Separate We Are Strong, Together We Are Unstoppable

I just finished reading the most recent blog from The Wild Hunt,  he is echoing something a lot of us have been saying for months.  We need to DO something, stand up and be counted, make ourselves known.  Not just in the “I’m a Witch” sense, but in the “I’m a voter and a Witch” sense.  In order for this to happen we must come together as a community.   Covens, Druids, Solitaries, Pagans, Witches, Warlocks the titles are limitless. We know each group, just like its members are different. The problem is us working together when we need to.  People we are at that point where we NEED to!

We have wasted valuable time where the DC40 are concerned.  It’s been like trying to catch a rooster, chase him around in circles getting shit kicked in your face until he tires, and then you can catch him.  (Usually you get a real nice case of pink eye from it as well.)  We are the same way,(minus the pink eye) we chase a problem around and around some of us kicking shit on others, until we all get tired and either do something or walk away.    All the while these people, The Seven Mountain group, DO things like have prayer meetings all over the country, raising energy for a magical wall they plan on using to push the rest of us away with.  (sounds a lot like the craft to me.)   They have picked October, a month that holds our most honored Sabbat, to “lay siege” to Washington.    they set a wonderful example of bullying!

So what are we going to do?  Well, some have formed their own little communities, small groups of local solitary Witches, (I use the term Witch  because it is not a dirty word) that get together and do ritual for the protection of all that we hold dear.   Why? Because these Apostolic Reformation fruit loops feel that this country is godless and needs them to help change the way things are done.  Need an example of the way they think, watch this!

They are not only praying their way across the country, but they have been playing in politics for a while, and now have two candidates running for office under two different affiliations, they didn’t think we would notice that I bet.  I thought the late Jim Henson was a wonderful puppet master.   Now that we see they are trying to take the country “back” one state at a time, and they can succeed unless we stop them.  I hear you, “They only announced a couple of states,” yes, but they told us what we needed to know, they are working backwards starting with the last states that joined the country and ending with the first state.   So what should we do?   Talk to your friends online, even the Christian ones who don’t support the “Death Eater” type sect, pick a night, come up with a spell to shield all of their targets, and strengthen the ones others have in place.  Our own local group meets once a week, and do our bit to protect the Goddess Columbia and Lady Liberty.

We know they have an issue with the goddess Columbia, “because that’s what the District of Columbia stands for”.   NOT, do a search and from Wikipedia you will find that they used the surname of the guy who founded this country we live in his name Columbus.    They have issues with statues of feminine power such as Columbia and the Stature of Liberty, what is it with the statues? I don’t believe it’s the statues themselves, I think that their leader may have been taken from the teat too young and bottle fed. This group has a real problem with strong women, they want their women home “birthing the babies, cleaning the house, and waiting with their slippers.”  If this country has always been about the men doing and the women waiting, then why are there female statues in this country dating back to its founding?  Because our forefathers had enough sense to know that without the women around they would have been screwed.  “Well the men went off to war,” yes but the women stayed home and tended the farm, protected the farm, and raised the children, our forefathers knew this and appreciated it.

Then there are issues with Philadelphia, I think they really have a problem with the state of Pennsylvania, as many times as they have quietly prayed (or in their case “preyed”) in that state at the battle fields.  Really, I guess I can see where they might have an issue with The City of “Brotherly Love,” it does have its “silent suggestions”, and really has anyone ever tried to park in that city?  Need I say more? Point is, they have sneaked around doing all these things, and more, and the past few months we have gotten involved, so let’s kick it into gear people!  Get out that red, white and blue, we have a flag on our altar as well as a shared Columbia statue, we will be adding a picture of the United States.

As I said in my first blog, some of us are making a video of ourselves, gardening, chasing our kids, doing dishes or laundry so…NORMAL and saying things like “I am a mother and a Witch”.  We believe that in showing people we are not broom riding, green faced crones dancing with their “Devil”, it will ease some fears that the word witch causes.  It’s hard to fear people who are just regular bill paying, child rearing, business owners, parents PEOPLE.

We have seen that the Goddess is not thrilled with what’s going on, to quote someone who I love dearly and had this vision last week where she was told, “They worry me not, I will shake them off like flea’s,”  after nearly being knocked from my chair by the earthquake Tuesday, I guess the shaking has started.   Add to that, we have a female named hurricane heading our way, hello Irene.   We shake them, and then we drowned them and blow them away.

All this talk and we have all been specifying that we pray to the Goddess, that we ask the Goddess for her help.  Our teachings remind us that she too has her God.  Let us not be one-sided and ask only the Goddess for her help and protection, the god, her consort, partner lover, husband however you want to call him is more than wanting to get into this battle.  His energy as well as hers is needed.  If your partner was attacked do you not get involved?  Separate we are strong together we are unstoppable.  That means us as well as the Goddess and God.

Thank you Kallan, for the mention, it is greatly appreciated, as well as your support & encouragement.

Our hate group is attacking the states in the following list as you see them.  They are attacking based on how they joined the Union.  I believe we have good reason to protect these states in that order, from this attack.  We are country-wide so our brothers and sisters are under attack.  I give you my word that me & mine will be protecting every state from their hate DAILY.  When this most recent attack on our sovereignty is finished, we will continue to protect our country one state at a time, because we are witches, and as such we are responsible for our country.  One that I will admit I have over looked while I deal with things in my life that are front and center.  That will not happen anymore, pagans of the United States we are with you, we are you and we are protecting you.  Stand up, be SEEN, be HEARD, be CONSTANT!!

Below are a list of all 50 states, They are listed as they are being attacked from last to first.

See you around the cauldron next Thursday, and thank you for reading!  Judas

  1. HAWAII                               39.  NORTH CAROLINA
  2. ALASKA                               40.  NEW YORK
  3. ARIZONA                            41.  VIRGINIA
  4. NEW MEXICO                    42.  NEW HANPSHIRE
  5. OAKLOHOMA                    43.  SOUTH CAROLINA
  6. UTAH                                   44.  MARYLAND
  7. WYOMING                         45.  MASSACHUSETTS
  8. IDAHO                                 46.  CONNECTICUT
  9. WASHINGTON                   47.  GEORGIA
  10. MONTANA                         48.  NEW JERSEY
  11. SOUTH DAKOTA                49.  PENNYSLVANIA
  12. NORTH DAKOTA               50.  DELAWARE
  15. NEVADA
  17. KANSAS
  18. OREGON
  22. IOWA
  23. TEXAS
  28. MAINE
  34. OHIO

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  1. Volante Varrato Carlson
    Sep 06, 2011 @ 00:47:35

    Fantastic blog post! thanks! 🙂


  2. Kelly Anton
    Aug 27, 2011 @ 15:07:15



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