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Hope all of you survived Irene last week with minimal to no damage.   We did.  Our family went from tree to tree in our yard Saturday morning, asking them to dig their roots in deep so they could survive the storm.   None of the trees in our yard were damaged, at all, and a couple of them were saplings.   Also, I would like to state for the record, there have been approximately 56 hurricanes counting Irene, to visit Maryland between 1980 and the present.  That is why we have a hurricane season.  Sorry all you prophets out there that guessed, I mean “predicated” that the east coast would see at least one this year.  Speaking of prophets have you done any research on the New Apostolic Reformation people?  If you are pagan (using pagan to INCLUDE all our denominations), you need to.  Just to keep those magic shields up and humming, this group of people I will not call them Christians, because I know and love people of that faith and will not demean what they believe by comparing them with this group.   Zealots in any faith are scary, but these people are off the charts.

Follow this link to hear what Michelle Bachman had to say about the earthquake and Hurricane Irene.

She later recanted saying she was “just joking” according to a representative, no offence, but in my opinion when 44 people have lost their lives, because of the hurricane, and many people still have no power, or anyway to get life-saving medications, not something to joke about!  Just sayin!

I have taken the liberty of rewriting the preamble of the Constitution, just in case the New Apostolic Reformation people get into political office.

We the New Apostolic Reformation, in order to form our more perfect Dominionism, insert our own justice and take away your liberties, provide for one gods defense, with lack of care for the people, take away the meaning of liberty, for the future of this country, we do not care or respect your Constitution of the United States of America.

While working late the other night I got bored and decided to do a little internet search, Thank you Wikipedia, on the religious beliefs of all the presidents and vice presidents of the United States.  What I found was interesting, like Nixon was a Quaker, though we have never had any openly admitting pagan presidents; there were a few who the country was not so sure of.  I wonder by looking at the list how many of these people let their own religious beliefs get in the way of doing the right thing for this country.

Our presidents and their beliefs: Baptists 4, Congregationalist 2, but one later switched religions, Disciples of Christ 3, with one sharing beliefs with another religion as well, Dutch Reformed 2, Episcopalian 12, but again one jumped religion, Methodist 4, Presbyterian 8, with one leaving the religion and another sharing double religious duty, Quaker 2, Roman Catholic 1, Unitarian 4, United Church of Christ 1, but he left and went religion affiliation free.  Now in the Non Denominational affiliation category has 6 members, and a few were really good presidents.

As you look at the list you see that pagans are not the only group missing from this list, there are no Jewish or Muslim people to ever have been appointed president, or vice president of this country.  Do we come across as that prejudicial of a country?  Or is it that the members if the other religions know that they would not be able to lead this country without trying to enforce their own religious beliefs on the rest of us?  If it’s the latter then I say thank you to them for honestly knowing what they feel might be right for them but not right for the rest of us.

I do not believe that until now there has ever been a campaign run completely on a religious base, Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry are spending a lot of their time schmoozing the right-wing religious groups and telling the rest of us what civil liberties they plan on taking away once they gain office.

Pay attention people this goes deeper than just hating a couple of groups, namely gays and pagans (again being inclusive).   Being a card-carrying member of both those groups I am seeing clearly through their charade.  Have they yet told us how they are going to get the two opposing sides in congress to work together? NO, but they have stated that they will put an amendment in the constitution that the budget must be balanced every year. Having been a budget juggler for quite a while I know how hard that can be, and what about our public school systems?  Bullying is a big problem, low test scores are an even bigger problem.   Our candidates are more worried about teaching our children one religion and abstinence that they seem to care about little else.

How can we honestly tell our children that bullying is not the way to handle things when our representatives in Congress have been doing just that?  We have people like Eric Cantor telling reporters that “The federal government has a role in helping the public after disasters, like the earthquake, but first we have to discuss where the monies area going to be cut from in the budget before we can give the aid.”   I wonder how fast the money would come if his family lived in Mineral, VA? From what I understand he pulled this when it came to offering aid to the people in Joplin.   These are the kind of people we are electing to office.  They state before they get elected that “that they are going to block everything the other members of the house and the president put before them,” and yet again we VOTED THEM IN.

Maybe before we go and cast that ballot we need to ask them the questions that deal with us personally and seriously think or research how they would answer them.  Then cast your vote.  And remember we can’t bitch about things in this country if we don’t get INVOLVED and VOTE.

Mr. Perry, Mrs. Bachman,

I’m a registered voter, mother of one, lesbian, and pagan, if elected president what are you going to do for ME?

See ya around the cauldron



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