope we can connect people with other people and then….TOGETHER we can DO!! The only way to be sure my son has the opportunity to practice his religion in freedom is for me and my partner to FIGHT for that right. History has shown us, when people lay down, or become apathetic they GIVE away their freedoms…and so are people in our country. It’s time to stop.


  3. Diandra
    Sep 08, 2011 @ 07:54:53

    It’s even worse in other countries… except for one community I found (online) a few years back where people actually talk and learn and support each other, most Pagan groups are more about power plays or (in one case ) convincing others to do sex magick so the person in question would get laid. There is quite a number of nutjobs in the Pagan community, but I guess that is the same with every other community, and some days I would still like to have some (not necessarily) Pagan community members for support, or just a chat over coffee…


    • Stirring the cauldron with Judas
      Sep 08, 2011 @ 20:55:18

      Where do you live? Have you thought about starting a group? It may start small one or two people meeting for coffee. Check out your local school, if new “churches” can rent space in our children’s schools then SO CAN WE!! Or if you have a nice local park meet there. If you have children or pets, start a group around them, looking for pagan play dates. There are tons of groups on Facebook, if you cannot find one in your area, start a page, because you are NOT the only one looking. Thank you for your comment. There are nutjobs everywhere! LOL Being witches doesn’t protect us from them, unfortunately. Let me know what you decide to do and I will add your goings on to the page I will be working up. Hope to hear from you again soon!


  4. Gypsie (@PhoenyxFlower)
    Sep 08, 2011 @ 01:39:39

    Thank you, so much! It would seem, that in the past week, that i’ve FINALLY been shown what i need to be doing. Why it is, that i’ve continually had road block after road block put in my way, but when i move the way Lord and Lady want for me, life is easier. I’ve shied away from the political mess..
    Nothing Changes if NOTHING changes. it’s so very true. I was feeling very defeated. i’ve got a fair sized *network* or so i thought. but when i reached for help, and only 2 came..well it made me feel that i wasn’t worth it. (the story of my life..but that’s a different story) I’ve been brought up, that you help someone if they ask it, and you have it to give. Nothing in return but the feeling of having helped..

    I’ve been trying to figure out how to compose all that’s going through my head and have it be useful.. If you don’t mind, can i link your post?

    Blessings, and thank you so much!


    • Stirring the cauldron with Judas
      Sep 08, 2011 @ 21:00:20

      Link away hon, I’m honored that you wish to. I apologize for those who turned away when you asked for help. As you know, I and my friends DO NOT. I am glad that I was able to help even if it was just a slap on the hand of those who looked away. If there is anything further that I can do please feel free to email me. May your family find the protection, and peace they need and deserve! Blessed be sister.


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